How To Ride a Bike, For Adults

I'm looking out there I'm picking the

spot and then I'm just going to like go

for it right so I just just step into it

push off and go

you'll be balancing and then you'll be

pedaling in no time so I'm going to have

you just scoot at first and then if you

can and you're going to need a little

bit of speed and it's a little bit of a

leap of faith because I tried to learn a

couple of times and so it's sort of

maybe this will be like the one of the

last hurrah and hopefully I get the hang

of it this time so they have to feel the

balance point and if it's a feel thing

it's not systemic thing it's it's more

about feel and so understanding that

they can control the balance kind of

scared that I won't be able to pick it

up because I've tried a bunch of times

so I'm scared I'm gonna make a fool of

myself or just take a ton of classes and

still never learn I totally was like 6

percent of adults like don't know how to

ride a bike I was actually hoping was

higher like 15 20 16 is really small but

that's okay fine start yeah

all right

you ready to pedal yeah I think you are

too and then kind of push off with your

right leg

okay we got it you gotta keep thinking

about a million things it's like I'm

trying to like go straight get my feet

on the pedals look forward not tall not

hit a rock

there is things are coming through my


riding a bike