one more doctor here's another long one

apparently this afternoon where this

gentleman is yes good afternoon I have a

question for the doc in regard to eczema

stain people also know it as what stain

this isn't suicide minitor right right

it'll come to me in a second starts with

a the way I understand it

eczema stain is a suicide inhibitor

meaning it deactivates the aroma taste

since I'm with this intern force the

body to produce more aroma taste enzymes

then it would usually have interesting

question but it's good good good

rationale I think but no we haven't

found that in these studies if that were

the case then you would have to increase

your dose as things went along because

your body would be compensating we

haven't seen that I haven't seen it in

clinic or in any studies would using a

remedy X to occupy the enzymes to

control or aroma taste be a better

option if the question is well let me

finish this the reason I ask is I ended

up with a small guy no lump gynecomastia

under my right nipple that is it

visually noticeable I want to continue

to cycle but I can feel sensitivity

doing even a very low dose testosterone

only cycle I'm looking to control

estrogen the best I can and usually do

so with one milligram of Arimidex every

other day or 25 milligrams of aromasin

is the Lots random most people

associated with eggs mustaine every

other day but even with that since even

with that sensitivity still there all

right so okay I have even tried one

milligram every day but it left me

feeling drained and dried out I even

noticed sensitivity not on cycle if I

drink heavily

I believe the doc mentioned alcohol can

up regulate the aromatase enzyme and

deliver that is true I am looking for

advice in the best option to control

estrogen does sensitivity mean I'm

making the current kind of worse I do

not drink heavily on cycle but can

drinking off cycle while having existing

gyno make it worse thank you sir

okay so backing up to the questions

would using Arimidex to occupy the

enzyme control room it tastes to be a

better option not necessarily and I

can't think why it would be certainly in

this case you can't really think of any

case where Nestle to be better the two

tend to work similarly and in this dough

she's saying here one milligram of a

national tends to work about the same as

25 milligrams of eggs Mustaine when I

say work I mean get to the business of

reducing the amount of estrogen floating

around the body reducing the amount of

conversion the mechanism by which it

happens whether it's a suicide inhibitor

meaning permanently deactivates the

aroma taste enzyme or only temporarily

blocks it long enough really doesn't

matter the effect is the same okay so I

wouldn't get caught up in that I would

use whatever's the cheaper of the two

for you and certainly if you notice the

difference between the two in terms of

you know some drug interaction then

obviously you make that decision but you

know other all other things have the

same either or is fine as far as the

gynecomastia goes the breast tissue

buildup that anyone might experience

because of the excess estrogen I've seen

it often enough in clinic where someone

complains about gynecomastia irritation

pain whatever sensitivity and you know

we've probably even over suppressed the

the estrogen if you've got extent kind

of camasta sometimes even just a little

bit of Ashton floating around will

irritate especially if you're you know

Rowan your jujitsu

whatever you know you've cut a daughter

the likes you know climbing on daddy to

me whatever it is that might irritate it

you know once you have the gynecomastia

there it's it's it can be irritated by

just about anything

one of things we've found empower

pharmacy and no I'm not trying to just

plug a pharmacy but as far as I know

right now they're the only pharmacy that

provides it but a topical tamoxifen so

that you don't have to ingest it and

expose your body systemically as much


you can just put it topically for those

that have already suppressed their

estradiol presumably all the esters down

to a level under what you don't want to

go for whatever the reasons and yet are

still experiencing the sensitivity it's

nice nice little trick mmm certainly if

you drink yeah that could exacerbate it

whether you're on cycle or not on

testosterone replacement cycle or not if

you're dealing with something that can

convert to estrogen then yeah if you

drink while that's going on whether it's

again endogenous production testosterone

XR just production or exciters

testosterone or a anabolic steroid that

can convert yeah they're gonna you're

get hasten that conversion typically

when you drink let's see so the best

option is again whatever we address that

whatever works best for you in terms of

price as long as all other options or

all other considerations is the same the

sensitivity doesn't necessarily mean the

gynecomastia is getting worse it's just

being irritated yeah if it's not

noticeable cosmetic I think I've said

this before if it feels like a pee when

you palpate it it's probably at least a

marble you know if it's a marble when

you palpate it's probably a golf ball

once you get in there and cut it open

there's probably a lot of fat

as well as you know just a breast tissue

I do not drink heavily on cycle but

drinking but Ken drinking off cycle make

it worse absolutely again for the

reasons I explained because you're still

activating the or up regulating the

aroma taste inside I think that's that

question yeah

these are concerned by the drinking you

know I can't speak no part bass part


you drink that sometimes I don't think


I'm drinking less you