Power Project: SARMageddon EP. 20 - SARM Post Cycle Therapy PCT

not bad for a guy that can't do needles

a disclaimer and a warning to anybody

that's about to watch this video the

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you see is gonna be done for research

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stupid what's up everybody welcome back

to power projects Armageddon my name is

Andrew Zaragoza apologies for no video

last week seeing as house Armageddon is

a side project of mine it got pushed to

the side because we just we've been

crushing work out here you know we've

been doing a lot of live streams on this

feed as well as our podcast feed so yeah

just my job got in the way did some more

important things had to get pushed to

the forefront but anyway so today I'm

actually gonna answer the almost the the

number one question other than sources

about this whole star mageddon journey I

think a lot of people that have been

watching they they joined with me and

you know they they they jumped on their

own storm journey with me and then the

very next question of course always is

okay what do I do now you know what I do

after my cycle and that's actually we're

gonna get to today first I'll tell you

guys the original plan and this was

always gonna be the plan and it was

always what I had recommended to people

when they asked even though nobody

should take my advice as you guys see in

the intro every single video but if you

were to ask what you wanted to give your

lab rat

I recommended everybody that asked to

take clomid and HCG which is what I was

going to do and I'm actually kind of

upset that we're not going that route

because we were gonna do something

totally different

hcg of course is administered through an

insulin needle you just have to you know

break the break the skin inject you're

good to go

everyone tells me it's so minimal it's

so easy

I still hate needles

so we were actually gonna do a trochee

which is a sublingual you know you throw

it throw it like a little gel kept under

your tongue and that's how I was gonna

have the HCG administered and it would

have been a first of its kind and I

believe I haven't been able to find

anybody on YouTube that had been

experimenting with HCG in that that way

and even when I talked to Tony huge

about it he had never heard of it either

so I mean if that guy's never heard of

it then it would have been gigantic

however we decided to go a different

route but if you are still in the you

know in the in the market for a post

psychotherapy that is still a solid post

psychotherapy I decided to go a

different route however because my so

HCG was gonna help my fertility if it

needed it if you guys remember my labs

showed that my fertility was intact my

LH and FSH levels were totally normal

therefore taking HCG to kind of

jumpstart all of that probably wouldn't

have been a good move I mean I guess it

would have been fine but it would have

been for no reason and why I don't want

to do clomid nobody really talks about

the side effects that you can experience

with clomid I'm not saying that

everybody will or I even I would have

however it would have jump-started my

testosterone production but I still

probably would've thought like crap for

about a month or two so I weighed out

the positives and negatives of taking

clomid and I decided that that's just

not something I wanted to pursue so like

I said I went a different route however

if you guys need a PCT that is still a

solid post cycle therapy they to follow

okay so what the hell is my post cycle

therapy my PCT doing this whole series

this mini docu-series YouTube video

whatever you want to call it has

introduced me to a lot of really cool

people and it's given me some amazing

opportunities I'm like you guys seen in

the previous video hanging out or I

should say you know talking to Mike moot

cyl I mean just really like I how

amazing is that

on top of that I mean when it comes to

crazy opportunities my post

psychotherapy is a little different than

what most people would have would

normally take but again it's because the

opportunities I've been given so to

answer what the base of my PCT will be

we actually have to hop on a plane and

fly all the way to Connecticut to hang

out with Nick and Lindsey from

confidence 360 so I know a lot of you

guys have been asking about the PCT and

everything I'm gonna do after my SARM

cycle and the original plan was gonna be

clothed and HCG but I got a really cool

opportunity to come out to Connecticut

and hang out my friends Nick and Lindsey

and we're actually gonna do a totally

different route than I had expected to

do but to figure out what that is we're

actually gonna talk to Lindsey right now

hey guys it's Lindsey Ostrow from

confidence 360 so as you know andrew had

mentioned that we were gonna go totally

different direction than clomid and HCG

for his post care so what I have here is

testosterone pellets

these are bioidentical hormone

replacements so I know a lot of people

don't really know a lot about this but

there's 80 years of research saying how

much better they are what a testosterone

pellets do is they actually mimic the

body they will actually think that your

testes are making the testosterone so

it's actually a much better way for him

hist FSH and LH aren't they didn't sink

so for him the reason we didn't choose

clomid and HCG is because those levels

didn't tank for him we can actually add

a natural supplement which is Jen Singh

to help bring up it bring up his FSH if

we need to but right now we're gonna do

testosterone pills and he's actually

gonna get a twenty two hundred

milligrams implanted into his hip and

this is going to bring up his

testosterone level immensely and it'll

over a six month period we'll just give

him a nice even release of testosterone

so you're gonna feel the effects in

about a week and week and a half

okay so what are we looking at right

here so here is your testosterone

pellets there are 200 milligrams apiece

they're compounded like I said they are

bioidentical the body can't tell the

difference there's nothing at all in

there that would make it too or your

body would think it wasn't natural so

this kit here actually holds all the

little fun stuff and again this is your

trocar this is what actually gets

twisted into the hip so that the pellets

are able to be placed so I can actually

show you the size of a pellet I'll just

pour it into the little pellet cup here

so they come in this little tube here

this is a 200 milligram pellet so now

you can see it or not but not terribly

huge but there are definitely smaller

ones by using a lot more than that so

will anesthetize you and insert the

pellets in a V pattern since you're

getting so many and I guarantee you

within a week you're gonna see huge

difference in your strength and

endurance and everything you're not

gonna be tired all the time in two weeks

you may be like holy crap why didn't I

do this before so she's gonna get 2,200

Oh get that over there milligrams and

the reason we're doing that is because

he actually has a higher level workout

level generally then I think then most

people so his calculated dose just to

get 2000 milligrams but because of the

way he works out we don't want him to

burn through that testosterone too fast

so I'm gonna give him a two-hitter

milligram extra 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

yes so there we go all of these from the

inside of Andrew and they will dissolve

over six months so as you can see here I

did kind of like a bigger bubble so that

I know

to make my incision because instead of

making marks made to do that

so can you feel that what I'm using here

is a number 11 blade so I'm gonna go

straight in

can you feel anything good watch

straight in then give him a little

incision incision is very small well go

through the other way to now some tea is

getting so many he's gonna have that li

pattern I have to kind of go and make

make a little tunnel because he gets a

larger trocar men get larger chokers and

women so I'm gonna come here and kind of

cut through the fat a little and just

make sure that my stroke car is gonna be

able to tunnel really well through there

so I'm just gonna tunnel through the fat

with my blade and then I do it this way

too so again nice smooth entry with the

trocar now you're gonna I've got a nice

little tunnel through the fat I can feel

it you're gonna die when you watch this

when you're editing it okay that's

pretty good in there this goes inside

here a little here and just twist and

sometimes left twist really hard

depending on the face and skin are you

okay mm-hmm you just feel fresher mm-hmm

okay Anna starting this whole thing goes

right in like that no do you feel

anything okay I'm just building

something but there's nothing very good

so then we pull out the actual I call it

the tower and then we'll take our


we'll see sticks on the first six under

okay am I going to make sure that the

pitcher courses in him we don't want to

pull out all the way till we start to

actually yeah little C can you hear that

but pellets burning into him and so no

more help and up and then we'll go again

with our tour and go about 15 degrees

difference from where we put the other


still pressure you're doing great

these are each 200 so I would say to

answer your question from earlier

most patients say they weren't heavy

like bodybuilder type people or just

normal with low testosterone I would say

that they would get between anywhere

between a thousand to 1,800 depending on

how low they are so it's not crazy

oh no no no mm-hmm so no you're not

getting anything that's like a megadose

I didn't think so

well I mean you kinda already did

because like I said anywhere between a

thousand and an 1,800 is it normal so

now this we're just closing it up all

you do is a little steri-strip because

it's not that big of a deal but again no

legs for two days

sorry guys but we just pull this so that

we can pull the skin taut just to help

it out on this side

and it's really under less than five

minutes procedure

we're not yakking Cyril bloody gory

procedure either very good

and then this theory strip so you can

just let them fall off unless they're

really kind of like just really wanting

to stay on there so I'm gonna do an

extra centric traveling so you're

definitely not bad for a guy that can't

do needles for some reason the thought

of injecting something into my body

seems and it terrifies me but getting

something implanted in my hip let's go

for it I didn't feel anything during the

whole procedure I mean I felt the

initial injection of the numbing juice I

don't even know what's called I felt

that and then after that I I just felt

like a scratch here there because you

know after making the incision and then

I felt the pressure of the pellets

actually going in but for the most part

it was totally fine now when I flew back

that was I mean [ __ ] we're talking like

you know eight-hour flight or something

nuts which I did in a like a 24 hour

window I flew down 11 p.m. West Coast

time got there 11 a.m. east coast time

got back on a plane at 4:00 got home at

10:00 or 11:00 so it was non-stop

so I seriously cannot think Nick and

Lindsey for all the help that you guys

gave me if anybody is in the Connecticut

area or I mean we hear all the time

people talk about super training like oh

I wish I could go train there I would do

anything to train there it's my dream

okay we'll fly us down here and come

train for anybody that still wants to

pursue everything I'm doing just get to

Connecticut and get it done there's no

budget firsts Armageddon everything came

out of pocket

so yeah I flew my ass down there and I

got the the procedure done and I'm

ecstatic for it now I know everybody's

not gonna be super super stoked about

you know me going this route because I'm

sure everybody wanted something that's a

little bit easier to go out and do


however this simply made the most sense

to me I did not want to throw one

compound at another compound and keep

kind of you know chasing you know the

side effects away I wanted to just feel

better again just to clarify things when

when I got my labs back it's not that I

was shocked that they were worse than

where I started we all knew that was

gonna happen however what was jarring is

just the fact that how much different

they became you know my cholesterol was

bad my testosterone plummeted you know

my blood was already thick and it just

got thicker so you know again I just

wanted to clarify that cuz I think

people misunderstood me when I said you

know like yeah like oh like there's a

problem with my labs like well of course

that's gonna happen however I didn't

expect them to get hit that bad and then

you know the thought of doing BHRT

pellets it's just so convenient it's

gonna it's gonna help my testosterone

levels obviously but I don't have to

inject every week or every other week

it's just gonna be a steady state of

testosterone in my body for like the

next six months on top of that my

testosterone is gonna go from 151 to I

mean somewhere close to a thousand

everybody not everybody a handful of

people you know when I started Sarma

getting better just like hey why don't

you just do testosterone like it's tried

and trued it's proven everybody knows it

works you're gonna feel better and

you're not gonna have any side-effects

and I did but I didn't even understand

what pellets were and I'm not gonna

inject however now I get to experience

this side of I not gonna say peds but I

just you know sarbs had their had their

chance and now it's time for

testosterone so to fully lay out my my

whole PO cycle therapy it's you know bio


hormone replacement therapy testosterone

pellets and that's it okay no it's not

officially it but it could be that could

you know very well be it and that's why

I loved this idea because it made the

most sense for me I know that everybody

out there they want me to do you know

more potent arms they want me to do you

know testosterone they want me to do a

trend they want me to do everything you

know people keep calling me they're

either guinea pig and which is okay but

you know I never did any of this for

views I never did any of this for like

any girls Fame or 15 seconds of fame you

know I did this because I truly wanted

to do an experiment and answer a

question that I just I couldn't find a

clear answer for and going this route

you know it's not gonna be popular I

don't really care it's is what makes the

most sense to me so I I but I am gonna

do more than just the BHRT pellets and

I'll just go ahead and list those out

right now so right off the bat I'm gonna

start taking berberine now this came

from our buddy Mike Muscle

I believe that's his company I sent my

Oh science this is gonna help with my

insulin levels if you guys remember the

previous video my insulin had jumped

some crazy amount of number I don't even

remember what it is now but that's

pretty scary especially when you are

doing laps fasted this again this along

with diet is gonna help hopefully try to

reverse that in a shorter amount of time

than if I were to just stay completely

off of everything hopefully this is the

right type of ginseng I don't really

know what to get but this is just to

simply help my fertility not help but

keep it intact if you guys remember the

lab showed that my LH and FSH markers

didn't move much at all and this is just

to help make sure it stays that way I

plan on making a baby pretty soon here

and like I said just wants to make sure

that my soldiers are marching and

everything's still good down there I

believe it's pronounced citrus bergamot

it's spelled bergamot but we'll go with

Bergamo that and some krill oil grab

all right so those two are gonna help my

cholesterol my good cholesterol tanked

bad cholesterol went through the roof my

you know HDL LDL V V LDL something like

that everything was upside down and

cholesterol could be bad cholesterol

could be a hereditary thing in my family

don't really know for sure

but these two along with a change in my

diet probably introduced a little bit

more healthy fats are gonna help get

that cholesterol back in check yes blue

ox male testosterone booster I'm still

taking it I took it throughout my whole

cycle and I know the question is like

well obviously it's not working because

you know your testosterone still dropped

my total testosterone definitely dropped

my free testosterone barely moved to me

it's my belief that that is the biggest

reason why my test my free testosterone

didn't go anywhere again it's just like

a male multivitamin I feel better when I

take it the biggest reason why I know

this is because there were times where I

was without it and I just you know I

just didn't feel like I had an extra pep

in my step

so I'm gonna continue to take it and

like I said I believe that it's the

biggest reason why my free testosterone

didn't actually drop as much as my total

testosterone did last but not least it's

actually not even truly part of the PCT

it's just something I wanted you guys to

know that I'm still gonna continue to

take mk6 77 you know again this is a

Stormlight compound it's an HGH secrete

agog I went off of it for I believe two

weeks and within those two weeks I just

I felt you know it was it was a tour to

eat again

it was tough I know I don't eat enough

bla bla bla whatever when I take it my

quality life goes through the roof food

becomes you know it's not the enemy

anymore it's kind of my homie on top of

that you know my my joints my back

everything just feels better when I take

so I'm gonna continue to take it I don't

see anything wrong with anybody taking

it that whether you have a you know a

thing against being half natty or not

whatever I think everybody can benefit

from it it's something I'll be taking to

a certain extent for the rest of my life

now I don't recommend you take it

non-stop I'll probably take breaks here

and there but yeah I just wanted to

point that out that that's probably my

favorite thing that I've discovered in

this whole experience so along with

these supplements I actually started

implementing red light therapy Mike

Musel had brought up the the juve light

and the good people at Juve sent me a

juice so low and I've been doing that

every single day twice a day again III

it doesn't make any sense to me

whatsoever but there's tons of research

behind it look up Thomas de Lauer look

up Mike Musel he was able to take his

testosterone levels from somewhere like

in the 400s all the way up to 900 this

isn't a plug this isn't a commercial for

them they did just hook me up along with

all of these supplements here like

you're not gonna get an affiliate link

you're not gonna you know I'm just

telling you guys what what I'm taking

this whole thing has been about nothing

but transparency and that's just I'm

just telling you guys what I'm taking

especially because you guys have been

asking me the most

leave asked me this question the most

about what I'm gonna be doing for my PCT

and here it is again I know nobody's

gonna be super ecstatic that it's just

some over-the-counter supplements along

with a invasive penetrating pellet

procedure and a really expensive light

but this made the most sense to me I

mean the the pellets are bioidentical

which means my body can't tell the

difference between these pellets and my

natural production of testosterone so

more natural stuff along with all this

it just like I said it makes the most


real quick thank you to everyone on

Instagram I reached out and asked like

what do you guys want to see and the

kind of like my final thoughts video a

bunch of you reached out so I'll be

answering as

many of those questions as possible I

can't promise anything but if you guys

have more questions that you want to see

in next week's video which will be

probably the last video of this series

kind of finally put a seal on the

envelope and ship this put this little

mini docu-series on its way I can't

promise that I'll be able to answer your

guys question you know there's a good

chance that I i've already you know

uploaded the episode and it's already

done with but at least you guys can

reach out and I might be able to answer

on Instagram and if you guys want to do

so hit me up I am Andrew Z of course on

Instagram and again yeah thank you to

everybody that's been watching you have

one more video which will be my final

thoughts on Psalms and the the whole

cycle I'll catch you guys later thank