How To Go From Formula to Whole Milk!

hi welcome back to mommy duties today

I'm just going to explain how I

transition Christopher from drinking

formula to regular milk but first let's

do word of the day today I'm going to

teach you how to say grandma in Spanish

and in sign language in Spanish you say

abuela and in Sai language you're going

to put your thumb to your chin and make

two arcs before I get started I just

want to mention that all babies are

different which is the fun part about

parenting because they're so


this method might have worked for

Christopher and it might or might not

work for your baby so I just wanted to

make that clear so some of you may know

Christopher turned a year on September

19th and I was so excited everything

turned out great thankfully and we're

just so blessed that he turned a year

and I was especially excited because

that meant no more formula three weeks

prior of him turning 12 months I wanted

to test the waters and experiment a

little bit to see how he would react to

regular milk to my surprise he didn't

like it

Christopher's usually willing to try new

things so I thought he was going to be

okay with drinking regular whole milk I

shouldn't have been surprised because he

has been drinking formula for six months

of his life so of course he has been so

used to formula transitioning to regular

whole milk it was going to be something

that we had tackled together and if

you're a baby drink regular whole milk

for the first time and loved it

kudos to you I applaud you guys are so

lucky but for me with a different story

I had to find a way to sneak in the

regular milk someway somehow so that you

can get used to it normally he would

drink six ounces of formula what I ended

up doing was I just did four ounces of

formula and 2 ounces of regular whole

milk the first couple of days he did not

like it he could smell he could taste it

he would cry even though he really

wanted milk but by the end of the first

week of trying it he ended up thinking

the whole bottle

by the second week I lowered the ratio

formula I did 2 ounces of formula and

then 4 ounces of regular whole milk and

of course he did not want to drink it he

kept busting he kept wanting to get down

who did not want to drink it he kept

throwing the bottle he was shake his

head but had to be persistent I had to

be in control so even if I had to sit in

the sofa with him for 30 minutes until

he finished a bottle I was willing to do

it because otherwise he was never going

to get used to the regular whole milk

and again at the end of that second week

he finished the whole bottle with no

hassle a third week it was just all

regular whole milk in his bottle and the

same pattern first couple of days who

did not want it but at the end of that

we can drink the whole bamboo he was

drinking regular whole milk in his

bottle yeah we did it though that was

our journey our story of transitioning

into a big boy and not drinking formula

anymore which is great for us because

going off to buy it all the time like we

used to so we're happy we're happy about

that we're happy right Christopher

alrighty that's gonna be it for today I

hope you found it helpful and like I

said every baby is different so this

method might or might not work for yours

but if you have tried this method before

and it has been successful or not let me

know in the comment section down below

we'll see you in our next video bye


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