Baby Girl's First Solid Food! | Solids at 4 Months Old

you're eating real food it's such a big

milestone for you baby

yes hey guys it is about 2 p.m. you're

heading out tie these 4 months

doctor's appointment organizer you're

still in the house and I'm just kind of

going ahead and getting locked down Eric

had a meeting and it ran a little late

so we are kind of in a hurry as usual no

surprise there so I thought I would come

out and just kind of get set up

okay I'm ready to go we just got out of

IVs doctor's office and guess what she

got the green light for solids I am so

excited we're going to head over to

Target now and buy some stuff to make

baby food and then tomorrow on her

actual four-month birthday she's going

to try our first solids Oh hmm are you

ready to try some food I ready to try

some food look I think she's ready

banana I'm going to squish him to make

some baby food

back-up plan I'm checking out the baby

food maker 21 of these I'm not sure I

looked at this on Amazon and it was way

cooler but had two of them and you can

make two things at one time so I might

get that one I'm not sure yet I say see

I shower I say see yah SEMA sexy looks

like when she does wakes up take your

nights hi are you okay I'm just getting

ready to eat your first meal for Paris

real solid she's hungry too eating your

hand you're probably eating your hand

she says she's ready okay let's make a

banana and mush it into this thing

yeah good luck with that I'm going to

put a little bit of formula in with it

okay so I'm going to take this banana

and make two tablespoons of banana mush

and apparently that's the baby's first

meal so I just get some you know like it

I don't I don't think she's getting it

done trace 1 tbsp ghee ask it like baby

I'm going to eat the same banana that

you ate for your first time okay and I

want you to watch this when you're like

40 years old

see I tested it for you to make sure

it's healthy now we take some baby

formula and mash it all together so we

did the little parts a nice oh no it's


so I try to be specific oh yeah ready

mommy they smell very good

so here we go

it is my shirt but she likes it

oh I distracted her Oh No all right baby

focus on the food mama mm-hmm half of

its on her face she's like moving it

around the thank you it's crazy imagine

eating only one thing your entire life

and then you taste something different

yeah baby you figured it out you're

eating real food it's such a big

milestone for you baby yeah it's all

over your face in your essence you can

tell how I'm sure she is like she's just

not sure oh you like it yeah I think

what you think that her little tongue

she's like wailing hey baby it's time


girls and those it's tasty

hi-dee-hi any how is your first meal I

like your first meal and you are more

than you ar morning I'll get it at me oh

I think you liked it I think you did you

did so well because I said I'm not

sometimes see him to get his home for a

long time before they'll eat it she

doesn't mean anything she loves it



you picture like this