Will taking birth control pills regulate my periods, or will they be irregular again after I stop?

you mentioned that for the better part

of your life you've had irregular

periods and you're trying to have a baby

so of course you're frustrated because

this makes it very difficult to know

when you're ovulating or if you're

ovulating at all so that you can time

intercourse with ovulation and conceive

and achieve your dreams of having a baby

it sounds like you've sought help from a

doctor and that's good that's always the

first step because they can ask you

questions about your history perform an

exam and then decide what treatment is

most appropriate for your situation you

brought up thoughts about birth control

pills and how they do regulate you while

on the pill but then you're wondering if

when you stop taking them you stop being

regular sometimes birth control pills

are prescribed to women who are

irregular because it does regulate their

cycles long enough or at least for a

couple of months for the woman to try to

get pregnant once she's gone off the

pill on average it takes most couples

about six months to get pregnant and you

can actually get pregnant any time after

you've stopped taking the pill if you're

ovulating and you time intercourse just

right with ovulation so it as soon as

you stop taking the pill it doesn't take

months and months for your body to

return to normal cycles in fact like

you're mentioning it can regulate you at

least for a couple of months and your

cycles might start start to spread out

and become longer and longer and more

irregular again but there might be a

window of opportunity where you could

get pregnant if everything the stars

inline and everything comes together

just right talk with your doctor again

and based on their knowledge of your

situation they can recommend other

treatments might be more appropriate for

you or if you want a second opinion from

another doctor that's okay to do too if


good luck with everything and if you

have any other questions for me in the

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