How early is too early to start decorating for Christmas?

we all have so many different traditions

and one of those traditions is often the

time when you choose to decorate so

everyone's a little bit different have

you decorated for the holidays yet Dana

not yet not purchased presents for

myself so fuzzy started doing something

when you usually decorate around you

know what I try after the 1st of

December yeah we like to go and pick out

our tree and turn on Dolly Parton and

Kenny Rogers throwback how we toss that

on and get to decorating but so far I've

just said Happy Holidays to me is

probably fully decorated for a normal

person in my situation it's probably 10%

so there's so much more you're gonna

build and build and build yep

oh yeah oh yeah I'm like a six foot tall

elf I'm done weeks ago we're fortunate

that we have a country house and a city

apartment so the country house was like

weeks ago

okay the city apartment was last week so

we're full-blown Christmas yeah okay I

did see that on Instagram over the

weekend I was a little bit jealous

because we don't have hours up yet

because we're the first weekend in

December family that's when we do it and

the outside and the inside of the whole

nine hole how about you we decorated

last night yes I fought with my husband

about whether we have a real tree or a

fake tree and I let him have it

big tree

it's too soon it's too soon celebrate

however you want guys