Anti-Aging Nighttime Skincare Routine for Youthful Skin in Your 30s & 40s | #SKINCARE w/ @Susan Yara

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

i am going to share with you an

anti-aging skincare routine

this is for all of you who are about

like 35 and older so essentially my age

and older than me

those of you with more mature skin this

is a skincare routine for you


so i've been getting a lot of requests

for skincare routines that are very age

specific and for the most part i'd say

that's not the way you should be

thinking about your skincare routine

yes your age can play a part in how your

skin is doing

and some of the things that you're

experiencing but for the most part your

skincare routine should be geared more


what you're dealing with with your skin

so if you've got acne or congested pores

or if you have oily skin and you don't

want it to be overly shiny or if you've

got dry skin

just any type of skin issue that you're

dealing with your skin care

routine should be geared towards solving

that or helping that at the very least

so it's a little hard to gear a skincare

routine towards age

even when it comes to something like

this like an anti-aging routine

the way your skin ages is based on so

many different things

one genetics but then two you know just

any of the

factors of your lifestyle right like

were you out in the sun all the time do

you spend a lot of time in the sun

have you never worn sunscreen are you a


you know these things can really play a

part in how quickly your skin starts to

age or premature aging as they call it

so truly this is a skincare routine not

really for somebody

in a specific age group but for anyone

who is experiencing loss of elasticity

dryness discoloration in their skin fine


wrinkles just any of the stuff that

starts to make you look like you are

aging this is the routine for you

because it's a

nighttime skincare routine you know i'm

going to double cleanse

i just got this actually it's from lms

it's their pro collagen

naked cleansing bomb

one of the biggest complaints i've heard

from people is that

the original of this cleansing balm has

too strong of a scent people don't like

it has essential oils in it and stuff

i love it it is one of the original

cleansing bombs that got me onto the

double cleanse it's like

probably one of my first loves actually

when it comes to

a first cleanse but i understand why a

lot of people don't want a strong scent

apparently elemis was listening to you

guys also and they went ahead and made


this is limited edition this limited

edition naked

cleansing bomb and that just means that

it's essentially the same cleansing balm

but without the fragrance so one of the

things that i love about the original i

haven't actually been used to this one

this you guys are

you guys are cracking this one open with

me i'm assuming i love this already

because i love the original but one of

the things that i love

is that it's just nice rich and creamy

it starts to melt down into these

beautiful oils right away

star flower oil is one of the main

ingredients it's rich in linoleic

acid and it just feels nice this melts

everything off of your skin

why miss this oh i missed you elements i

had stopped using it for a while

just because there's so many other

cleansing bombs and oils to test out for

you guys and

i missed this one it's so gentle it

won't strip your skin and for an

anti-aging routine it's really important

to not strip your skin because you want

to maintain as much hydration

and moisture as possible i'm gonna go

rinse this off

all right so my face is dripping wet so

i'm gonna get to this quickly

going in with my second cleanse this is

from my brand neuterium this is our nice

and my cleansing jelly three percent

the reason i love this is because it has

niacinamide that won't strip your skin

when you think of anti-aging you want to

get everything off of your skin

and you want to make sure that you're

not stripping it that's so

important when it comes to anti-aging

not stripping your skin not causing it

to be dry

that's what you you want to avoid that

dryness in the stripping because

one that can lead to irritation two it

can lead to a compromised

skin barrier which you don't want and

niacinamide is great for skin barrier


okay so i have all of my makeup off and

this is where it really truly starts to

become an anti-aging routine

one of the main things that you'll start

to notice

as you start to age and as your your

skin starts to

just show the signs of aging is that

you're lacking hydration

and moisture as you start to get older

you'll start to notice that you can just


more and more hydration and more and

more moisture and you can start to get


more of these occlusive moisturizers the

thicker ones you might even get into


like it's it's one of those things where

you just start to notice that your skin

looks better

the fine lines and wrinkles start to be

less apparent you know the elasticity

and the plumpness to your skin

gets better if you have that hydration

and moisture back in your skin so what

you really need is to add hydration and

moisture you'll start to even maybe even


like discoloration and your skin starts

to lose that vitality to it and

everything and you start to

you lose that radiance that you have

when you're younger and that's because

you are aging so

you really need the hydration and the

moisture to your skin that's why this

video has a partnership with

pyeongchang yule this is a brand that i

have been using for a little while and

i'm obsessed with it it's perfect for my

skin i have

you know normal to dry skin now during

the winter time especially i have really

dry skin

what i love about it is that it's a very

minimalistic brand as in

they really focus on just the necessary

ingredients you need

to get vibrant healthy hydrated and

moisturized skin

one of the main ingredients throughout

this brand that you'll find is called

milk veg root extract and it's great

because it's full of antioxidants and

you need those antioxidants to help just

re-nourish your skin protect your skin

strengthen it there's so many reasons


you want the antioxidants especially as

you're aging you know you want the

antioxidants to also just help

fight off free radicals that are just

damaging our skin again people think

that aging

is mostly caused by genetics like the

way you're going to end up looking and

stuff but

all of the outside factors are truly

what are starting to

cause your skin to age so you want

something that's going to fight those

free radicals

and antioxidants are where that's at but

this ingredient is also great because

it helps to brighten your skin it helps

to nourish it and just

give you that overall vitality that you

need so i'm going to start first with

their essence

toner usually with an essence i would

just go into my hand like this

and you can see this is very like

hydrating it's not

so much like water and that's because

there is zero water in this the first

ingredient is that milk veg root extract

it's like 91 of the product so you're

getting a lot of this main ingredient

in this essence toner i actually like to

put this onto a cotton pad

and then what i do is i press it into my

skin so

i just kind of go like this but you can

do either way you can put it

into a cotton pad like this or you can

put it into your hand and when i'm in a


i actually will put it into my hand and

you can see just immediately i get that

vibrance from it it's just

that glow that really beautiful

hydration glow another great thing about

that ingredient milk that

root extract is that it's

anti-inflammatory so again

as you get older you start to see a

little bit more discoloration that

redness in your skin and everything

and you just want to make sure that you


using anti-inflammatory ingredients like

this one so you can see my skin is nice

and hydrated

and i'm going to move on to my next step

so the next product i'm going in with is

this by pyeongchang yule again

just like all of their other products

they only choose the minimal amount of

ingredients to help hydrate and nourish

your skin

this has mostly milk veg root extract

again so i'm going to get more

brightening i'm going to get more of the

antioxidants to my skin and it's going

to help give me more

hydration and more moisture to my skin

this also has

olive oil in it it's just a little bit

of olive oil to help get those nutrients


nourishing nutrients to your skin and

lipids something to also take note of

is that i'm going thinnest to thickest

with this routine and i'm pointing that

out right now because

again it's an anti-aging routine so you

can add more and more layers and i think

that's really important for

an anti-aging routine you will benefit

more from

all of these different layers than

someone who is 20 years old if you have

aging skin you're going to see that

plump happening

look how pretty this is i love the way

this feels it looks like it's like you

know like a little bit of a light

emulsion it's so nice and light i'm

actually going to put another layer

because it's so nice all of those

antioxidants making sure that you're

massaging your skin

and padding and being very gentle with

it that's all going to be really

important to just again add to the


and make your skin look like it's more

youthful and more vibrant i really love

that they don't use

a lot of different ingredients i think

this product has only 15

ingredients so that's really good if you

are adding a lot of hydration moisture

to your skin because

the simplicity of it just basically

means that you can layer

a lot more without having to worry too

much about irritating your skin

even with the different layers of

product because i know people are going

for a minimal skincare routine because

they want to avoid irritation

so this is one of the things that i also

love about this product

this one also helps to balance your oil


the natural sebum in your skin and

that's very important to protect your

skin barrier

alright next step you know for an

anti-aging routine i'm gonna have some

type of a retinoid in

the routine retinoids are so

important to your anti-aging routine

because they're truly the ingredient

that you have to have for anti-aging


stimulate skin cell turnover which is

you know

the natural exfoliation that process

that your skin goes through so that it

doesn't look

dull it is the only ingredient that is

really truly proven to stimulate

collagen production

and to just make your skin look better

overall it is the ingredient that you

need if you can handle tretinoin that is

your prescription strength

retinoid then that's going to give you

the most results for sure

i like the like slow and steady routine

right where i'm not gonna have to deal

with a lot of peeling i'm not gonna have

to deal with irritation and stuff so i

like to go with an over-the-counter


the one i've been using lately is by

juice beauty this is their stem cellular

anti-wrinkle retinol overnight serum

what i like about this is that they use

a combination of ingredients that are

very interesting they have

encapsulated retinol which i like

because it means that the retinol will

be a little bit more stable over time

and it also means that it you know it

doesn't absorb so quickly into your skin

so you avoid that irritation

they have an ingredient called

bioretinol in here which is a


retinol alternative which truly just

means that it works well to boost

the effects of your retinol as well they

have their stem cells in here apple stem

cells which is something that they

just have in a lot of the juice beauty

products stem cells are just great for

anti-aging of your skin and i don't want

to even like try to get into

the details of what the apple stem cells

do because i truly haven't looked

that much into it and then there are

tons of ingredients in here that are

full of antioxidants there's green tea

there's coq10

it's a very nice serum and i've been

enjoying using it

so i just do a few pumps because it's a

gentle retinol

i feel like i can use a lot of it so i

put this all over my skin

it's also very hydrating and

moisturizing so i'm just again

layering all of the different

moisture and hydration layers so you can

see i'm getting that nice

glowy sheen to my skin from my skincare


all right and then the last step of the

skincare routine that is your

moisturizer again pyeongchang yo this is

their nutrition cream

so you guys have heard me say it it's

all about that hydration and moisture

this is like the grand

finale because look at how beautiful and


this is it melts into your skin

it has beautiful ingredients like

macadamia seed oil you can see it's nice


buttery of course there is milk veget

extract so again getting all those

antioxidants getting that brightening to

the skin

and truly just bringing back that


to the skin that you need and adding in

that moisture

there's shea butter in here it feels so

good and you

need a rich moisturizer especially for

your nighttime routine when you're gonna

go to bed

so you can see i just put it on and pat

it into my

skin i look dewy i have added that

youthfulness back to my skin

all in one skincare routine all of the

pyeongchang mule products you can use in

the morning time to just

keep adding that hydration and that

moisture to your skin i love that you

can layer them between all of your

different steps

too again for an anti-aging routine you

need the hydration and moisture so the

different layers are really going to be


for your skincare routine you need to

help any kind of discoloration

and redness in your skin and also bring


that color to your skin not the

discoloration but the

like rosy glow you want to make sure

that you have that happening in your


you need those ingredients that are

going to help to brighten

also so azelaic acid or in this case an

azealic acid derivative that will help

to brighten your skin

vitamin c you guys hear me talk about

that for the morning time a lot

you also need a retinoid in your skin

care routine that is truly

the anti-aging ingredient that is going

to help change your skin

and then when you add all that together

with your moisture

you will start to see major improvements

when you start to see that aging all the

signs of aging in your skin so

hopefully this was helpful as always

feel free to ask me any questions in the

comments below you can find me on

instagram i'm at susan yara

and i'll talk to you guys soon