MY PREGNANT BELLY ROUTINE | How I'm Preventing Stretch Marks

hi guys and welcome back to my youtube

channel today I am showing you my

pregnant belly skin routine this is what

I do about once a week to remove

unwanted hair exfoliate and moisturize

my skin to prevent stretch marks and

just have overall really healthy skin

so this is my belly right now I

currently 30 weeks and five days

pregnant so almost 31 weeks and I

haven't got any stretch marks yet which

I am quite happy of obviously I am very

very happy to get stretch marks but if I

can prevent them then that's great so

the first step that I go in with is my

DIY coffee scrub and this is a mixture

of coffee sugar honey and oil now you

can use any of those of your choice and

any amounts and you can put anything in

it that you want the coffee and the

sugar gently exfoliates while the honey

and the oil nourish my skin

I make sure to rub my belly very gently

because I don't want to damage the skin

but I do want to gently remove unwanted

dead skin before I shave I find if I

miss this step and just go straight to

shaving I end up getting little pimples

on my belly

I love how my belly looks with all the

oil on it looks shiny and it looks

healthy but now I'm just gonna go in

with a washcloth and just rinse this off

I usually do this routine in the shower

so it is a lot easier but for the sake

of this video I am doing it at my

bathroom sink

and now I'm gonna go in and shave so I'm

going in with my Venus shaving cream and

I'm just going to put a thin layer all

over my belly

and then I'm gonna go in with my

Gillette mens razor I always use a mens

razor all over my body because I find

that it gives me a much closer shave

now the step is completely up to you

whether you want to do it or not but I

have found that my pregnancy has made me

a lot hairier and I do want to remove

that unwanted hair

again I'm just going to rinse off all of

the shaving cream and dry my belly with

a towel

and now to go in with the creams these

are the two that I use one is the pumice

coconut butter formula massage lotion

for stretch marks and the other one is

the Burt's Bees mama B nourishing body

oil now the stretch mark cream is the

one I use when I get out of the shower

or after I do this routine and the oil

is the one that I use every night before

I go to sleep

so I'm going to rub this cream all over

my belly and also up the sides of my

back as well as that skin does stretch

also I'm not filming this but usually I

would also put this all over my thighs

and the back of my legs and my bum and

also on my boobs because those get

bigger and they're going to stretch as

well and that is it for my belly routine

I haven't got any stretch marks so far

hopefully it stays that way like I said

if it doesn't and I get a couple stretch

marks it's not a big deal I am growing a

beautiful healthy girl and I couldn't

ask for anything more in the world so if

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you in my next video