Planting Amaryllis Bulbs in Pots for Christmas // Forcing Amaryllis Bulbs to Bloom

hey everyone what's up and welcome back

to the channel today we're gonna be

talking about how we are going to be

forcing our amaryllis now amaryllis

bulbs as far as I know are a tropical

flowering bulb here in Mazda owned 6b7

the only option we have to grow this

bulb is to force it indoors during the

winter we can't plant it outside because

our winters get way too cold for that

but I ordered a couple of varieties this

year and I wanted to try forcing them

for the first time ever the first

variety that I got is one called bolero

and it comes from Longfield Gardens both

of these do I should go ahead and say

not a sponsored video just saying where

I got them because some people ask

anyway the description for the bolero

says boleros hot pink flowers have broad

petals with a sparkly sheen these early

blooming amaryllis bulbs were grown in

the southern hemisphere and will revive

to your door eager to burst into flower

plant them by mid-november for holiday

decorating or gift-giving and that's

exactly what I wanted to do with this

one so I wanna give this one as a gift

for Christmas so what I am going to do

in this video is I am going to begin the

process of potting these up the other

one is sweet NIF says sweet nip is a

pretty double amaryllis with a romantic

charm the flowers have layers of creamy

white petals decorated with coral pink

stripes you can see by the picture

there's just really nice just pinkish

kind of Coralie veining going on in the

flowers they are nice big huge it's a 7

inch across double blooms which I am

really excited for now the thing about

amaryllis is they are a little bit

pricey they always seem to be a little

bit pricey and they are definitely an

indulgence for me this is definitely

something that I've never been able to

afford in the past so unlike the other

bulb containers lasagna planting that we

already made this one is going to be

indoors the entire times I should also

mention there are a ton of ways you can

force these I am going to be forcing

these in a pot with soil however you can

also use vases with pebbles or stones

and force them in water

maybe eventually I can do another video

about how to force these with water

using math method but for now we are

just going to be sticking with using

potting soil simply because I have some

potting soil and this is just the

easiest method for me the first thing

I'm going to do is I am going to select

a pot the pot that I'm using is larger

than my bulb this is important you want

to make sure that your pot is at least

about you know two inches larger in

diameter all the way around from your

bulb after I've done that I'm going to

begin filling my pot up with a little

bit of potting soil

if the pot is on the bigger side I would

definitely suggest adding a little bit

of gravel to the bottom just to make

sure the drainage holes aren't you know

impeded or anything like that but I

think I'm going to be fun once I've

filled this up about half way all I'm

going to do is I am going to gently

place my bulb in there with the pointy

side up in the root side down obviously

because we want to start to get this

bulb really growing a nice root system

and thinking about beginning to sprout

after I've done that I am just going to

add some additional potting soil to this

little container and it will be

important to mention that I am NOT going

to cover the bulb I am just going to add

potting soil until about half of the

bulb has been covered ideally I want to

leave about 1/2 to 1/3 of this bulb out

of the soil then after I have done that

from soil around the bulb I'm just going

to water this plant or extremely well

going to get that soil nice and

saturated and get it ready to grow now

once I have done that allowed it to

drain out and everything I am going to

place this in a warm location about 70

degrees Fahrenheit until I start to see

growth as I'm waiting for this it will

be important to maintain a watering

schedule you don't want to keep it too

wet obviously ideally I want the soil to

kind of dry out just a top inch to dry

out before I water it again that way we

can make sure that we're keeping it nice

and moist but you know not too wet where

we're going to cause the bulb to rot or

thing like that because obviously we

don't want that as soon as I start to

see new growth at all coming from this

bulb I am going to move the container to

a nice sunny windowsill and I'm gonna

keep up that same routine of you know

consistent watering as that flower stock

is gonna get longer and longer it might

be important that I might have to turn

the pot every day or every other day

just to make sure that the flower spike

is growing nice and tall I know

sometimes when I grow things in Windows

especially we want to make sure I'm

rotating the pot so that it's not you

know super slanted to one direction or

leaning or falling over especially with

a plant that has such a big flower like

this one I make sure that it's not going

to fall over if it gets too big I might

end up having to use a steak or two tied

up straight somehow we'll have to see

what happens when we get there and I'm

actually really excited to see these

gorgeous blooms especially as the

weather is getting colder because I know

I do not like cold weather according to

the pamphlet I received as soon as my

plants do start to bloom I can't move

them to a little bit of a cooler area

that doesn't receive as much direct

sunlight and this will help the flowers

last longer so I can enjoy the flowers

longer indoors so hopefully I'll be able

to do that and on the internet I've seen

a lot of people say that if you treat

the amaryllis bulbs correctly when they

are done flowering for the season if you

let the foliage continue to grow and

continue to get sunlight and you know

follow a certain procedure that you can

actually save these amaryllis bulbs and

get them to rebloom again another year

which is something I am definitely

interested in I'm going to be trying to

do for you guys I'm going to share that

process with you guys because as I've

already mentioned these bulbs they can

definitely be pricey especially if you

are buying one as a gift I totally

recommend that you buy the bulb on its

own and buy your own pot because some of

these things can be upwards of forty two

dollars for the bulb and a nice pot

that's a lot of money so obviously I am

going to be trying to get the absolute

most for my money out of these amaryllis


forcings indoors I hope that makes sense

I'm kind of rambling a little bit anyway

that's about it for this video I truly

hope that it was helpful if you have any

experience at all with forcing amaryllis

bulb just tell me all about it down in

the comments below what was the variety

that you forced did you notice anything

anything I should look out for did you

stake it tips tricks anything like that

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