BENEFIT ADVENT CALENDAR 2020 / *Is This Really Disappointing?*

oh bloody how it jumped out at me

oh this is a very

very good product and again i can't get

out the bloody door

okay this

may be overkill


advent addicts i'm in a bit of shock for

the last two years

benefit have not done and haven't

calendar and as a fellow advent addict

this has been a huge problem it has

surprised me that they haven't had

another calendar for the last

two years but rest assured they have

a 2020 alpha calendar i'm

super excited to see that it's back


it is a 12-day advent calendar and it

looks really

small now first bit of feedback i

definitely want to see a bigger and


avid calendar from them i think if they

did like a really

big and exciting one then um

it would do so well now the design is

super interesting i have never seen

anything like it before

so you kind of roll it out like a scroll

and voila here's the advent calendar so

this one is going to set you back

58 pounds 50. now if you order from the


website and pop in the code mascara at

checkouts you can get a free mascara

before we actually get unboxing

i want to see how much each door is


each door is worth around four pounds

eighty-eight i just want you guys to

bear that in mind

now before i get unboxing this advent

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i guess we should get on to door number


first up we have an absolute classic

my goodness it's so hard to get the

doors out

so hula is a matte bronzer powder and

it's a

hero product from benefits the color

is absolutely gorgeous it's like a

golden brown bronzer color what i really

like about this product in particular is

that you can contour with it

or you can pop it on the face so it

looks like you

have a bit of a tan and believe it or

not the sample size the smaller sizes

actually lasts a very long time if

you've ever owned a full-size

hula matte bronzer you know how long it

lasts you

bloody years well minded anyway day

number two

we have a mascara it really would not be

a benefit advent calendar without


so here we have they're real and this is


lengthening mascara by benefits so this

is in the shade

jet black and the wand

yes that looks very very

lengthening indeed my favorite

mascara from benefit to be fair is bad


i love bad girl it's just oh i mean

when you've tried bad girl you just know

you know how good it is

i am however very much looking forward

to using this the one does look very

similar to bad girl to be fair

day number three oh

this is a very very good product as you

guys know

i love getting brow products in the

advent calendars and here

we have just that so here we have

precisely my

brow pencil it looks like an ink thingy

majiggy you know

the pen and the ink so this is in the


color number three now the color it's a

really good

medium ashy brown now if you're worried

about the color

if you have dark brows press darker if

you have lighter brows

press lighter i actually very much

prefer these twisty

up brow pencils i find that precision is

amazing you can really

um sculpt the brow you can either do

like a brushed up look you just kind of

pencil it in nicely or you could do more

of a bold look these are

fabulous door number four i think this

is gonna be highlighter

it's a blusher i was wrong i have


never tried um a blusher from bennett


but here we have dandelion blusher by


so this is a baby pink color let's have

a little look

now the the pigment in it definitely

looks like it's got a

slight bit of shimmer to it this is a

really really

pretty color to be honest if you i don't

think it will give you like a really

intense rosy look on the cheek but just


subtle kiss door number five oh

this is perfect for brushed up brows

oh yes talk to me benefit

oh bloody how it jumped out at me right

here we do have the 24-hour brow

setter i don't know if you guys have

noticed but i have been

obsessed with a brushed up brow

mmm bloody love it so this is something

that i'm

definitely going to get good use out of

now the head it looks like a crushed


or crushed wood lice wood light or

woodlouse this is interesting

it looks more of a comb whereas i'm used

to the bushy heads

but this is very interesting i feel like

you can really get a good

brushed up look using this wand

door number six we are halfway through

poor professional is in here so this

is a hydrating primer so

if you get dry skin in the wintery

months like me

this is gonna be your best friend this

is fabulous to wear underneath makeup or

on its own and what it does it actually

reduces the size of larger pores so that

your makeup can sit

flawless on your skin i'm just going to

check to see if this has any tint to it

it does ever so

slightly now this primer is actually

really thick however hmm

it has settled nicely on the back of my

hand but

it does feel slightly oily ever so


you can definitely tell it's got

hydration in there door number seven

we have another eyelash curler

eyelash curler another mascara so

hard to get these products out of the

doors you can tell

that they're slightly behind in their

packaging with the advent calendars i

haven't come across one alpha calendar


that still uses plastic so they have

some catching up to do oh my god it

really won't come out

come on it's like giving birth

to a mascara

there we go so this is roller lash now


is a curling mascara now how does this

differ from the other

okay so the difference the wand is


curved i don't think it's overkill


we've had two small size mascaras and i

don't know about you but i use mascara


single day it is a black mascara and the


is really nice i like the rose gold door

number eight

we have more things for the pores so

instead of a poor hydrator here we got

a poor primer again this is a product

which will help the

appearance of larger pores um do you

think we needed two primers

i don't think we did door number nine


this may be overkill nevertheless we

have my favorite favorite

favorite mascara of all time which is

bad girl

and again i can't get out the bloody

door like me on a saturday night i'm

always late

oh my god top tip you're gonna have to

open the flap and then

push it forward to be fair i really do

love this mascara it's my favorite

however i'm gonna say it three is

overkill i definitely would have

preferred maybe one

or two mascaras in this advert calendar

they definitely should have put

some other treats in there does anyone

else agree comment below

so just to mention that this mascara

makes your eyelashes look

you've had a perm it's amazing so the


on this one is very similar to the first

mascara one that we've seen however it's


incredible your eyelashes will look like

spider legs they'll just

they'll just ping at you i don't know

whether comparing your eyelashes to

spider legs is actually a good thing

you know what i mean they look lovely

and long door number 10

we have gimme brow i really do love brow

products and also

i like the fact that we've got a brow


the brow gel and now we've got the gimme

brow which is like

brow fibers you can definitely use these


at once door number 11 we're almost


what i have never tried this before but

this is a tinted primer

for your lashes so this is a mink brown

tinted lash primer and it's called the


but it's really is overkill it really is

so i guess you could probably wear this

on its own if you really wanted to

but i probably would pop on a mascara on

top well apparently this is ideal for


definition and increased fullness to


lashes door number 12 the final door

oh this is a bit of a disappointment i

was really expecting maybe a lipstick in

here but instead we have

a roller liner eyeliner so this

is a true matte liquid eyeliner but

bloody hell

the precise on this is sharp and precise

so this is perfect to maybe do like a

nice festive eye maybe a winged look

it is a good size i reckon this would

last a very long time however

i was really expecting a lip color there

we go guys so that is everything inside

the benefit advent calendar for

2020. now what did i honestly think

we definitely had eyelash mascara

overkill in this advent calendar i 100

would have loved to have seen a lipstick

a lip liner and maybe like some eye

shadow of some sort

nevertheless i really did enjoy the brow

products i really like the free products

that they had

and that i love the blusher i really

like the hula

the primer i reckon we could have got

away with only just one of them

but they just needed that extra

something in there

it's just a bit samey for 12-day advent


in my opinion i don't really think

you're saving any money on this advent

calendar i think you're kind of paying

for what you

get really um let me know in the

comments what you think about the price

as well it'll be really good to hear

your thoughts

but this advent calendar is available to

purchase so i've left the link

down in the description there are loads

more advent calendar videos coming up so

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video but as always guys make sure that

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you next time for another video