Why you need a yearly physical

we're all getting older and getting an

annual physical is a good way to screen

for some prevention for the people who

have medical conditions you've seen

doctors those are those are good times

to recheck and see what the last year's

been and where you want to plan for the

next year for the people that have never

been to the doctor it's a good idea

annual physicals nowadays take on a new

flavor because now we have computers and

based with our medicine so once you get

through your registration process we'll

check you out we'll check your weight

we'll check your vital signs we'll

calculate your BMI which is a

measurement of your mass index which

people are using and companies are using

to see who's who's fit and who's healthy

you visit with your doctor you go

through the basic things like you would

have gone through in a few last visits

and it wasn't since you've seen your

pediatrician it's basically your eyes

and head the ears the heart the lungs

the belly check check your reflexes

using the hammer and then it's lab work

for adults we diagnose a lot of

conditions by the lab work we do a lot

of screening blood tests we'll be

checking your blood count for anemia

we'll look at your chemistry is to look

at your sodium and your potassium levels

we looked at the kidney function of

liver functions we'll look at that

all-important cholesterol number because

that is beating into our heads that

having a low cholesterol is what's

healthy and it is but we will do a

cardiogram will check your urine test

and then won't decide upon other tests

or other therapies based on this it's

good to know these things it's good to

figure out what's going on on your

insides because a lot of times you don't

feel bad until it's it's almost too late

you don't want to wind up in the

emergency room with a heart attack if

it's something preventable for diabetes

or something that the emergency rooms

are great but they can't help you give a

continuity they can't tell you what's

gonna happen for the rest of your life

that's what it's physical really is

designed to do family history is

essential to know about prevention

because it comes down to genetics many

of these diseases are inherited

genetically diabetes high blood pressure

heart disease heart attack stroke

cancers are all genetic diseases we

learn about these things as the

technologies gotten better and we can

talk about prevention we may not be able

to change a genetic imprint but we can

learn what happens together when you

come in to talk about them and this way

we can stratify your risk

to help identify these things

medications aren't targeted to help

people for their conditions to help

reduce your risk of sustaining morbidity

an issue with a heart attack or a stroke

but if it's out there in your family and

you have high if you everybody in the

family has high cholesterol and they've

all had a bypass surgery and they've all

had vascular surgery you can be sure

that the tree will shake out the same

and the idea is to come in when you're

younger when you want the prevention and

learn about what we can do to modify and

identify the risk the annual physical is

a worthwhile investment it let you know

that you're healthy and it doesn't hurt

an annual physical we'll give you the

information that you need we'll give you

your data we'll give you a data set

we'll give you data points for you to

look at for you to discuss and come back

the next year and the year after and the

year after and coming in every year

builds a relationship and from the

relationship you both move forward