The Best Toothpaste For Your Child

hi I'm dr. Mitch pecet of course ed and

Associates pediatric dentistry and

orthodontics I'm here to talk to you

today about how to pick out the proper

toothpaste for your child the brand of

toothpaste is not particularly important

any of the major brands will be fine

that can be crest Colgate or will be

Aquafresh or tops the things to look for

are a two face that says anti cavity or

fluoride toothpaste another important

thing to look for is the American Dental

Association sealed acceptance this isn't

just some marketing tool this means if

the toothpaste has met strict

requirements required by the American

Dental Association and has been

clinically proven to reduce decay so

this toothpaste says fluoride toothpaste

prevents cavities and it also says the

American Dental Association accepted now

this toothpaste looks very similar so

same packaging it's the same strawberry

flavored but it says fluoride free so if

the toothpaste says safe to swallow or

fluoride free it's not going to reduce

decay when my kids were little they were

pretty persnickety about taste and this

is the one that I used for my kids

it's watermelon flavored it's somewhat

sweet but not too sweet and the texture

and taste is something that appealed to

them look for flavors like you know mild

bubble gum fruit and also a character

that appeals to them so it can be you

know frozen it can be Finding Nemo

so generally any of the toothpastes that

are marketed to kids they're not going

to be too strong of taste now there's

nothing wrong with using adult

toothpaste this is the toothpaste that I

use myself Colgate Total but the adult

whitening toothpastes tend to have

compounds in them that might be too

strong for kids

the flavors tend to be a little bit

stronger and they might not want to use

it so find one that appeals to your

child in terms of the flavor and the

marketing now the one thing that is

important some parents get concerned

about kids swallowing the toothpaste

when they're

and they'll say well I'm going to use a

training toothpaste training gel

training paste and fluoride free or safe

to swallow pediatric dentist in for the

most part are not in favor of using the

training gels the braces and the

detergents help get the plaque off but

the main benefit of the toothpaste is

the fluoride so when you're ready to

start brushing your child's teeth go

ahead and start using a toothpaste that

contains fluoride I hope this video

helped you decide on which toothpaste to

choose for your child if you have any

questions feel free to call my office

post that in associates at eight five

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seven you can also contact us on our

website pecet and associates com thank

you for listening