What Baby Eats in a Day | Table Food Ideas

hello everyone and welcome to my channel

limitless Lauren I am pleased to

introduce you to my son Liam who is

about to turn 10 months and a couple of

days so I thought today we would share

what he eats throughout the day

breakfast lunch dinner snacks so I just

wanted to give you guys some ideas of

what you can start feeding a baby when

they are wanting to start on table foods

so I hope you enjoyed this video and

let's get started good morning everyone

it is about 8:30 in the morning and it

is time for breakfast

he already breastfed this morning he

woke up about 6:30 so I'll get up and

breastfeed to him sometimes he'll go

back to sleep sometimes he just wants to

wake up for the day so it really just

depends on that and then we will play

for a little bit and then it'll be time

for breakfast so this morning he is

going to be having some sliced peaches

and we got these from Costco it came in

a big pack and they actually taste

really good and then for baby food he's

going to be having the prune Apple I

will throw this into the mix sometimes

especially when I notice it is more

constipated than usual Cheerios we also

got this at Costco

it came with a 2 pack and it's their

multi-grain Cheerios and he loves these

some other ideas for breakfast

oatmeal this is a really good one that's

very quick and easy there's all

different kinds of flavors and

vegetables canned fruits pretty much


a lot of this stuff with any meals that

your baby has throughout the day you can

make any of these during some time lunch

time or dinner time just kind of put it

on rotation so they don't get bored

another breakfast food that he really

enjoys of scrambled eggs I don't put any

spices or anything and then so I kind of

make sure to make some extra so he does

have an expert another good first food

for baby is bananas I will feed him a

half a banana at a time some plastic

wrap over the other half put it in the

fridge and make sure to use it the next

day so a little trick that I learned was

when he was about six months old and he

started eating solid foods this was his

first meal so the rice baby cereal and

then I would just mix that in with

breast milk but now he doesn't really

eat this by itself so I was trying to

figure out how to use this and some of

these baby foods are super watery when

you're trying to feed it to them it just

falls all over the mat I'll take some of

this rice cereal and pour it in here a

little bit at a time mix it in and it

really starts to thicken up and it

doesn't make it taste bad it still

tastes the same

and just a little hack that I have

learned that I would share with you guys

breakfast is done and we are gonna go

get ready for the day he is going to

take his morning nap and then we will be

back so it is now lunchtime and I will

breastfeed him between anywhere from

12:30 to 1:30 and sometimes I'll feed

him a snack before I breastfeed him and

sometimes I'll feed him a snack after so

it really just depends on the day so now

I'm gonna go breastfeed him and then we

will be back to show you what's next

he's gonna have this is Liam's cabinet

so we got some little snack pouches

yogurt melts and down here we've got his

baby food I have breakfast ones over

here dinner ones over here and in the

back corner we have your little pouches

I got these little bits there's a cactus

one and he's wearing a little Chevron

one and I got them off Amazon I'll put

the link below but they have the little

pocket to catch the food and they were

pretty cheap very easily washable so

that's really nice

this kind of closes so the food doesn't

always get in there since he just had

some breast milk I'm just gonna give him

a few snacks I'm gonna feed him the

little gogo squeeZ the apple apple

it took him a while to learn how to

actually get the food out of the little

nozzle but once he figured it out he

sucks it down another snack I like to

feed him peace I just get the canned

peas at the store you can also get

frozen peas put them in the steamer and

cook them but this is definitely easier

and faster

they're very easy to mash so they're a

really great first food table food for a

baby as you can tell he definitely

enjoys eating

he's a noisy eater I use this little

water cup for him it's the spout list

it's like the 360 rim that he can drink

off of any side and the water comes out

took him a while to figure it out but he

still doesn't know that he needs to

bring it up to his mouth to drink it so

he'll chew on the handle or tip it over

and try to drink out of it so I still

have to hold it for him


so some other snack ideas I give him are

I'll get him

canned carrots canned green beans also

he likes canned black beans he likes red

beans and for the pouches I will give

him a variety of different ones cuz I

only feed him these pouches during snack

time because he'll have puree for

breakfast and dinner so I don't want to

give him one of these during that time

so this one is the plum organics the

carrot spinach turkey corn a potato a

pear mango a pear spinach and pea and

then another one I got is Earth's best

organic it is a yogurt smoothie

blueberry so I like to definitely

broaden his palate and have him try all

different kinds of things and so far he

has loved everything we have given him

including seafood he as a ten-month-old

has tried alligator and he loved it so

you know definitely if your baby doesn't

have a lot of allergies and you feel

comfortable trying the new things

definitely have them try it all and

hopefully they won't think picky when

and hopefully they will like what you

give them and if not just try something

else and when I was first starting out

giving the land table food I would give


green beans he did not like him he

didn't want anything to do with green

beans I tried a month later to give them

to him and he loves them and now who

still loves them so don't give up if

they act like they don't like something

in the beginning are you ready to give

it a few months and who knows they might

liking it at that point so he is still

hungry after the applesauce and peas so

I'm gonna give him these yogurt melt and

these are suggested for Crawler

eight plus months because they do take a

while to dissolve in the mouth all done

we will get a baby wipe and clean off

his hand so after we are done with


we will go play for a little bit it is

about 5:20 tonight I am going to put him

with his highchair and figure out what

we're going to make you for dinner

oh the mini for dinner tonight

is the baby puree mac and cheese we got

some canned pears and some canned black

beans and I will rinse these and drain

em I will give Liam a different puree of

dinner every night

it comes in a 2-pack so I will just make

sure to put it on rotations he's not

having the same one every night not like

he really cares and for the black beans

I will smush them between my finger a

little bit so they're a little easier to

start off to chew because some of them

are a little hard and I don't want him

to choke I will also try to give him a

fruit and a vegetable and a meat

sometimes it doesn't happen but that's

kind of the criteria I go off of that is

all for today so I hope you enjoyed this

video of what Liam eats yes are we all

done he is about to go take a bath and

get ready for bed so I hope you and you

guys enjoy the rest of your day or night

but wait go well Nikki so so please

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