warning warning this video contains

subject matter that may or may not

include material unsuitable for children

Frank Hernandez Fridays include detailed

stories about years of broken windows

abuse that may or may not have happened

everything you hear is allegedly and

supposedly do not try this [ __ ] at home

thanks for watching this Friday is

coming to you this is a turkey day

special so this one is turkey basting so

back in the day it was me my homeboy and

there was this pad where there was this

Tweaker broth it's had a big crush on

the homeboy but he never wanted to [ __ ]

so one day we go over there real quick

we pop in were you know go down now we

need to go over there so we went inside

he told me because I just filled with

her [ __ ] meat so hook us up I go in

there she starts flirting with her she

hooks him up she she gives me a little

issue whatever whatever's and this she

takes him to the room so all thought so

whatever 15 20 minutes go by I'm kicking

in chillin he comes back out he pulls me

by my shirt just get the [ __ ] outta here

wait I tell you what happens so here we

go this is what turkey-basting was he

said he brought her in there right I

mean she brought him into the room she

made him a big-ass [ __ ] dick issue

some [ __ ] I don't we used to shoot up so

he said he said homeboy I was drooling

how thick of a issue how [ __ ] fat it

was he goes and you know I was Jonesy so

I was just watching her make this and

[ __ ] it for this woman for that issue

[ __ ] it I was I'm taking for the team

so right away [ __ ] she's mixing it up

and next thing you know she goes she

tells me oh do I like it and she breaks

the needle he goes oh my god

Frankie [ __ ] that that issue that

dick nosov it oh my god she broke the

grade but the fog he's I'm telling her

what the [ __ ] she tells me so she goes

she goes hey look if you just listen

when I say I'll give you this issue she

goes pull down your pants he's like

homeboy what the [ __ ] do I do but I want

that issue back

so what'd you do I told her she was like

pull down my pants she came over to me

she came over she came over a [ __ ]

homeboy right she [ __ ] he says he

reached around she [ __ ] at the same time

she plunged it in his [ __ ] she

[ __ ] win and put her lips on his dick

he said the minute he plunged it in his

butthole that was the turkey baste he

caught our instant erection his artist

spewed all over instant he said he said

he could believe it because he never

thought anything would be in his glory

he never thought he'd ever Turkey

because on your highness did it but just

because who was on that Jonas he got the

love dart up his ass got turkey baster

like a [ __ ] soldier would and

he [ __ ] did you say the experience of it

was like no other you never [ __ ] a

felon orgasm like that now I don't know

about you guys commitment soldier has

never experienced [ __ ] like that but

turkey baste your ass off like ass and

you try it out and tell me what happens

oh oh hell no