Dave Ramsey Rant - You NEED A Written Budget

when you do a written budget on paper on

purpose every dollar has an assignment

before the month begins and you're in

agreement with your spouse on that and

that is not a theory it is the directive

for your month you live according to the

numbers that you write down you do not

spend anything except what is written

down without coming back and adjusting

the budget when you do that you will add

a layer of communication to your

marriage that will change your marriage

in a good way when you do that you will

get the stress off of your back because

not knowing if anything is getting done

will drive you crazy if you can do

everything but three things you got all

the stress off your back but three

things you limit the stress to the

things you simply don't have the money

to get to this month if you're broken

struggling in under water a written

budget when you will lay it out and

stick to it will give you the sense that

you have gotten a raise it feels like

you got a raise because your money is so

stinking out of control when it's not in

control I know that's insightful you can

tweet that your money's not it's not in

control when it's not in control I mean

really that's the truth though it sounds

so basic but if you do not have a clear

written plan that you and your spouse

have a pinky swear and spit shake it's a

dadgum contract we're going to stick to

it you don't have that you're just

you're just hoping is all you're doing

you're not planning you're hoping if you

worked for a company and you manage

money for that company and the company

was called you incorporated and you

managed money for you incorporated like

you managed money for you now would you

fire you don't answer that

well then don't be praying and asking

God to send you financial blessings when

you're misbehaving with the little that

you do have when you're faithful with

the little things you'll be given more

to manage write it out go to every

dollar calm get your iPhone out get the

free app out it's a free online

budgeting tool in ten minutes you'll

have a budget write it out Zig Ziglar

used to say if you aim at nothing you'll

hit it every single time John Maxwell

says a budget is people telling their

money what to do instead of wondering

where it went

write it out write it down your stress

is lowered your communication and the

quality of communication with your

spouse is increased your efficiency is

up to the point that you will feel like

you got a raise you will make progress

when you do this because even if you

write it all down and you don't have

enough to do everything immediately what

do you start doing it going I got to get

some income I got a amputate some crap

out of my life so that this thing

balances because you know if your budget

doesn't balance you have to fix it

because you know you're not in Congress

you know you have to do it

I mean inherently if you graduated from

the sixth grade you can do this it's

addition and subtraction probably the

fourth grade but you have to write it

down and you have to look the beast in

the face and say Beast you're getting a

haircut Beast we're going to pull a

couple of your fangs here Beast you're

going to get under control I'm tired of

you managing me I'm going to manage you

the money beast will put its foot on

your neck and hold you down your whole

life until you stand up and say I've had

enough on paper on purpose when you do a

budget it's a whip and a chair you're

the lion tamer

you're making that money dance you're

making that money behave you're making

it do what it's supposed to do when you

do this you will find the money to hit

baby step one and quickly save $1,000

and then to start working your debt

snowball baby step two listing your


smallest to largest everything but the

house paying minimum payments on

everything but the little one and you

are attacking the little one with a

vengeance mad I've had it I work too

hard to be this broke I am sick and

tired of making a hundred and one

thousand dollars a year and getting

nowhere you have to have that thing come

up inside of you

it comes up inside of you it changes

your life and then you have to have a

clear path to run on and that starts

with the budget and the excess you

squeeze out of the budget from

increasing your income and decreasing

your outgo by cutting back on things

like not seeing the inside of a

restaurant unless you own it or you work

there and don't talk to me about going

on vacation you're broke broke people

don't go on vacation you lay out the

game plan and you get an attack mode

beans and rice rice and beans scorched

earth the formula is the deeper you

sacrifice the more money is freed up in

the faster you get out of the mess and

the faster you get into the prosperity

so that your life is changed and you're

in a position to be outrageously

generous your generosity factor

increases as soon as you get control as

soon as you get they get the beast off

of you but it's hard to be generous when

you're worried about your own electric

bill being paid it's hard to be generous

when you don't know if you've got the

money for food it's hard to be generous

in those situations a written budget

jesus said don't build a tower without

first counting the cost lets you get a

halfway up and you're unable to finish

and all who see you begin to mock you

and say this man began to build and was

unable to finish on paper on purpose or

get on every dollar calm and use the

free that I mentioned it's free online

budget tool click on the iPhone apps and

get the free iPhone app and you can tell

your money what to do you can become a

money's intimidating to me well that's

because it kicks your butt it's time for


kick its butt it's time for you to stand

up say that's it I'm not living like

this anymore I'm going to get control of

my dad blame life I'm sick of walking

around with this taste of regret in my

mouth feeling like I'm a financial fool

I'm sick of that and when you get sick

of that you can change the taste in your

mouth because you can do the math math

bothers me it's not hard math this is

not rocket surgery baby it's not hard

you can do it but you have to let me

just tell you I hear all the theories I

hear old people talk about it I've read

some of the dumb butt blogs that are

written out there about money and some

of these people living in their mother's

basement they should not be allowed to

have an opinion in public okay seriously

this stuff's stupid I've been doing this

25 years I've helped millions tens of

millions of people get out of debt and

the way you do it is a written plan

there is no exception you cannot out

earn your disorganization and stupidity

I've got 14 profit centers in our

company you think a VP walks into my

office and says you know Dave this

quarter I'm going to kind of wing it

we're not going to really do our revenue

and our expense and our profit

projections this quarter how you think

that would work in my office if you work

for a company and your job was to manage

money for that company and you walked in

and said you know I'm just kind of kind

of kind of think I know what it's doing

I'm gonna be okay you think they

wouldn't fire your little butt of course

they'd fire your little butt and you'd

be deserving of a good firing cuz you be

incompetent and you know that the good

news about being incompetent in

something as simple as a budget is you

can just decide today tada

today I'm gonna start being competent

you just decided just like that it takes

10 minutes on every dollar lay this

thing out there is no freaking excuse

for you to be walking around with regret

on the back of your tongue waking up

with a financial hangover

during all your dadgum money went it's

you gotta stop it gotta stop it we give

you all the tools to do it

free sit down do your written plan get

your spouse on board start aiming at

something intentionally that make the

sacrifices to go win you can win people

do it every day but you're gonna have to

get with it you have to turn up the gas

baby turn up the heat this is the Dave

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