hey everybody welcome to ask dr.

testosterone aren't truly feeling the

good the bad

it's just came out with a brand new

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please welcome all the way from Athens

Greece dr. George Giuliano say George

Iran sir fine just with Columbus from

the states it was an awesome we had a

blast over there yes I mean even though

this arms kind of messed up a little bit

the things the expo analytically the

audience that was at the judging but

they was crowded fully and the finals

you know are not same that was good also

even though it was held in a smaller

room or where Hilton at the basement

yeah I was a good experience you know of

course I had my similar who the

recordings and what's worthwhile there

the the experience but I have to tell

you in in terms of show organization or

maybe as a step further hmm it was

prestigious the olymbia more glamorous

you know but I real classic is different

it's more than that are no classic is a

multi thing and not just a show like the

Olympia yeah I mean they have 1000

volunteers working for them from you

know mostly local Columbus people and

they had I don't know how many athletes

ended up coming but it supposed to be

22,000 and there was supposed to be over

two hundred thousand people in

attendance I think there there was still

at least a hundred thousand people there

really yeah I mean I'm actually you know

I know it's terrible that they didn't

have the Expo but for my purposes for me

to do my job as far as the coverage 4md

it worked out it's better for me there

was no Expo it was easy to move around

it was everything consolidated in that

one room the Patel Grand Ballroom

it actually was easier for us to get

really good coverage so I'm I'm not

really upset it's it's terrible I know

for all those vendors and all the people

that wanted to go to the expo but I

think neither worked out I mean how

would you compare this year's Arnold

experience to like the last year you


well was 2016 and I have to tell you the

booths were amazing

all the VIP athletes were there you know

yeah it was of course easier to walk

around but it was kind of sad watching

those empty rooms yeah

but another perspective hopefully all

the seminars were on the educational and

of course nothing I could stop the

athletes right and well I believe it was

unfair not having these shows because

they worked so hard for this yeah

so yes everything was about the expo

right well of course the issue is a

major part of this

yeah a lot of people just go to the

Arnold for the expo they don't even care

about the contest so that's why didn't

show up because he had no reason to

thank you and also was counsel yes right

all right well we got a lot of questions

doc let's start with the best one I

think by the way the end on Monday as I

was leaving I had a picture with a

Polish guy who came setting up the

strongman oh wow

you got it didn't you get a picture of

Triple H - no no no that wasn't you that

was me or bonking legs siblings had long

hair a long time ago when she was the

spokesman on the yeah I think was 2005

yep and do you remember what I told you

it's an earthquake when the weights go

down on the state yeah

pushy 300-pound um both it well I can

remember when like they would do like

thousand pound deadlifts with tires or

something and that thing would slam on

the ground hey that was scary

yeah all right let's get into the

questions talk you got some get a lot of

people with questions for you hi hi guys

question about PCT post psychotherapy

I've been on for about five months now

and I think it's time to come off for a


what's a solid PCT program to help me

regain my testosterone production and

stop me from feeling like [ __ ] for too

long now according to the compounds that

you're using and basically the esters

you are using we have

to wait for one week to ten days in

order to get rid of the substances and

this refers mainly to to deca which is

on the cow made to annotate and

subpoenaed esters the clearance system


unlike the pills and the propionate or

acetate esters that leave the system

within few days yeah

and so after that we have to introduce

HCG in moderate doses so about Eva Thor

or thousand or 1500 units

some people use two thousand every three

hours because the half-life of this

peptide is 72 hours every any hours

every 50 I'm sorry excuse me everything

day seven in two days yeah three hours

well three days okay and this is the

first part of the part of the PCT that

stimulates the the testicles okay and

the Leydig cells yeah

now this has to take place for almost

two weeks so shooting approximately five

to six times of these injections

preferably into the subcutaneous because

it's a water-based solution the HCG so

there's no need to do the dip in the

muscular and afterwards we're going to

use this arm the terms of sorry which is

clomiphene citrate in tamoxifen straight

acha club need and no verdicts and this

is the second part that kicks the brain

because the terms lower the east James

undies to Geneva the half of them and

they kick and generates in LH of course

and then testosterone from brain and now

along with this we may use some

supplementation that help they are going

to assist to the natural production

which is zinc magnesium aspartate GMA at

night we may use some d-aspartic acid

and tribulus terrestris before the team

and some muck in the morning

and also vitamin d3 is promising for the

hormonal system of the hyper gonadal men

I also suggest to eat everyday meat and

egg yolks because we need this

cholesterol to synthesize the

cholesterol molecule the steroid

molecule of testosterone cholesterol is

also story yeah and also we need intense

seasons at the gym of 30 minutes workout

and the interim was the breaking the

break should be 30 seconds so keep

intensity high and do not over train and

do not stay up at night because

overtraining and insomnia will lower

testosterone we release in agonistic

plus I suggest to stop smoking marijuana

weed pot whatever how dare you what no

and using opiates because also pH list

to hypogonadism yeah okay so and of

course alcohol alcohol so lowers

testosterone so that's it okay next

question while I'm on 250 milligrams of

test every week 50 milligrams per Virant

every day 25 in the morning 25 at night

how much Arimidex will I need if any at

all at 250 yeah he's only doing 250

milligrams of tests and 50 milligrams of

iron a day something also personalized

but I guess if I was him because I'm

kind of sensitive I would use 1

milligram of ramdux per week ok and

gradually if you don't use I believe in

the long term estrogen will accumulate

either in in 8 weeks even though you're

not gonna have symptoms a little bit

over the aromatization will take place

and will accumulate in the end as

elevated so Daniel yeah ok he also

wanted to know well HCG be needed in and

what doses how many times should I

inject it for how long he's using 250 I

think he does it all the time

week I mean he wants to know if he

should add all these stuff to his his

basically his trt protocol so he's

asking you about running ex HCG and he

also wanted to know I'll finish his

question I've recently noticed many

people are adding MK 677 to their PCT

protocol what are the dangers and

benefits is this efficacy now I don't

understand why he's asking about PCT

because he it sounds like he's on 250

milligrams to test all the time yeah I'm

a little confused he wants to keep his

fertility on all the PI's if he if he if

he wills to stop someday the use of

testosterone because to start using the

HCG afterwards okay but if you take it

in the long term least 250 less than six

months then he may use also HCG in order

to be able to get out from testosterone

easier with PCT mmm oh no regarding the

mg 6 7 7 tumor growth hormone yeah yeah

so it's he wanted you know just to

finish the question completely because

it was a multi-part question does MK 677

work as part of the protocol dangers and

benefits and he's also concerned that it

because it produces the production of

growth hormone will he get a bubble gut

oh come on of course not in mind that

bubble that mainly is the result of

instrument mainly okay and of course of

growth hormone in cane in combination

but mainly it's about insulin that

enlarges the omental of visceral fat now

growth hormone leads to bubble death

through organ Omega Lee but for

chrissake know from oral for out

Socratic cookie gonna lead to this even

Arnold he was using massive doses of the

H because you can see his jaw he forgot

a bubble guard because he was able to

vacuum Lee Haney the same but Lee Haney

never used in something because him so

he was administrated after the 90s the

Dorian's era there was another thing

there was growth hormone when Arnold


no but I don't use it from chimpanzees

oh I mean as an older man he probably

uses it yeah Oh chimpanzee chimpanzee

because with teams we have 98% of our

DNA is equal that's true but go to jail

you know and then was afraid to spread

the cross for Yakko and get a lot of

thing right hmm okay next question boy

it's all PCT questions this week should

we use probe ion at the start of our PCT

since it has positive libido and toss

toss testosterone properties yes this is

a case that is commonly referred and

usually it's a misunderstood because

actually mr. bone provider even though

it's able to elevate free testosterone

by lowering SHBG however it slightly

suppresses elates so it's not wise to

use it alongside the PCT but there is a

bath here if you're willing to restore

your fertility and you use HCG and HMG

then you have to introduce provider

because it stimulates FSH and improve

spermatogenesis okay so if your PC is

part of your fertility program so HGH mg

yes yes yes yes then yes you may use

provider but if you're if you're only

using HCG in terms then provider is not

part of the game okay you have to use

provider within the cycle as an auxilary

you know starett but the it has no part

in the classic PCT mmm would you believe

I have never used probe ayran in my life

ever it's available in the states but

you can get anything if you have if you

know the ocean yeah I wish I could bring

you some from Greece we have it okay

well you know it's mainly to have sex

and feel good it has no muscle growing

properties no it's not the

bobak because the HD is a is down

regulated in the muscle by an enzyme so

if it had any effect on the muscle would

be anti-static so looking linear a

little bit and perhaps dryer or and as

an energy to stimulate some metal of fat

oxidation SMA I'm sorry

some fat oxidation so look literally in

general okay okay so this guy says this

question might stump dr. T which means

he he's not sure you can help him

I'm forty nine been on t RT one hundred

milligrams twice a week so I guess he

does two hundred milligrams of test a

week for eight years on January 18th my

estradiol was 28 in early February I

felt low libido so I tested my estradiol

and prolactin prolactin was normal but

Australia was 11 I decided to start a

blast after this thinking the extra

testosterone would increase my estradiol

I did two weeks of 400 milligrams each

of test sip and equipoise I did a full

lab workout two weeks later everything

was good except my estradiol was now in

the negatives total test was 1800 free

test was 5:30 I have not taken an AI

since December no HCG the only thing I

can think the cause of this is me taking

40 milligrams of so definite sildenafil


I took it every other week for a total

of three times I found one article

stating viagra will effect estradiol and

men with low body fat I'm around 12% do

you agree with this if not on any other

thoughts on what could be reducing my

strategy is to gents hmm

now it's a dial also is the result of

the elevated body fat knock guide is

lean it's promising to have lower

estrogen another reason of elevated

estrogens would be consuming alcohol

because alcohol aromatase in the liver

hmm and there are other foods that are

estrogenix like soy for instance another

auditioning like broccoli yeah


and also I guess it's part when you

count when you measure in Sturgeon so if

you have an injection from Monday then

these testosterone will spike on

Wednesday and if you measure on

Wednesday your estrogen is gonna be at

the highest regarding if you measure

them on Sunday it's gonna be on the

lowest because then testosterone false

does yes spike and then it falls so just

a matter of timing yeah but you've never

heard of any link of Viagra affecting

really hormone levels I mean he was only

it sound like he was only taking it once

every other week anyway yeah so I don't

see how much effect with that would have

okay here we go I'm ending an eight-week

and of our only cycle at 40 milligrams a


I've been running HCG throughout to

avoid suppression and 250 I use every

other day after my last dose should I

continue HCG and do two weeks of 1000 IU

every other day followed by four weeks

of clomid so okay so it's gray so he's

doing he he did eight weeks he's ending

a cycle that was only anavar he was

doing just 40 milligrams of an of our

day that was procedure and Andy's been

using 250 milligrams of HCG every other

day also in order to avoid the

suppression right so after his last dose

of anavar should he continue the HCG and

do to two weeks of a thousand I use

every other day followed by four weeks

of clomid and I guess you can do a

thousand oh I use of HCG for two weeks

and 25 milligrams so half a tablet of

clomiphene and for another two weeks so

thoroughly have a PCT over one one month

okay well the next question everything

has something to with PCT this week and

we must be everybody must be ending

cycles right now should I use DHEA while

on 250 milligrams of

dosterone what is the proper dose any

side effects can it be used also in the

PCT you can use the HCA after your

forties and you count your sdhd a-levels

but not part of the PCT because also I'm

a little bit concerned that it might

slightly even as a secondary energy from

the adrenals to suppress endogenous

production after you PC then you may

introduce it as well but let's try to

the PCT not to use providing DG because

we don't want any kind of suppression so

let the system wake up without any

effect of the presence of any kind of

antigen yeah and just wait and see how

it goes and afterwards if you are if you

are over 40 then you may use it as an

anti-aging strategy and also you may use

it along with your cycles sometimes and

when people come and the DHEA is low I

told them to use it along with providing

within the cycle okay or with providing

some kind of mono therapy and some kind

of am sorry of this dual therapy for

improving sex drive okay all right yes

next question hi dr. ki I've heard you

suggest adding a low dose of deca to HRT

protocols if the person doesn't respond

well with 19 nor compounds could

equipoise be a good replacement and at

what dose no because they could pause

does not have this and lubricating

effect as Nega has of course every

steroid the stimulate some Buster on but

deca is famously notorious for that buy

and also money that deca you can find it

from a suit called weight now I could

pose is supposed to be used with 394

cuddles and deca is a stronger an

anabolic than a Kapoor's

it has anabolic activity of 140 unlike a

coupon switched around hundred as much

as testosterone may be composed Roma

taxes lessen there's not elevated

prolactin but

Dicky's is an all-time classic plugin

Arnold also used acre even losses yes in

the lightest MD with Victor Martinez you

can see the cycles of Arnold which is

which is basically the bull primo and

testosterone and a and Decker classic

things I worked they kept it simple back

then they really did yeah everything was

pharmaceutical everything worked you

know yeah they got it directly from a

doctor back in those days the fact that

they had fewer drugs they relied more on

training which is an active parameter

you know yeah I mean they see people

don't realize those guys did at least

half of the year they were not on


plus they didn't have a supplementation

as a reg Park said we were forced to eat

all kinds of protein to get the variety

of the amino acids by so good food you

know even some people had even no

protein powders or vitamins so they were

they they had to eat different kind of

animals white it red meat fish you know

everything in order to get these

elements now if you see Dorian in his

early years mid mid 80s you couldn't

realize that you're gonna believe that

this guy would be among the thrilled

Olympians food genetics for genetics huh

I wouldn't say he had poor genetics I

know buddy look I know exactly what he

looked like

I know he was it was it comes Mary's own

with him and buried in May and very blew

him away but later of course she did the

heavy duty system everybody uses here

but you can see with hard work sometimes

you build genetics yeah well also those

early pictures where he was very very

pale and he had kind of bushy hair yes I

think he's only like 21 in those


I think he'd only been training for like

six months at that point he just started

training but uh yeah I think he had

awesome genetics overall okay next

question I don't know if this I don't

know if you can answer this because this

is probably different for everybody

how many months of cruising cruising

being on a mate

lower dose of steroids until nearly

complete testicular atrophy so I think

he just means I think he means how many

months can you stay on steroids before

your balls completely shrivel up to

raisins well I believe this takes some

years to happen hmm

and I noticed with replacement therapy

that my nuts money balls diminished in

size and also my sperm volume diminish

the size after after discontinuation of

18 months so one half year of continued

slow there's no use of testosterone I

remember back in my cycles when I was in

my late 20s when I was started competing

I had noticed some shrinkage 20% of my

testicles hmm even though you know I was

young and I had plenty of not about the

Cicerone before of course you say it's

time related and those related but to

complete shut off

I think it's years okay I mean I can't

remember I don't know how long it took

me but at some point I know what

happened okay hey guys would taking

probe ayran sublingually increase its

bioavailability or would have no effect

taking it that way I think yes because

taken sublingually accelerates

absorption and also mind that every

compound that passes through the stomach

gets to the labor but it is it's broken

down by the liver and remember there

were say people in the anabolics book

saying that only therapists and

one-third of the antibodies found the

urine and so everything is broken down

and consider that Anna bar is a 17

alkylated that is very resistance to the

liver metabolism so provider has know

this by this methylation of it's not a

methylated steroid in a hardly survive

under the limber Metabo

so I guess yes this is for an idea to

use sublingually okay so yes direct into

the bloodstream now this question is


what you covered I believe in your

Arnold education seminar a few days ago

what is your opinion on Psalms any

long-term side effects can they cause

cancer our SARM zuv strongest steroids

a recent study suggested that rad 140 a

k test alon had an index 92 1 and

testosterone has an index of 1 to 1 so

you could probably an hour abouts arms

but what can you tell us briefly since

were thats arms and also had a video in

greek today about this terms are

molecules but they are not steroidal

molecules so they don't have this kind

of structure with with a hexagonal

structure of the steroid molecules and

terms are supposed to be very honorable

again and and lower to genic and they

act selectively in certain tissues so

for instance unlike in contrast with the

anabolic stairs that affect prostate and

scalp terms they're supposed not to

because we need to be neighbors at the

hypertrophy which is prasad can

lodgement and allergenic of beta which

is hair thinning male pattern baldness

but there are several guys who came into

my work and they have consulted them in

lab work sounds to the classic symptoms

o-72 later steroids so it's it's a

meanie mia elevation of alt AST and

pharmaceutical hepatitis this Lomenzo

elevation of LDL reduction HDL and a

slight reduction also in HPA so this

resemble stairs you know and very

suspicious there are solar supplements

yet even in the states it's a new era

it's a new actually it's in you trying

to think like the proper muscle it used

to be two decades ago yeah but even

build whaling mentions that for instance

or styrene or another or other Sam's may

show some lipids existed in reduction in

natural testosterone production or some

lipids distortion so they're not as Amos

another supposed to be

as far as giving you cancer I mean

that's that's a little less of stretch I

don't I've never heard any any any links

to cancer of you it's too soon to

realize this any and I believe it needs

more years I heard of GW which is not a

lot of Sun many people believe it's a

Sun the GW was given to rats in mega

doses but imagine that rod is a hundred

grams a man is a hundred kilogram so

giving the rats a month's those will

accelerate cancer but it was a massive

dose that'll be like us taking a

thousand times the recommended dose of

Psalms basically okay in our final

question doctor which anabolic steroids

lower H s BG the best and which steroids

raise libido libido the most and why

actually also all cells are able to do

this and a question how to lower my CPT

while entities to elevate those another

though another reason another way is to

perform less frequent larger doses

injections another way also is to use

the DHT derivative which is primo

methanol on a box and rollin and

stanozolol we strobe and also the

synthetic forms of DHT which is mr. a

lump of iron and Ron standalone master

and another way also is to eat

frequently every two or three hours and

elevate your insulin that is going to

lower your shbg methyl boron also is a

supplement that also liberates your free

testosterone of course by reducing

acidity and vitamin d3 and as and DHEA

also are able to to lower 6pc okay as

far as libido you know we've always

heard the trend trend is the one steroid

that increases your libido the most do

you believe that to be true

increases so because we have the

affinity well I mean it makes you horny

trends supposed to make you horny or

than any other steroid

if it does it's because it's a very high

origin hmm so anything a lot of life

stocks wrong will do the same thing yeah

but it's

it's such of your own production you

know the more allergenic a compound is

the more aggressive will you make would

make you but it also it has a great name

but on your HP ta yeah but a trend has

to be has to be controlled I mean we

have to control we have to in order to

control prolactin we have to take care

of the estrogens also because we have

the determine FINA big issues the Safina

Bleek's the temple on acetate used for

cows in the states in the nineties and

Pilate Mir then killed the the libido

mm-hmm as with deca did you know they're

similar 19 or guys now you know

all right well doctor thank you so much

it was it was great to see you in

Columbus I wish I'd been able to hang

out with you a little bit more but man

we got some great coverage so it all

worked out

not a lot of time for socializing but

we'll see you at the Olympia assuming

everything's gonna go okay for Libya

this virus doesn't shut the world down

for like a year

well hopefully everything's gonna be

fine by then my team was it was empty


people scared of the virus I guess so

it's a paranoid because I with six

airplanes back and forth in five days

and I have to tell you there were no

more than 50 passengers wearing a mask

in all these airports at Windsor so more

is the panic and the paranoid thing

they're the making me it looks like a

tragedy whether you're gonna die

something was like the plague like the

AIDS forces in the 80s right we're the

zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead

that's my show all right doctor thank

you so much and want to tell you guys

one more time please check out the book

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world who can communicate with you guys

about these subjects that most doctors

they're just not informed or they're not

really comfortable speaking about so

thank you doctor for being such a great

resource for the men out there around

the world who need your advice and your

your knowledge so all right guys we'll

see you next week here on ask dr.

testosterone thanks for watching