How to Check JAMB Result (JAMB 2019 Result Out!!)

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welcome ok so finally the jump 20:19

results is out okay that's me release by

jump about I think 30 minutes ago the

result has been released and some

students have been receiving their

results or if you haven't received yours

I'm also going to tell you how you can

check your results okay because it's a

different method now that jumpers

introduced for you to check your results

okay and please please please guys I

want you to commence your results okay

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scored okay let me know how this is the

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on to the part where I will show you how

you can check your results if you've not

received it on your mobile

okay so how do you check your result

alright so John has changed the method

early on you have to go to the site you

know - - you click a button then you

send in your you type in your

restriction number and just click

results and submit and it with your

results will appear all right now do -

they want to reduce some frauds in the

system and also it would be from your

mobile phone and the phone the no mobile

number you're to use is the number and

nobody number you use in your

registration all right there's no way

that when you bought the jump form you

used a mobile phone number so it is that

same mobile phone number you use that's

what you use to check your jam results

so all you need to do is just send

results in capital letter okay as an SMS

through five five zero one nine okay and

it says using the same number that was

used for your registration okay so if

it's your parents phone number please go

to your parents phone and send an SMS

results through what five five zero one

nine I think there's a charge of 59 okay

so and I definitely an SMS will be sent

back to your phone carrying your UTM II

through 2019 results I also try to do

this on my phone okay but I know I

didn't register for Jam so I said okay

let me try and do it on my phone and see

what did you give me okay so and I sent

results to my using my phone number it

says to cost 15 and it gave me a return

reply that this gsm number was not

useful was registration okay

so that particular gsm number that phone

mobile phone number you use for your

registration please go on that phone and

type what results okay and SMS sent an

SMS result is going to charge you 15 air

and your results would appear okay so

that's how you can check your jam result

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