When is the best time to attend for an Early Pregnancy Scan?

today we're going to talk about when is

the best time to attend for an early

pregnancy scam

hi I'm Jevon patient support specialist

at ultrasound dimensions your home

pregnancy tests just turned positive and

you want to book in for an early

pregnancy scan the best time to attend

is no sooner than six and a half weeks

when we can see the embryo and its

heartbeat it's very exciting when we can

see that little flutter this scan is

performed to date the pregnancy

determine the presence of single or

multiple embryos rule out ectopic

pregnancy and detect the heartbeat here

you can see an image taken at four weeks

with very limited anatomical details and

here is an image taken at six and a half

weeks here is a video clip at nine weeks

you can see the difference that just a

couple of weeks can make we understand

that patients can be anxious or are just

looking for reassurance but it's very

important not to attend your appointment

too early as anatomical details are

limited if you're unsure of how many

weeks you might be we recommend going

from the date of your last menstrual

period if you'd like to make an

appointment or have any further

questions please contact us by phone or

email or visit our website

ultrasound we're always happy to help