Plastic Surgery Prep SECRETS - HOW TO - Reduce Recovery Time - My Supplement Regimen

hello its Bella I'm here to talk to you

guys about how to prep for surgery I

recently had plastic surgery done which

I will talk about in my blog and

possibly do a video about for the

purposes of this video though I'm not

gonna get into what exactly I had done

but I'm gonna get into how I prepared

there are a bunch of things that you can

do to prepare and one of them is taking

supplements in your normal diet so romo

lean and arnica are two supplements that

I highly recommend my doctor didn't

necessarily recommend me taking them but

just from all the research that I've

done it seemed like it couldn't hurt I

cleared it with him so make sure that

you clear with your doctor if you're

having surgery that this is okay the

experience that I'm gonna tell you about

is my own and I don't you know I'm not a

doctor so the recommended dosing is

definitely my personal use and that of

my personal recommendation but with that

said always run this by your doctor

because you never know according to your

specific situation what may happen or

what your outcome may be so first of all

I'll start with arnica a lot of people

know about this already but I don't

really know if they know what it does

arnica is very very helpful when it

comes to bruises or a muscle soreness

and your process of healing it is an

herbal supplement and it's not you know

so it's not a drug you don't need a

prescription for it you can go into any

health food store or go on Amazon and

buy it I have some links in my bio below

this specific brand is Highlands and

they're a homeopathic brand they have a

bunch of different items this strength

on this arnica is 30 X which is the

potency so arnica ranges from about 6 X

to 30 X 30 X is the highest potency that

I was able to get so that's what I got

it has 250 tablets I think it was about

I can't remember the price I do

apologize so I'll look that in the

bottom as well the directions dissolve

for tablets under tongue four times a


I personally did this six times a day

two weeks post two weeks

before my surgery so it was you know

every couple hours I would just put four

of these under my tongue it doesn't

matter if I ate or not I didn't get sick

from it and what it did is it kind of

built it up in my system for those two

weeks prior so by the time I went in to

have surgery I already had a good amount

of this in my system and I was ready to

go I'm also one week post-op and I've

been taking it I took it eight times a

day right before and right after my

surgery so the day before in the day

after my surgery and then I took it back

at six times a day you know I'll take

that through the rest of the two weeks

during my initial healing period and

then I'll go back down to their

recommended dose which is four tablets

four times a day for another two weeks

so I will list this list this regimen

below and again double check all this

with your doctor so that's arnica um the

next up woman is bromelain and I don't

know if this is as well known as arnica

I chose the now brand again you can get

this on Amazon or any health food store

buy you the strength of this bromelain

is 2400 GDU which is gelatin digesting

units so every 500 milligrams so

basically what that means is it's a

protein digesting enzyme um it comes

from pineapple and GDU is basically how

they measure the strength so how many

gelatin zuv or units of gelatin can this

process per gram so in a in a basic

explanation its how strong it is 24800

is pretty strong I bought this because I

trust this brand all of their products

have been excellent I'm also vegan and

they have the vegetarian vegan capsules

again this serving is one veggie capsule

per day and it's derived from pineapples

so you hear a lot of girls after surgery

and by say oh I'm just drinking a lot of

pineapple juice cuz it aids with my

swelling and then it helps you know it

actually prevents the enzymes from

forming to give you blood clots and

just a lot of a lot of positive results

from this and this is what the

ingredient is that they are getting from

the pineapple so you know I'm all about

just going straight to the source and

getting as much as possible so again

bromelain I take this twice a day for

two weeks before surgery and then also

twice a day for two weeks after surgery

and it has helped me tremendously my

swelling is insanely low I'm not in a

lot of pain at all and that's exactly

what this is supposed to do it breaks

down something called fibrin which is a

blood-clotting protein so make sure that

you don't take this if you have blood

thinners already like a prescription for

blood thinners definitely check with

your doctor before you take that this it

is very effective again you don't need a

prescription for it and it's just it's

just an awesome product so bromelain and

arnica I will I will link my schedule of

dosing below so you guys have something

to refer to again make sure you check

with your doctor this is bell Anonymous

I hope this video was very informative

and for you ladies and gentlemen getting

surgeries upcoming I hope this helps if

you have any tips or critiques on this

video or any other tidbits about

bromelain or arnica please comment below

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signing off