The 3 Golden Hours - Immediately After Birth are Critical for the Breastfeeding Mother and her Baby.

the forceful techniques the time

constraints the system doesn't like to

accept the idea that what they're doing

may not be in the best interests of

mothers and babies my name is dr. Robin

and I'd like to talk with you about the

three golden hours but first I'd like to

share a little bit about me I'm a proud

midwife with 45 years experience

including the role of midwife in charge

of a public hospital labor ward by pure

chance I was invited to my first home

birth which taught me a whole new

dimension of trusting women giving birth

this was the most beautiful experience

inspiring me to be beside women who

chose to birth at home it was when I

started my own midwifery and

breastfeeding practice that I became

very aware of complications experienced

by women discharged from hospitals that

I was not observing with women who gave

birth at home it raised the question for

me why was this happening this became

the basis of my PhD research tested by

Australia's largest maternity hospital

the martyr mothers if I could sum up all

of my research it's this it all comes

back to the first breastfeed and that's

why I refer to this as the three golden

hours your healthy baby needs to feed

leisurely for about two to three hours

after birth for the rest of this video I

will share how you can create the three

golden hour

for you and your baby I will also talk

about some of the complications that can

make breastfeeding difficult during this

time I've had all three babies have been

c-sections I've had problems with my

feeding with my previous two babies this

is my third baby and I can't believe the

difference having had this information

that's made for for us and it's been

wonderful I'm very grateful to have come

across it really I had left the hospital

my nipples were extremely sore scab and

generally I was just in a lot of pain

and I'm really happy to see that we have

resolved all issues with the latch

my baby is now eight weeks old and his

thriving so thanks to Robyn and her team

by the time I got him to latch it's when

I started to get heaps of bone pain and

and nipple damage and it was constant I

guess for me it was really great timing

when I stumbled across the Thompson

method I just couldn't believe how

different it was to what I've been shown

in the hospital my research clearly

demonstrates that the first breast feed

is critical for both mother and baby in

relation to breast feeding complications

I call this time the three golden hours

anything that intervenes interrupts or

delays those golden hours increases the

risk of painful nipple trauma which

damages the physical and emotional

well-being of the mother and her baby

these images demonstrate the

consequences of interruption or delay

and forceful techniques occurring during

the three golden hours many women just

don't understand the physical trauma

that can occur

imagine feeding your baby or expressing

why you've got this type of trauma it's

understandable why this is the most

common reason women discontinue

breastfeed I believe this is a

phenomenon that we can improve together

the challenge for many women is having

to conform to the system for example in

my research the commonly taught forceful

cross cradle technique is ineffective

outdated and closely associated with

painful nipple trauma prior to having

this baby I kind of thought I knew it

all and G could be in baby number six I

breastfed successfully five of the

children it all was downhill from the

very beginning not long after I give him

this little today nor that the first

breastfeed like I said even baby number

six the first three hours were important

I didn't even know that and it hangs

right now I can understand why that is

because within the first three hours of

me giving birth I had I was told Oh

shower dressed looking back now in

hindsight I was only in hospital for 24

hours and even before I left you know my

nipples I was in agony which I've never

experienced before think if I had been a

first-time mom and I've had the problems

breastfeeding as I had with Jacob man I

think after that first probably five

days I would have given up for many

women complications are avoidable three

main factors undermine a woman's

opportunity to achieve the three golden

hours the first is unnecessary


and starting with the recommendation to

induce labor this can lead to a cascade

of intervention involving accelerated

labor and administering synthetic drugs

this increases the risk of caesarean

section of course it's important to

recognize that there will be valid

reasons where intervention is necessary

secondly the practice of unnecessary

routine procedures separating a mother

from her baby such as weighing checking

and injecting the healthy newborn soon

after birth are non-urgent procedures

all of these things can wait you might

be advised that the policy says we need

to do this however if your labor and

your birth were uncomplicated and your

babies Apgar score is 7 or above then

your baby belongs in your arms your aim

is to protect those three golden hours

from routine procedures and becoming a

victim of the system finally the system

is not geared to accommodate new during

the three golden hours if you are not

informed and prepared with the plans for

the hospital staff to understand your

requirements it is more likely that you

will encounter complications I'm often

asked why the Thompson method online

course was created not just for mothers

but also for my professional colleagues

the answer is that I was overwhelmed by

the amount of misinformation that taught

forceful techniques I've spent so many

years helping women overcome these

painful complications and I realized the

best way to inform women was during

pregnancy so that they could avoid these

problems my observations are that many

women gained their information from

well-meaning friends family some health

professionals but most concerning is the

questionable free information obtained

online current mainstream information

can be confusing conflicting outdated

and often continue

to recommend forceful techniques that

are associated with painful nipple

trauma the number one reason why women

give up breastfeeding before I leave

mother earth I'm on a mission to improve

global breastfeeding rates I would like

you to be informed so that you can aim

to have a natural birth and pain-free

breastfeeding experience the Thomson

method online course was designed to

help you understand the concept of the

three golden hours and to provide

information aiming to reduce unnecessary

intervention during labor avoiding

routine procedures that separate you

from your baby and to provide you with

comprehensive planning wherever you

choose to give birth including a planned

or emergency cesarean section I will

share my specific method for a gentle

approach to breastfeeding you'll learn

how your baby will instinctively make

its way to your breast and how to create

the time and the space for this to

happen you'll also discover how to avoid

the commonly taught forceful techniques

that have been closely associated with

painful nipple trauma my online course

is the most comprehensive program

available where you'll learn the Thomson

method whatever your unique

circumstances are for example large

breasts flat or inverted nipples breast

surgery and much more is covered in my


if you've already given birth and you're

experiencing pain low or high milk

volume a-crying unsettled baby if you're

concerned about tongue or lip ties this

program will also be beneficial I

understand that everyone's financial

situation is unique so I offer a double

pay it forward model because I really

want to help as many women as I can when

you enroll in my program I'll provide

free access to another woman unless

favourable circumstances I will do the

same for my professional program by

providing free access to a midwife

working in remote or regional areas

this means that while you'll be helping

yourself you'll also be helping someone

less fortunate I believe this will work

for you like it has for women all around

the world and I hope your booth and your

three golden hours are a magical


I'm dr. Robin I feel privileged to be

able to share this information with you

and please remember it's your body and

your baby happy birth in and happy