Sienna Claus in the kitchen I hate

myself hey guys today we are going to be

baking sugar cookies I'm even wearing a

chef's hat I'm actually only wearing

this hat because I have a root problem

so we're just gonna pretend that it's

like me being cool wearing a chef's hat

um yeah I don't take at all we're just

gonna see how this goes and really just

hope for the best

let's get started I know you guys are

probably gonna have your roots aren't

that but take off my hat and no I got my

computer here and I'm going to pull up a

sugar cookie recipe because obviously I

don't know how to do this

Oh sugar cookies look so ugly they're

gonna look really bomb with my frosting

on it so okay we're going to need some

flour some flour cool baking soda is

that the stuff you put on the carpet

we're going to keep that baking soda

found at baking powder Diliman now we

need a butter softened not hard butter

soft butter

yeah we need a butter with emotions

we're on a mission oh my mom is a really

nice person and charity softened some

butter for me this is just like the Food

Network I swear okay we need white sugar

is this white all the sugar we have in

our house is like organic light brown

sugar so this is like the only thing

that doesn't look like that egg would

you look at that it's my doppleganger

now I need a vanilla extract almond ok

now we're looking for vanilla that's all

we need

let's get cooking it's really sad that I

can't have Christmas music on you know

have a holly jolly time

it's German one thing I did learn in all

the years of my mother baking is that

you are supposed to separate your dry

ingredients and your wet ingredients hmm

I also need milk some plain-jane milk

okay milk is what water is why this is

blue I hate getting now my whisk flick

of the wrist okay

yep eggs are so nasty sift together

flour baking powder and salt I should

have done that first time butter and

sugar okay only a tablespoon of milk

that seems a little shady to me but yeah

what is a cup of butter you I don't want

to touch this so we're just going to

like unpackage this and just put it in

if I can do that I can do anything

hmm this is probably the easiest thing

to cook in the world and like I just

don't know what I'm doing I'm gonna

taste it how do you

this looks like it's what I'm supposed

to be doing Joe don't do it okay I have

a Santa spatula because I am festive

let's just get all of his butter the

whisk because that was the dumbest thing

I ever did I need a beater

not today I just broke the bag okay okay

that's a cup this doesn't look right

wake me up call it a day I'm tired we're

going to take some of our on a Dolce

Vita classic Italian biscotti yeah

that's a cup basically that's another

cup you know that looks about right so

that's the recap okay so we don't we

don't need baking soda why did I pull

out the baking soda my delusional I

think this is salt

that's all time to mix I me a mother

utensil this is so cute I like the dry

ingredients way better they're just like

so much cuter pretty this is supposed to

be like a family activity that people do

together and around the holidays no this

is some hard manual labor I would not do

this as a fun pastime I got butter on my

finger it's getting everywhere because I

don't know how to stir nicely while

we're stirring this let's take a take

this time to talk about world topics so

how does everyone feel about Harry

Styles and my outfit it was delicious in

my opinion this is looking a so good

Ericka Tessa whoo so much flour okay so

what I did while you were gone I stirred

that up real good and then I put it

in the fridge for about two hours a let

it cool let it harden and I'm going to

roll it out and then cut it with cute

Christmas cookie cutters because we are

making Christmas cookies cute ones I'm

going to flour my counter so the dough

doesn't stick I know

protip we're going to turn off the

instructions because this is where it

gets creative this is going to be fun

for my mother to clean out not me you

won't catch me around here okay I am

really cute and I have a friend

rolling pin because I love French things


you want to see it what a rat looks like

and it's a rectal if you haven't seen

one in person this is what a rat looks

like my French rolling pin this doesn't

look right am i doing it wrong probably

I don't know I'm a thin it's supposed to

but what is that I think I think my oven

is preheated that is one keel maybe one

more for good measure and then maybe

another really really good measure time

to cut into these cookies now you don't

have to be as skinny you can get regular

ugly cookie cutters like in the shape of

like an ugly circle or something but I

have cute Christmas ones we've got a

sweater a Christmas tree a star stalking

and a snowman yeah that's a love looks

like cute so cute love it last but

definitely least is the store three

flour it because duct a star the star of

the show

not really let's see if I can hit the

ceiling I can let's not do that again

show some love to the Snowman what

thanks maybe this stupid ugly stocking

again that's how I'm entering now we are

going to put these in the oven for I

don't know how long I'm gonna guess

eight minutes maybe I should read the


I hate ovens with a burning burning

passion because when I was little I

burnt my hand so bad

now taking out is this carrier part

while the cookies are cooling I'm going

to make colored frosting because fun

fact I used to eat chocolate frosting

from the can just straight up all the

time it was an unhealthy addiction kind

of like drugs

I really should eat healthy but there's

just too many delicious things in this

world for me to give up on alright I'm

going to take two little droplets of

blood professional cookie maker that's

me this looks like sort these don't even

look appetizing but we're going to ice

them now Oh what let's start with our

Christmas tree wow that's a big okay you

know yeah that's uh that's speaking to

me on a lot of levels okay now we need

ornaments for our tree obviously yeah

one right there okay another maybe one

there another there and then our star

does that not look like art to you this

part red cuz um that's a sock is red duh

now let's put the fur on our stock looks

like mayonnaise but cool let's go in

with our sweater let's make this one

pink with a little bit of fur on it kind

of like a piece of toast so a little

dotto for right there looks like ah

let's just make it a smiley face in call

it a day your own DIY furry smiley face

sweater slash peas the toast that's

definitely a snowman

there's his hat this looks like fire and

made me food put a little blue mouth

blue eyes actually because he's nash

grier honestly snowman or nash grier

let's finish it off with a nice brick

good yeah okay do you want to really

just be messy with it because this is

abstract these are my

little cookies they look fantastic if I

may say after this I do think I will

have my own Food Network show because

obviously I have this hidden culinary

talent that just needs to shine through

we first have the sweater toast slash

smiley face it's my favorite and then we

have the stocking it looks fairly close

to a real stocking and then we've got

the Christmas tree which looks obviously

beautiful like a real one then we've got

our snowman slash nash grier because he

does share that blue eye quality then we

have our flower star thing I hope you

guys enjoyed this video if you did be

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button somewhere down there I hope you

guys have a fantastic day and I will see

you in my next video chefs see Anna

Claus out

I'm not going to taste these because

they probably taste like roadkill but

yeah see you later Paula Deen who what

kind of socks are you wearing the socks

on I'm wearing are actually so cool I

can't lift my leg up this one on a

gymnast you know say they have a little

coffee and doughnuts on them last person

you texted actually my last text message

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