hi everyone so I was asked to do a video

about how to approach the money question

the allowance question how do you bring

that up and stuff and I'm gonna get into

that right now so this is something that

I get DMS about and stuff and it's like

guys I've literally said in in a few

videos so when it comes to the allowance

discussion if you have met them via a

sugar dad okay let's break this down

properly I feel like when I do my videos

I'm jumping around I'm saying this and

I'm saying that it's like it doesn't

make sense

so the first right what I'm gonna say

right now is for when you meet someone

via a sugar daddy website okay so you

meet them on the sugar dating website so

you both know what it is you know that

you want to be a sugar baby and he is

going to be your your daddy your sugar

daddy your splendor daddy or your way or

whatever it is they came so you meet up

with him

okay you go up for dinner or drinks

whatever it is that you've decided to do

for your first date for your first meet

you don't bring up money you don't bring

anything up if he speaks about money

then he speaks about it then you can

elaborate and you can tell him what you

need and stuff depending on what he's

asked you but when you first meet up

with him you don't bring it up

you don't so what will happen is when

you get home you send him a message and

you say I had such a lovely time with

you what's the next step for us okay

that's how you go about it and from

there naturally he's going to message

you back he's gonna say you know how

much money do you need and I want to say

you see you this many times or whatever

you just take it from there okay so it's

very easy you go out you have fun you

make him feel like oh my god she looks

so good oh my god you know she's very

much fun oh my god she's not a complete

gold digger she's not bringing up money

the first five seconds that she's met me

and so it's like he feels like he's on

to a good one but you're doing it

strategically so that's how you go about

that and then

you just have to take it I can't predict

everything that's going to happen in

your in your own conversation with him

but you have to take it then step by

step okay so if you've met someone when

you've been out and then you want to

make him your sugar daddy without him

knowing it obviously then you meet him

and you date him for a few times on

about the fourth date you then start

bringing up about oh my gosh I'm so

stressed right now baby but I'm sorry

but I'm gonna try to let have a fun time

with you right now and and you start

doing all that he's gonna be like what's

wrong what's wrong and you tell him you

know it's my rent or my debts or I've

had some debts come out of nowhere that

I forgot about or some unpaid cards and

fines or whatever it is that you want to

say you just make up a fake like am a

fake scenario a fake problem and or it

might be rule because a lot of you that

are trying to do this seem to have no


and you're trying to do this as like a

quick thing but it's not always going to

be quick things so it might be a real

scenario for you whatever it is you just

say that that's what it is and he's

supposed to offer to help you if he

doesn't offer to help you then he's the

wrong one and you need to stop seeing

him and you need to move on and see

someone else okay that's literally how

it is I can't believe I've done that in

four minutes so um yeah so now I wanna

move on to the next part which is what

is a reasonable allowance and what's the

amount that you should be asking for

people like not clued up on this as well

so I've said this you asked for double

what you actually need and when I say

you ask for double okay let's take me

for example I'm not telling you all of

my business and stuff because it's my

personal business is my finances and

stuff but I obviously have a certain

amount of outgoings a month okay but

what I've told my guy is that it's even

a bit more than what it is so okay let's

just say I'm throwing up random things


say my rent was a thousand I'm gonna

tell him that I need or all of my bills

or something or a thousand or 1500 I'm

gonna tell your mining 3000 do you get

it if I need a thousand a month I'm

gonna certainly mm okay if you want to

ask for 4,000 a month then are you worth

4,000 a month do you look like you are

worth 4,000 a month are you playing the

game like you're worth 4,000 a month if

you was a guy and you was asking you

know what basically if you was asking

you for money but you was the guy does

that make sense would you give it to you

and if that's a no then you're not worth

that amount and you cannot ask for it

because you're not worth it so that's

why you have to make yourself you look

like you're worth that amount first of

all right so that's why that's this is

another reason why it's older guys that

you're supposed to be going for so when

you're messaging me saying oh you know

this guy is that years old it's like

okay where is the 30 year old gonna get

extra money how is he gonna pay for your

lifestyle and years when he hasn't even

got to where he needs to get to yet you

need to go older and that's why I

personally feel like it's girls from 25

that should be doing this any younger

than this I'm not telling you to do this

it's not to you but I'm not telling you

to do it okay I say women from 25 that

should be doing this because you're

going to be meeting up with men that are

old enough to be your dad so that's why

I say they should be from women 25 okay

if you're younger than that then it's up

to you but I'm not doing these videos

particularly for you I'm doing it for

women that are older when it comes to

the sugar daddy stuff okay um but that

being said you know if you're really

gonna do it in stuff like that and if

you still want help and support I'm

still here obviously but I just feel

like you know you're really young and

you just want to be really careful and

stuff but anyways basically make sure

that you

look good so that you can ask for the

amount that you want if you look like

trash if you look like you can be

replaced if you look like you are not

worth that amount if you look like you

you know don't scrub up well if you

don't have everything going for yourself

look smell hair nails you know nice

shoes that's outfit then you're not

going to get what you want and I know

that you can probably seem like I have

that I'm saying one thing but I'm doing

another because obviously I asked I got

my sugar down here that I'm with now and

the previous one before that before I

had the load up to the capacity that

I've glowed up right now so you're

probably thinking but you found one when

you look like trash but I understand

that so I'm in a place now where I can

find someone better than my current

sugar daddy and I have been meeting men

but they just don't meet my standards so

okay so anyway back to the point so you

can ask for what you want if you look

like you are worth that amount and if

you don't know like you're worth that

amount then you can't ask for it because

he's gonna say no anyways obviously you

can try your luck but make sure that you

look good first okay and I'm gonna love

you leave you and in this video right

now because I'm going to go out and

actually buy myself some makeup I'm

gonna go and get myself more stuff I've

been buying and buying makeup like crazy

well not like crazy but I've just buying

a couple of things here and there and I

want to get some huda beauty stuff right

now so I'm gonna go out and do that and

I will see you guys are really really

soon in my next video so yeah take care

and I'll see you guys soon bye