Baby Einstein DVD's in 2020? (A review on the Baby Einstein Classics 2020 DVD's)

hello good friends I am teaching one

surgery to 42.0 and digital bridge it's

whatever you want to call me and today I

got a fun video for you presenting some

amazing content right here so I don't

really want to make this intro to longer

oh sorry it's our favorite friend

swaggy what are you doing here mom I

ought to be in review no you're not

gonna be did you didn't we just go over

this last time do I have to repeat

myself my lord is it is blood leg sway

yes like no delay well they're not

really bootleg dude I mean there's some

fireball might bring a book-length

swaggy where did you even get and I'm

about living the under I know I'm doing

know swaggy

I don't know that's what do you want you

to wrinkle


I'm a very sorry for that commotion but

I'm we're back and I just want to start

you know reviewing these I have a lot in

store today not just these two deities

but there's a bunch of stuff I'm going

to talk about these so just ride with me

here all right that's a very weird

expression but anyways I'm these these

are very unfair I I mean I'll I'll put

that things you guys I don't know if you

have seen this before

there's no I thought those literally


there's chances you have seen Anders

chances you have and I know there's a

few DVD menus up on YouTube and I know

you've probably seen him on eBay or

Amazon but I've never really seen an

in-depth review or anything and even if

there was hurray that's my phone

yes it is but anyways um I wanted to go

like through two discs through two DVD

menu all that stuff so you can get a

glimpse of what this is and make sure

you don't I mean maybe buy it if you're

interested um so anyways these are very

very um interesting I'm gonna go through

them one at a time

I mean decent follow the same format all

right now um I actually got DS a very

very long time ago if you had not a very

long time ago actually probably about

three three months ago I believe there's

picture and again there's pictures of

them you know searching around but today

so um I'm just gonna go to this thing

right here you know what we'll compared

it to um the front cover would look like

this and won't say be Einstein classics

and you know wow that's really cool hey

Einstein deity in 2020 and this is 2020

by the way

so you know like that's cool in itself

but um

see here's here's you're already getting

little sus dvd-video discs I don't want

to know what that says and the season

one animal favorites I mean I do I

really need this Lina but the back is

all Wow it's lovely

um so as you can see these um you know

include three six seven seven of them

videos and you know during good

selection it's literally every single

video about animals and you know and it

has this little thing here it a mere

swine animal Safari you and um obviously

napkins oceans which isn't on here but

animals around me is so as a little ones

group how many ways so is so here behind

it was really weird background I don't

that's for me no one touch me McDonald

and then I'm assuming that's one animal

adventure nice finger there in a frame

with no time um anyways oh you getting

even weirder well get United States

english-language London yeah

in the biggest yeah oh by the way TV why

there's a TV show now and of course you

get that now it's like really something

when it says all regions if it's all

regions oh boy um closed-captioning I

don't even know where else from an of

course hello Einstein studios

now I'm gonna spoil this this isn't

really a bull lake hello ID same studios

is now the media part of be Einstein if

you haven't seen the new cow some urine

episodes whatever it's called manners

Manor it is produced by hello Einstein

studios and there's a video on Vimeo

I think easy crock found founded great

that I don't even know if I because I

don't really know what I'm talking about

here but there is a video that's

um explained a lot about this so if you

find it that's cool

it explains a lot about this and um well

essentially here's this look at this

amazing disc and it has that bootleg

feel and I'm so why not tested here why

not test it I'm not even gonna go I'm

just going so as you can see we have two

discs and I am going to put this it's

not an Xbox one because I'm not watching

some other player anyways here you go

alright this is essentially why it is

and oh I forgot I had an FBI one it does

have an FBI warning you know all that

stuff for a video that has no region

look there you go there's the DVD menu

that's it okay so first of all you can

notice see that's a very common BB

einsteinium I went back around or text

me I see it on a lot of products I guess

that's our new theory or philosophy now

and of course you have those two limbs

they're steering the each other and baby

I think classics of course you don't

know what the aunts and classics is it's

the old videos they're classics

apparently and of course there's a barn

it's not really much just that he's one

he's - you just went oh yeah we can do

that so if you go back to social

selection right away I didn't mute this

there's nothing I'm gonna actually mean


because copyright cool that's about it

and I'm just gonna go back here in

essentially well when you go here oh my

god can you

oh here's what happens if you play it

and a very sudden here I mean dad

essentially and this is animals around

me and um that was very short I will

tell you dad it's three hours that plays

in chapters don't worry but anyways

that's basically all it is you know the

ones on YouTube so it's literally an

entire which they also put on iTunes so

if you go on iTunes it's the same stuff

same stuff and actually a world animals

I don't know if it's a free or Oh for so

I'm gonna go and check that but um

anyways if you go to a chapter

essentially what it does here bada-boom

bada-bing and I really am don't know if

they're like um you know like the old

BAM I found even know what I'm saying

I'm just gonna go into the next thing

until I actually gonna put a brief thing

here showing world animals is not know

free arrow for whatever I did not did go

too far in the video to figure out its

Oh free which is really cool in fact

it's not the best quality but it is why

it is so they do do to be Einstein class

of stuff dancing on youtube so Bach

isn't free but we don't have yet

Bach is not in existence will it ever


who knows sheeps

in numbers is the title of this why do I

need to tell you that and because it's

the same thing it's the same thing the

exact same thing insect obviously in

different illustration but I'll go over

anyway anyway I'm so apparently discount

as a beret now soda cat is French woohoo

I don't even know if Wordsworth is on

this one that doesn't kind of ruin the

point that was you know that I mean the

cat probably and then it's painting you

know there we go so obviously Van Gogh's

gotta be on here I'm done it has some

paint brush you know I'm trying to

replicate go I don't know oh this is the

famous one how this doesn't not have van

Gogh Eider wow it literally has her in a

gun same stuff but even better right I

like this oh my god and you know what's

holding that wrench in like hello

I don't know really how they figure out

they get a PNG that good I mean all

pride takes his magic eraser but still

good for kids to do many ways you know

you see those four young children by the

way these are seasons so you know all

the seasons musta came out at the same

time midnight me not theory so of course

I mean everybody loves numbers nursery

right so we got to put two clips numbers

nursery three straight down to video

free and then you know the gang right

here I don't know where Beethoven is but

I don't think he actually was in his

feet oh no he was he was in this segment

and of course he has been moaning

because being so compared to the other

thing it's this is a hundred

eighty-seven 92mm swapping and you saw

it up there this is only a hundred

thirty-three no I mean well there's four

videos instead of

gonna combat sprays six no seven that

doesn't make a lot of sense

no anyways is so it has the you know the

same legal stuff in the same logos and

what else am I going to say season two

it's orange this time and of course the

I'm gonna say same stuff every single

second of today but I mean it's season

two art shapes and numbers and as a

feeling season freak comes out why am I

saying in the seasoned hurts me it'll be

the same thing the same exact format so

um why not put this in the DVD player

okay so we're at the warning thing and I

forgot to say the Tri actually gonna get

to the DVD menu but I want to see that

transition I don't know women have any

there you go anyways um I'm trying to

show me face but if you look at the DVD

it's not very um I don't know what you

call it but then and that doesn't look

very reliable

well not reliable but I don't know DVD

people would notes maybe a DDR I don't

know may it's a home babe DVD homemade

and kids too is humming out the garage

but I'm okay I won't do something but um

anyways it's again the same DVD menu

that has red dot does timer no that's

orange is it I'm looking at the camera

and I'm looking kinda know anyways it

has that same you know bottom tech stuff

to cat with tabare and he's painting

nothing that's about it

anyways you got the episode selection

he's literally reversed so we're gonna

discover two seasons numbers in a

nursery all about the shapes you know it

so for that don't make too much sense

and of course its counterpart not

counterpart actually it replaced it um

so anyway if you press play all its

going to give you the magical and

there's Dove really um brilliant it's

not really anything else so if you

wanted to see what that never thought it

was like it's on YouTube the same exact

thing is Larry on YouTube there is

absolutely no differences in fact I

think the quality is even better you

know then what I'm recording and this

DVD itself so I I don't I'm looking at

this all about shapes I am going to let

this in and we are going to look at whoa

um so I'm gonna speak whoa okay and well

there's her confirmation all about baby

mutant all about shapes I'm sorry is

2004 isn't it

my voice is already breaking in front of

me but there's nothing really more to

show Hey one thing you might be curious

about um what's the crates gonna be like

it's gonna be the same thing right


I had never actually actually checked it

have you cycle there yeah dude your

credits and I'm another thing I'm gonna

do actually hello anniversary

why I'm here because what I literally

when I also discovered on this DVD I'm

not just gonna check the files um we're

we're gonna go through this and we're

gonna go in next video and I'm serious

to see the transition because I never go

out of my day and watch this over you

know like a VHS or no enough actual duty

well alright alright and there's aren't

your antsy so that's fun I think I had

you know the same thing if we're looking

at this yeah see so it has that so that

answers my question probably none of

yours but literally everything you need

to know about this DVD is right there I

guess let's go back so ah in short well

this is not actually a very long video

but that's it nothing more and well you

know it's very good that kids to did

this and released a DVD in 2020 which is

something Disney do when they sold it in

you know 2013 2014 and why not revamp

some stuff and well they're for the kids

to his first DVD I mean technically Duty

was like in 2018 with those boxes and

there was a sample here but that that's

about it so it's the biggest thing we

have and should you buy it I I don't

know I

curious it's cool looking but if you

want to buy it over you know you know

something like this you know for we're

looking for quality maybe things will

change in a future when they release

more I maybe already released more I

don't know but anyways that's all I have

for you I am DG 1 0 2 4 2.0 signing it

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