What is the best birth control after having a baby?

after having a baby there's lots of

different options for contraception just

remember that don't depend on

breastfeeding alone as a form of

contraception because you may be coming

to the hospital nine months later if you

think that's the case young your period

can return seven to fourteen weeks after

having a baby so it's always a good idea

to have some form of contraception on

board the first time you have

intercourse after having a baby now as

far as what options are available

there's lots and the best thing to do

would be to talk to your doctor who can

discuss your health history your

pregnancy history and all the different

options that are available because some

are appropriate for there are some forms

of birth control that aren't appropriate

for certain people based on their health

history and other things that may have

happened to them in the past

so I'll go through a couple of options

with you and you can bring them up with

your doctor based on what I've discussed

and what sounds like it would be good

for you

there's the mini pill so it's just oral

contraception that you take every day

and it's 95 to 99 percent reliable if

taken correctly however if you miss a

pill you can get pregnant and it can

increase your chances of blood clots

heart attack and stroke especially for

smokers and people who are over the age

of 35 so again this would be appropriate

for some people and not for others

there's a diet frame it's a small rubber

cut that's actually inserted up inside

the vagina was from a sight on it and

it's only about 80 to 94 percent

effective if it's used correctly and it

it can be inserted six hours before

intercourse and staying for 24 hours and

some women love it but others hate it

because it can be a little bit

uncomfortable and difficult to place

there's also an IUD which stands for

intrauterine device and this has to be

placed by the doctor it can be done at

your six-week checkup if you'd like and

it goes up inside the uterus and helps

prevent you from getting pregnant and

it's actually 97 to 99 percent effective

a lot of women like it because you just

get it placed and you don't ever have to

think about it again until it expires

the copper coins are good for up to 10

years and there

plastic coins that release hormones that

are good for up to five years and that

there are some cons it can actually your

uterus can be perforated when the doctor

places it it can increase the risk for

pelvis or e inflammatory disease for

some women and it can cause irregular

cramping bleeding and spotting so it

would just again be the best thing for

you to talk to your doctor and they can

discuss different options with you and

decide what would be best for you if you

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