I know you're supposed to go and I am

here to chat with you about bottles or

you're breastfed baby and this might be

a question for some of you you're like

will i breastfeed what do I need bottles

for well you might if you're a working

mom you might need to introduce your

kiddo to a bottle just to kind of get

them used to the idea because you won't

be around all the time or you know if

you want an occasional date night out

you might want somebody else being able

to feed your baby that's definitely a

bonus or if you want your partner to be

able to help with feedings or if they

have a desire to help with feedings

having your baby super comfortable

taking a bottle is a good thing it's

generally advised if you're going to be

a stay-at-home mom and you're only going

to use a bottling occasionally generally

advised to wait about four to six weeks

to introduce a bottle but if you lead a

really busy lifestyle and if you're a

working mom you're going to want to

probably introduce even earlier than

that I waited the full six weeks to

introduce a bottle to Harrison and it

was a nightmare

I'm telling you so he is my first kid

that I have breastfed my daughter was a

NICU baby and so she was model baby a

long story short I am a first time

breastfeeding mom but I you know I read

on the internet and they're like nipple

confusion don't introduce the bottle

early Dada Dada Dada I wish I would have

introduced it a little earlier because

he is a chance dressier he's 21 months

and he's still is breastfeeding so yeah

he is a chance I mean I waited because I

wanted to make sure that we had a good

milk supply established in a good

nursing relationship but honestly I wish

that a couple of his feedings early in

his life would have been bottle feedings

because it was just it was really rough

introducing into the bottle so I would

say if you were a busy person or if

you're a mom who's planning to go back

to work I would say somewhere between

like the two and three week March to

start introducing your baby to a bottle

or if your baby seems to be a really

good nursery right from the jump like

maybe introduce it even earlier than

that so it's ultimately up to you when

you introduce your baby to a bottle but

there are a few factors to consider so

one of the most common reasons for

parents to introduce a bottle to their

baby is if

mom or if the primary parent is going to

be going back to where so you're going

to need your baby to take a bottle or be

fed by someone else for us that was

breast milk in his bottle but some

people transition a baby to formula for

those of you who are working moms and

who will need to have your baby a

transition to a bottle before you go

back to work or being able to go back

and forth to a bottle I highly recommend

doing it as early as possible if you're

having struggles with nursing maybe wait

a little bit longer but if your baby is

like a really really great nurse er

earlier the better honestly that way

it's never like a weird thing that you

have to introduce to your baby and

there's lots and lots of bottles out

there that are breastfeeding friendly so

there's less chance of getting nipple

confusion and I'm actually planning to

do a video like review of some of those

bottles so hang tight or hit that

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that and then another tip this is kind

of a side note for working moms try to

spend I don't know a couple hours at a

time away from your baby and I know this

can be super hard especially when

they're really little but you want them

to get used to being in the care of

someone else so we would do like a

couple of little playdates with the

person who was going to care for

Harrison and like Brian would

occasionally take Karason while I like

have shower and maybe did a couple of

other things but it's important that

your baby knows that other people will

be taking care of them other than just

mom so if you are going back to work you

want to make that transition as smooth

as possible so a question that I get all

the time when I say that to moms when I

say introduce the bottle a little bit on

the earlier side is why not wait to

introduce the bottle until you know you

absolutely have to go back to work why

not just let baby and mom have that

bonding time

so in my experience like breastfed

babies generally prefer mom like think

about it if you were a little baby like

you would want to be close to the smell

that you recognize that's good to skin

and somebody like stroking your hair

while you're having your snack of course

a little baby is going to prefer to be

breastfed so the earlier that you can

introduce that bottle the easier the

transition will be and baby will see

that they will still get all the

snuggles from mom but they will also

still sometimes have to eat from this

little bottle thing

if your toe is having a difficult time

taking a bottle at first just know that

eventually your baby will take a bottle

and it might be kind of rough if they

don't like the bottle or if they're a

kid like Harrison that only wants to

breastfeed it took our daycare gal say

like a week or two weeks to really get

Harrison good on a bottle but eventually

when I wasn't around when he couldn't

you know see that hey I want to go eat

with her instead when he could see that

his only option really was the bottle he

took it just fine so it might be kind of

a struggle your baby might get a little

bit upset and that's really sad and hard

but just know that eventually your baby

will take a bottle if one brand of

bottles not working keep trying we tried

how many different bottles and honestly

the only one that really works for us is

the comb Otomo different bottles will

work for different babies I will go

ahead and link to Como Telmo down below

so if you are a breastfeeding mom and

you want your baby to be able to take a

bottle I know that one is recommended

for breastfeeding babies I'll go ahead

and link it down below and a couple

maybe I'll link a couple of other ones

down below as well just so you guys can

have some options from this video but if

you are a breastfeeding and bottle

feeding mom or if you started out

breastfeeding in the new transition to

bottle feeding and pumping or bottle

feeding exclusively with formula however

you did it

feel free to leave any tips that you

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