How to Bottle Feed your Baby: Paced Bottle Feeding

when your baby is bottle-feeding it's

important to control the flow of breast

milk or formula coming out of the bottle

so they can feed at a comfortable pace

paste bottle feeding is a technique that

allows your baby to drink more slowly

and take breaks helping to prevent over

feeding and choking this video will show

you how use bottles that have a wide

based slow flow nipple hold your baby in

an upright position supporting their

head and neck with your hand touch your

baby's upper lip with the bottle nipple

to encourage your baby to open their

mouth wide let your baby pull the nipple

into their mouth you don't want to force

it the nipple should not be full of milk

when feeding hold the bottle

horizontally so that the nipple is

partially full this slows the flow of

milk allowing your baby to drink at

their own pace count your babies sucks

and swallows if your baby doesn't take a

breath every 3 to 5 sucks remove the

bottle and take a few seconds rest so

your baby can breathe never prop a

bottle in your baby's mouth this is

dangerous and can cause choking and over

feeding when feeding your baby watch for

signs of over feeding or choking these

include swallowing quickly without

taking a breath milk spilling out of

their mouth flaring nostrils or their

eyes opening widely stiffening of arms

and legs or lips turning blue

immediately remove the bottle if your

baby shows any of these signs babies

always swallow air while feeding burping

your baby helps release that air if your

baby is getting cranky pulling or

bending their legs arching their back or

pulling away from the bottle they may

need to be burped look for signs that

your baby is full and finished feeding

these can include pressing their lips

together letting go of the nipple

turning their head to the side no longer

sucking and falling asleep

leftover milk must be thrown out after

your baby has finished feeding harmful

bacteria can develop even after a short

while paste bottle feeding may take some

time to learn but will come with

practice have fun getting to know your

baby being a new parent can be

overwhelming peel public health is here

to help you visit us online or in-person

for support information and more helpful

resources like this