👉Top 5 Blood Pressure Pills | How to Lower Blood Pressure FAST😍

my dear friends why could we need

medicines to treat high blood pressure

well having high blood pressure puts you

at a higher risk of getting a heart


stroke and kidney damage and other

serious problems

the medicines your doctor prescribes to

treat high blood pressure can actually

help reduce the risk of these problems

and even

help you live longer i'm not in favor of

prescribing medication and i actually


three other videos that i talk about how

you can potentially treat

naturally your high blood pressure which

of course i will

put below in the description having said

that sometimes

you need to take medication i'm going to


five medication groups and at the end of

this video i would like to mention a few

things you can do

right now today to naturally control

your blood pressure

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begin if your medicines cause unpleasant

side effects or if you cannot afford

your medicines then talk to your doctor

there are often ways to deal with these

problems and the first step of course is


let your doctor know question of the day

let me know in the comments below if

you're taking any of these medication

and how have they worked out for you

number one is gonna be diuretics

diuretics are medication that make you


diuretics are of course also sometimes

called water pills because of course

they make you urinate more than usual

and thus they keep the amount of blood

lower they keep the amount of blood

flowing through your veins lower that's

lowering the blood pressure as well

some examples of diuretics include

chlorothalidin indapamide

hydrochlorothiazide also known as hctc

hctz furosamide generally they're cheap

and effective

they are not prescribed as often as

compared to some newer drugs

this could be possibly because the

thiazide diuretics can be associated

with an increased risk of

diabetes and thus you have to look at

things properly

and make sure that your patient will be

benefiting from it

another theory is that that they are

generally generic

and they're generally not promoted by

the drug industry but

but these medications are used not just

in high blood pressure but in other

medical problems

such as heart failure number two is the

ace inhibitors and the

arbs so basically angiotensin converting

enzyme inhibitors

and angiotensin receptor blockers so

these are often grouped together both of

these two different type of medication

because they work in the similar ways

these medications can help prevent

kidney disease as well and doctors often

prescribe them for people with diabetes

because diabetes

in the long run thus tend to give you

kidney problems

and these medications have been known to

benefit the kidneys if you do have


also people with heart failure who take

ace inhibitors and herbs

they live longer than people with heart

failure who do not take these

medications those studies have shown

that these

to be good medications in these

situations some examples of ace

inhibitors include enalapril

captopril and lassinopil some examples


arabs arbs include candy sarton

valsartan just to name a few of these


now before i move on a disclaimer is due

this blog video

this content is for general purposes

only and does not constitute the

practice of medicine

nursing or other professional healthcare

services of course including the giving

of medical advice

and no doctor patient relationship is of

course established here

and never delay any needed medical care

by going to

informational materials such as this and

of course self-medication is never

a good idea now the third medications

for blood pressure on my list are

calcium channel blockers

now some examples of calcium channel

blockers they include amlodipine

um phenologipine deltiazim

you probably heard of some some of these

medication these medications also


chest pain caused by heart disease and

they can be used in that situation as


as well as in scenarios such as atrial

fibrillation some of these medications

tend to control the heart rate when it

gets erratic and irregular or

really really fast these medication can

some of these medications

can slow your heart rate down so that

could be a good thing

in certain situations now some calcium

channel blockers also prevent migraine


so your doctor will decide if a if this

medication could be

benefiting you in different diseases as


sometimes however they do cause

constipation they can also cause


of the feet and ankles and legs but

generally these are well tolerated

number four is going to be beta blockers

besides lowering blood pressure beta

blockers helps reduce the amount of

work the heart has to do they basically

reduce the contractuality

just a little they reduce the

contractility of the heart

just a little just enough studies show

that people who do take beta blockers

after a heart attack they are less

likely to have another heart attack or


compared to people who do not take a

beta blocker after they had their

coronary event their heart attack event

studies also show that people with heart

failure who also take beta blockers

live longer than people with heart

failure who don't

now this could be due to neurohormonal


it tends to even out some of these

changes when people first start taking

beta blocker they sometimes feel

tired that is just while the body is

basically trying to get used to the


but once the body gets used to beta

blockers the medication

can really help if your doctor

prescribes a beta blocker

give it a little time to start working

one problem that people do face some


do have problems with their sexual


but of course anything that happens let

your doctor know and they can think

about it

some examples of beta blockers include


metoprolol and propranolol anybody

taking any of these medications let me

know in the comments below

the fifth group of medications are

called vasodilators they basically

vasodilate they increase the

diameter of the vessel so these

dilators they act on the smooth muscle

the muscle in the arteries and they

relax the walls

so then the blood can move more easily

through them

some of these examples include

hydrylyzine minoxidil

these are generally not first-line drugs

however they are used

in some emergency situations they can be


and before i forget if you are new here

i am dr khan

and i am a board-certified internal

medicine physician and i look to provide

evidence-based health care information

my dear friends as i mentioned that i

want to tell you things you can do

right now that you can do on your own

without medication

that can help out your blood pressure

and of course

if you want to know more check out my

other three videos where i talk about

that you do not need medication or you

can treat your blood pressure even

without medication so check those videos

out i'll have them in the

description below what you can do you

can lose weight

losing weight definitely helps if you

are overweight or you are obese

a few extra pounds lose that weight and

that will surely help

next will be cut out refined

carbohydrates and

processed food and caffeine if you do

have a problem

then cut these things out cut cake


all these things out of your of your


next choose a diet low in fat and rich


fruits vegetables and low fat dairy


try this i think this will surely help

also look up the mediterranean diet

mediterranean diet that will also be


helpful now i know there's a huge debate

on this topic of what's the best diet to


generally if you stick to a diet rich in

fruits vegetables and low-fat dairy


then that will help out next will be

reduce the amount of salt

intake now this is of course a

contentious issue

some people use himalayan salts instead


there's currently no research of whether

it actually works or not

there are lots of people claiming it

works better however no one has actually


any research proving that it works

people say it

but they do not bring any proof any


means a randomized controlled trial


you give these people regular salt or no

salt well let's say regular salt

and you give these people himalayan salt

and then you see

are the himalayan salt people do they

have better blood pressure control

or does the regular salt people have

better blood pressure control

and that's how you tell but there have

been no studies i tried to look this up


making this video i could not find any


please let me know in the comments below

if you do have sources

let me know in the comments below now

next would be do something active for at

least 30 minutes

a day for most days of the week my

advice would be

that don't take any break days don't

plan out that you will take a break on

this day because if you do

you will break on that day and you will

of course miss one or two

other days in the week due to other

unforeseen circumstances

so exercise with the mindset of


seven days a week so that in case you

missed a few days due to unforeseen


you did get in a good four five or six

days of a workout now the last is going

to be painful cut down on your alcohol

and especially if you drink more than

two alcoholic drinks per day cut down on

your alcohol

that's it for now my friends talk to you

guys soon let me know in the comments


if you have any other thoughts of any

other topics that i should cover

see you later