what i wish i knew before applying to college

hey guys I know a ton of you are

currently applying to colleges and this

time a year ago I was in the huge flurry

of stress and chaos and always having

things to do in terms of like

applications on top of all my schoolwork

and really like September and October of

last year during my senior year or 12th

grade year was super super stressful and

I wish I sort of had a video like this

explaining like different things that I

learned along the way of applying to

college and things that I wish I knew at

the time so hopefully you guys find this

helpful and let me know if you did I

wish I knew that it is totally okay to

not know exactly what you want out of

the college process when I was applying

to different schools I really didn't

have a specific one school in mind that

was like my dream school where I wanted

to go and after I'd submitted all of my

applications is when I sort of decided

like oh my gosh this is my first choice

I want to go here more than anything

that fortunately ended up working out

really really well for me and that's the

school that I will be attending this

fall but not knowing what you want for a

really long time is totally fun because

you have until May first to really make

that final decision

I also wish I knew how many supplement

essays that I would have to write and

that number was a lot more than I

expected because I didn't really

understand that even for schools that I

applied to with the common app that I

would still have two to seven extra

essays to write for each school

depending on what they required from me

and then the schools that don't even use

the common app you have to do multiple

essays for as well so I just kind of

wish I knew ahead of time how much work

it really was

I also wish that I knew that asking for

help does not mean that you are helpless

it is not equal to being helpless and

asking for help from people like your

parents your teachers older siblings

older friends maybe your peers in the

same grade as you is not like we

or sometimes asking for help is a lot

more useful than you think it will be I

wish I knew that GPA grades and test

scores are not everything on a lot of

college tours I went on over the years

they always say like oh we look at your

application holistically meaning that

they take into account everything that

you put into your application your

letters of recommendation your

extracurriculars your awards things you

invest your time and other than your

academics and I didn't really believe

that and I wish I believed that a lot

sooner because it is true and those

aren't the only things that matter I

wish I knew that you don't need to go to

a top-ranked school to be successful

prestige doesn't matter nearly as much

as some people believe it does

I learned this through the experiences

of my friends and their older siblings

and how they sort of handled that

because a lot of people put a lot of

pressure on getting into you know like a

top ten school a top 50 school etc I

also wish I knew to tie into that that

the thing that matters the most is what

matters to yourself as you're applying

you're the one who's going to be

attending that school it has to be the

right fit for you and for what you want

and what maybe your family wants for you

in addition to that if that's something

you want to consider I think that again

like the prestige might be awesome but

if it's not awesome for you then it

doesn't really matter so much because

honestly I think that you can be

successful at any University Community

College two-year college etc because

honestly your success is often

determined by what you do with the

opportunities given to you and what you

make out of the environment that you are


I also wish I knew that it takes times

to submit transcript requests your

standardized test scores your letters of

recommendation etc you want to make sure

you will light yourself a bunch of weeks

head of the application deadline to do

so so just do everything early basically

the last thing that I really really wish

I knew while applying to college and

before I even started the process is

that after hitting the submit button on

all of my applications that I didn't

know that I would feel really really

free relieved and less stressed

originally I thought that hitting the

submit button having the entire thing

out of my control would stress me out a

lot because I had no input other than

what I had already submitted but it

really is out of your control and what

is meant to happen will happen and

always remember that you will find

happiness and success wherever you go if

you have that internal drive and mindset

that you will do so so I really hope

that you guys have a really really great

college application season that you're

getting enough sleep that you're

treating yourself well and that senior

year goes exactly as you expect it good

luck everybody