How to Use a Birthing Ball: Naturally Induce Labor

hey mama's it's Hayley from let's mama

and today I'm going to be showing you

guys four exercises I do with my

birthing ball to help encourage labor to

come I don't really like to use the term

induction just because that's something

that we really only truly can do with

medical tools but encouraging labor is

something that's birthing ball is gonna

be excellent for it's gonna encourage

baby to descend and just really help to

like loose in our public region loosen

those ligaments allow baby to descend

and allow pressure on the cervix and

that will encourage our labor to start

naturally which is what we all want so

especially use this as you're

approaching closer and closer to 40

weeks so this is something that I do

every day

most the time I'm using my exercise

though actually when I'm doing fills or

eating dinner at the dining room table

instead of kind of lounging on the couch

on the dining room chair and kind of

leaning back which is gonna close about

that pelvic region I try to say it with

my good posture and on top of my sit

bones which is going to really allow

that baby to kind of come down and have

room and so using this for kind of like

your everyday stuff is gonna be really

helpful so without further ado let's get

started I'll show you my top four

exercises for inducing labor with a

birthing ball so the first thing that

that i'ii do is just the basic ball

bounce it's basically just a little mini

squat that's supported with the ball

obviously and really is just going to

use gravity and then having space down

there with your kind of writer position

of your legs so baby can move down

you know if you don't already have a

birthing ball or an exercise ball I'll

drop a link below in the description

this is just a basic exercise our

birthing ball from Amazon but it does

the job amazing and honestly this just

feels good to it put takes kind of

pressure off of my hips and lower back

which is what we all want later in

pregnancy especially so I really highly

recommend anyone if you don't have one

okay so then the second exercise are

just basic ball circles so we're just

gonna roll our hips come them around and

make a big circle and we ran into this

both ways I'd even heard that you really

can't do any of these too much they're

completely natural and harmless too or

yeah harmless to mom and baby so really

do them as much as you want or not just

feels good to you but I've heard that

you can do up to like 30 minutes one way

and then switch so maybe pop in your

favorite movie and do your ball circles

with your exercise ball especially if

you're past 40 weeks and then the other



okay and the third exercise is just a

forward pelvic tilt so we're gonna make

sure we're sitting with good posture

like we should be the whole time on top

of our sit bones and really having that

open pelvis and then we're just going to

tilt forward and this is just a forward

cultic tilt and that way no matter kind

of what bit position babies in maybe we

can have room and we can help them kind

of wiggle down into the best place


okay so then the last exercise is lunge

I like to call it a lunge but it's just

moving from side to side so I just kind

of step out with one foot and kind of

lunge to one side being supported by the

ball and back the other way and you can

go back and forth like this kind of do

whatever feels good to you honestly

or we can hold it too you can even do

some bounces here as well



okay so that's pretty much it those are

my four exercises that I've been doing

to help my labour to come on time so

hopefully this will be helpful for you

guys please share with other pregnant

mamas your mama friends that are

expecting babies and I hope this really

works for you and your baby to encourage

them to come down and let you go into

labor read around your due date which is

what we all want in the end so if you

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the next video when we do our birth in

labor video of our baby girls so hope to

see you in the next video and I will

talk to y'all soon