Buying The Twins Their First Things!!!

I got two boxes of the newborn diapers

baby two boxes they're gonna need a lot





so my mom left this morning to go back

to Texas and we are deciding to

celebrate today will not celebrate but

we we're not celebrating or leaving

we're just celebrating because I was a

little sad when she left and we are 23

weeks today and have fought literally

one thing for the twins and I was a baby

monitor and that didn't really count as

I would say for the twins because we

were using it for her use well we

haven't gotten it yet we're supposed to

get something today but we have not

literally bought like anything for the

twins yet so we are at byebye baby this

morning here it is we're bye-bye maybe

because they have literally everything

to buy we need a lot of things so we're

gonna do our first twin shopping trip

and see I don't know I don't know we're

gonna get we can't get like too much

stuff because we don't know we're having

thing we don't know we have a lot of

like gear why we're here I don't know

I'm excited it feels like not that long

ago that we were here doing this for her

when I was pregnant shopping for you and

now you're a big girl and we have to get

stuff for the babies I thinking some

plain white onesies them I don't know

let's just open it a new one of these we

seriously need not this one I like the

magnet one better but we need ours is

like white now it's like white from not

looking good anymore oh that's a lion

and I thought this was a shopping

excursion I mean it kind of is right

okay these babies are gonna be spring

babies so should we get like long

sleeves or short long short you think

even for if we're in the house but the

long ones have the cuffs for their home

they start like ready to go out there

are seats to go around it's going but

newborn size I didn't know long so maybe

one of each let's get one of each I mean

we need they only come with four but

that's you need more than that oh my

gosh they make little t-shirts now look

at these

these are like a newborn t-shirts those

are so cute

okay we'll just get like these ones

regular and long sleeve these were the

sleep socks we used with Emma that we

really liked so I'll just get two white


since they're gender-neutral she loved

these ones get to those okay we're on a

good start we're on a good start what

else do we need I forget everything that

babies need because we can't get closed

so let's get out of this area

I literally forget everything that we

need we're thinking we're gonna have to

supplement early on with these babies

which we didn't do with a mother but so

I think we're just gonna get one pack of

bottles these the ones that am I used

she stopped using these just like a

couple months ago and we still have a

couple of them but they're kind of like

she was like biting on the nipple and

stuff so dessert she's having a great

time yeah what's that okay so that's

bottles swaddle bottles swaddled and

onesies seriously don't remember oh

bottle bro we have one of those we have

a kid we should get some soap thank you

we do need some bottle so if you want to

pick one can you go give it to Daddy I

mean you go give it to Daddy no we just

want to take them all off of the shelf

okay let's not put them in the middle of

the aisle I like this one mango melon

okay all right let's go let's go look at

some more stuff what do you think what

does the babies need Oh does the babies

need a bath toy awesome baby towels

these are always a good thing to have

washcloths because they they don't last

very long honestly through menus

look at some of those and then we have

the ubi oh it's 20 personnel wait try to

figure out which one do we need diaper

sacks or diaper bags what's the

difference I think I think these are

smaller yeah these are the my trust your


okay Justin we have a bathtub so we have

this one right this is okay so you think

I'll probably get away with using one's

even cooler this one has like built-in

little towels to cover them up when

they're in the tub

Oh we're deaf she's looking at so many

like different kinds but honestly I feel

like that one will be fine we'll just

put it in the kitchen sink probably and

do one baby a time we don't need to get

to bathtub we'll just do one we're not

yeah at least I at least not when

they're like newborns maybe when they're

a little bit older we want to do it all

at the same time did you see a kitty

what is the kitty where's the kid right

here that dry kitty yeah

now good girl you like that we want that

don't you huh okay we have to keep

looking for the babies okay yeah maybe

sure you don't want to get the jacuzzi

this is so good well actually it's got a

thermometer it's like that look good

they'll send your cute leg do you fill

it in like for me I don't really know

how that works I don't think it's a

Jacuzzi honey my father saw this just so

it's just soap but good but good effort

okay we don't need bathtubs we don't

need any think anything here we don't

need bath toys for a long time Emma Emma

let's go this way honey

no I think what we have will be fine hey

come here we're gonna go this way okay

we're gonna go yeah let's is that a baby

baby good girl

all right here's something we're for

sure gonna need because these are the

ones that Emma's always used the Pampers

Swaddlers or the aqua-pure we like those

lines too but these are better so I

think we'll start with just maybe two

boxes of newborn diapers Emma was in

these long but don't be earlier cuz she

was I'm grab them so I think she'll be

in them a little bit longer I got two

boxes of the newborn diapers baby two

boxes we're gonna need a lot a whole lot

more I have to convince I better leave

the balloon area because she wants my

sofa to come with us

and then these have always been our

favorite wipes

Emma's use them since she's born neither

the water wipes ones I don't know why

they're just our favorite so I think two

boxes and a box of wipes is a good start

because we're gonna have to get a lot

more obviously but will stock up slowly

I think is probably the better option

I'm just checking to see if we need

anything but I think these are good

there are times when it's hard with not

knowing like the genders because we

don't want to get everything in like

white or gray and stuff so that part is

kind of like hard but we've got a lot of

good stuff in here

he's shown everything we got there's one

thing I want to get I want to see if

they have it here I don't know if they

sell it here I've only seen it online

but we bought our hatch sound machine oh

you know what we're gonna need another

sound machine for their room they need

another one so we'll get another one of

those but they also make a changing pad

that weighs the baby I wanted it when we

had Emma but it was just like we didn't

think she was so big - like she was so

big so we're thinking we want it for the

twins oh because they might be kind of

small we want to keep an eye on their

weight and it's just a really cool

they're a really good company so I

wanted to see if they had that here but

we do need another sound machine because

we love our sound machine I want to just

get this I want to get the same one I


about you he can't hear me I want to get

the same one because Emma's is really

it's just really good I love that you

can like change the colors change the

sounds we always use the clothes dryer

noise on ours what did she say we we had

to get her a snack because she was

starting to get antsy oh yeah let's go

look in that one section by the front I

bet that's where yeah that's gonna say I

bet that's where it'll be there's like a

techy section did you find a chair

yours was even better than that yours is

bigger Oh yours is bigger you have Elsa

on your chair okay come on let's go look

at the sound machines come on that face

she's like oh what's up mom nothing fits

anymore so you gotta get something

feeling every shirt I have is starting

to right up and show my belly and I just

don't like it

this one's just like a plain I mean I

like that oh nice that's pretty cool I

have a nose with Emma for the airplane

Duma food pouches yeah

I don't really like Maternity so I like

like but they're trying they're trying

man they really do try like honestly

like something like that yeah

all that one's over nursing nursing

student and immersing I'm not gonna lie

thank you it's gonna be intense it's

gonna be intense I was so late and

that's so stressed out when I would

nurse my sometimes and so nursing two

scares me yeah I know that they'll help

I mean I can try but I don't know how

well it's gonna work out but it's worth

a shot

they had a lactation specialist come to

our door with her this is the one that I

was talking about so this is the hatch

baby rest this one we've been using we

tried a different one like a skip pop

brand one when she was born and it was

not loud enough or anything so this is

the one we're gonna get for the twins

but I don't see the little changing pad

that I wanted to get which is by the

same company so we might have to order

that one online I thought it would be

over here and I don't see it maybe maybe

we can ask they might have it here do

the things intense but it's I mean I

just heard it's heavy oh it's good for

the twins like wait to it like to watch

Harry make sure I agree I wanted wipe

the grease

grace fine we're gonna get great babe

it's fine all right you ain't go there

you go I think it's time to go I think

we got almost everything I think it's a

good start like we still need a lot of

stuff for sure but this is where we have

to order stuff online yeah they don't



okay so justin is going to take a nap he

doesn't really feel very good he said

he's got a really bad headache I don't

know what's going on poor guy um he's

just been hurting like all day so he

wanted to take a nap while and my naps

cuz that's the perfect time I wanted to

show you guys kind of so this is gonna

be the twins room right now this is our

guest room slash Justin's office type of

space and this is where the twins are

gonna be but we don't think we're gonna

set the nursery up before they're born

because we just don't need to because

they're gonna sleep in our room with us

I think Emma's left in our room until

five months and we're probably going to

plan on do the same thing with the twins

especially because we're gonna both be

helping feed them and it'll just be a

lot easier but I wanted to start

thinking about how we're gonna set it up

so here's what I'm thinking

first things first we are gonna repaint

the walls they're just a little too dark

for us and then we're probably gonna

replace this carpet because we also

replaced Emma's and I'm thinking the

twins cribs will go on this wall so

they'll be like side-by-side or we could

have them face out like this

it'll be more room if they're

side-by-side but we could have them face

out with their names above their cribs

and then figure out what to do over here

we're going to move the rocker from

Emma's room into here because they'll be

nursing and get a big rug kind of thing

I'm not really sure how exactly it's

gonna be able to be laid up but I wanted

to give you guys kind of like an

understanding of what it's gonna be

we're gonna leave these up by like I'm

wearing my new maternity shirt which

it's really cute actually I like how it

kind of like ties in at the bottom and

my hair is still a little bit pink but

mostly has faded anyways got distracted

so yeah I think he knots how the layout

is going to be I'm not sure what color

we're gonna do or anything yet I think

it'll honestly

depend on what the babies are if they're

cross we might do like a pretty light

pink and if they're one of each we might

do a grey and if they're boys we might

do like a grey or blue I'm not really

sure we haven't just

like paint colors yet because we're

probably gonna set it up link said on

there a couple months old

we're gonna keep Emma's crib put it in

here get another one of Emma's crib

because we want them to match and that's

what's gonna go up here and then if

you're wondering what's gonna happen to

the office such a guest room we're not

100% sure yet I'm sorry the guest bed is

probably going to storage for a while

which is fine because our couch converts

to a queen bed

the loves a couch so if we have people

stay over we could always have them do

that temporarily and the office will be

kind of moving into our bedroom so under

like um the out there's like an outlet

on the wall in there and show you but

Justin's napping we're thinking of

putting this desk with both of our stuff

there to kind of make it look pretty and

make that like the office space in our

room because we need an office space

we just we can't not have an office

space we have to have an office space so

we'll probably put that in our room this

will be the twins room and we're not

just not gonna have a guest bedroom

temporarily until our casita is built

which I don't know when that's gonna

honestly happen but we don't really have

a ton of people stay with us all the

time and like I said this is gonna stay

here until the twins are like five

months old which is not for like I'm

like until the end of this year towards

the end of this year so we'll still have

this room for like five months after

they're born so so September or October

this will still be a guest slash office

room but we just we don't feel the need

to to convert it yet when they're not

going to be sleeping in here and be

doing it just to do it but this is gonna

become like a temporary storage space

for all the stuff we buy so like the

stuff we bought today at the store we're

going to keep it all in here we'll

probably put up like um I'm not sure

like good like a little storage bin type

of area for all of the baby stuff that's

about that because I love this room and

I want to get it done like Emma's

nursery had done pretty quickly I think

probably by 30 something weeks but it's

just overwhelming

to even think about right now and I'm

not still using her crib so we're not

gonna kick her out of her crib early

just to put it in here and sit and then

put her in toddler bed before she's

ready it just doesn't make sense

but by the time the babies are five

months old Emma will be 2 and she'll be

old enough to hopefully go into a

toddler bed or we might even put her in

just like a twin I'm not really sure we

got um but that that's like for that so

we will order the other crib so we have

two of them for when the time does come

but the bassinet is where they're gonna

be and by the way let me know your eyes

as opinion is I feel like I'm rambling

but let me know what your opinion is on

das Annette so we have the halo bassinet

from when Emma was born and we loved it

they make one for twins but I can't

decide if we should get the twin

bassinet I saw it like on sale for like

from like the local people for like a

pretty decent price or just get another

halo bass bassinet and have one on each

side so either we have a basket on

either side of the bed for Dustin and me

or we just have them both on one side a

bed in the same bassinet but it's got a

good divider down the middle for twins I

don't know what's like the better option

because I don't want to put them both in

one bassinet because there's just not

enough room so let me know what you guys

think and that's gonna be it for today's

video honestly we just had we have a lot

more going on this evening work wise

that I have to get done so I wanted to

get this up today for you guys it's

actually Sunday and this videos going up

on Sunday but let me know your thoughts

down below and your must-haves for twins

babies um we have a lot of stuff we just

have to get double so let me know your

must-haves for twins specifically and

then any other things that you think we

may not have had with Emma if you

watched our videos you know we had a lot

so I'm not too worried about that but

anyways that's it I'm out of breath F we

will talk to guys going to see you come

back II