Brushing Your Cat's Teeth Part 3 - Brushing

periodontal disease is the inflammation

and destruction of the supportive

tissues that surround the teeth

periodontal disease is caused by the

harmful effects of plaque plaque forms

when bacteria grow and multiply within

the saliva that's on the surface of the

teeth and gums in the early stages of

periodontal disease these bacterias

stimulate the cats gum tissues to become

red puffy and tender this condition is

known as gingivitis fortunately a dental

hygiene procedure can fully reverse the

tissue inflammation associated with

gingivitis left untreated gingivitis can

progress to a more serious condition as

plaque thickens over time harmful

bacteria take over these bacteria

secrete toxins that destroy the bony

sockets holding the teeth in place

leading to a condition known as

periodontitis periodontitis can have

serious health consequences for your cat

as support structures become damaged the

teeth become loose and may eventually be

lost if the nerves that supply the teeth

become infected your cat may experience

tooth pain bacteria can even make their

way into nearby blood vessels spreading

infection to organs such as the liver or

kidneys unfortunately even with

veterinary intervention periodontitis is

not fully reversible the bony

destruction associated with

periodontitis is difficult to manage

requiring periodontal surgery or tooth

extraction daily brushing helps to

safeguard your cat against periodontal

disease brushing sweeps plaque off the

surface of the teeth before the

surrounding tissue becomes damaged