what's up guys welcome to today's

episode it is a day 157 of daily videos

it is the fourth of July and our plans

for today are to go to a pool not a pool

party yeah yeah we're going to a

friend's pool as long as it doesn't rain

today it's rained like every single day

in Chicago for the last week it seems

like but it's only been for like you

know five minutes to an hour's it's

really weird but so the plan for us is

we're gonna go to like an apartment

complex pool over on Lake Shore Drive

we're gonna hang out there in this

afternoon and yeah just hanging out

there and barbecuing eating lots of

meats and that's pretty much so for

today's video I just kind of wanted to

share where I'm at I haven't weighed in

for you guys in a long time and I feel

like that people don't understand you

know just seeing me on camera what I

actually am and you guys saw that from

some of the comments on yesterday's

video but that's okay I don't care but I

forget sometimes that you know there are

new viewers that come in and hear me

talking about steroids and don't realize

you know where I'm actually at what I

actually weigh and what I actually look

like so we're gonna we're gonna try to

keep that up to date just so we don't

you know ward away any new people that

might happen come along to one of my

videos and not know anything else about

me or where I've been and what I've done

and all of that so so yeah I waited

at two thirty four point eight this

morning I honestly haven't weighed in

for a little bit

but I figured I was in the to 32 to 40

range just depending on you know how

much I eat how much I ate today before

what a the day before if I'm bloated or

not happy with where I'm at I like where

my body's at I mean I could all I'm

always like a double-edged sword I mean

I would love to be leaner all the time

but with that comes much restriction

from calories and it takes a lot of work

with all the extra cardio that is

involved with that so like I would like

to look better however I wouldn't

because of those cons because I like

being right where I'm at because I can

get stronger at this body fat percentage

by eating more and enjoying a bigger

enjoying a bigger variety of foods so

that's kind of what's up that's where

I'm at I mean we all you know would love

to be you know super lean year-round and

not have any consequences with that but

it's just it's not it's not practical

it's not something that you know we

should strive to be all the time you

know it's just it's not it is for some

people but for the majority of us I mean

you know you it's not so this is where

I'm at this is what's up and I'm happy

to be where I'm at with my progress so

today today is a cardio day technically

I should be doing cardio today because

I've been trying to do so I've been

lifting very what's the word liberally

I've been

only working out on Mondays Wednesdays

and Fridays doing back and biceps legs

and then chest shoulders and triceps

that's been my split for the past couple

weeks just trying to recover get my I

don't know I mean rebuild the willpower

to go in and do you know everything two

times a week so yeah I mean that's

that's pretty much what's up there with

my my lifting routine and and then on

the off days in between the idea has

been to do some sort of cardio and I've

been pretty good about it

most days but yeah sometimes you just

need a rest day so I don't know we'll

see where the day takes us if it it

starts raining or whatever and we don't

end up going to the pool then I'll

probably go go to the gym and and do

some weighted carries or something like

that push the sled around a little bit

but yeah I mean otherwise you know miss

spend my time watching stranger thanks

three because that just came out today

yeah I mean I don't I'm not planning on

really eating much this morning so I

don't have any food to show you but

something that somebody did ask me that

I felt like was a very good question

with regards to hormones was why don't I

just come completely off and do a full

PCT for three months so the thing about

that the thing about coming completely

off of all your hormones even

testosterone doing a PCT cycle which is

post cycle therapy which you're supposed

to do that to bring your natural

testosterone levels back

why would I not do that I feel like the

people that do a PCT are people that

aren't going to be ready to cycle again

for a long time like because there are

people out there that literally they'll

they'll just run like a steroid cycle to

get ready for summer you know they'll

take a cycle to get shredded for the

summer you know get lean and muscular

for the summer so you can hang on the

beach and look good and feel good about

themselves and that's totally fine you

know if that's your goal achieve it but

you know they'll do that and then

they'll come off cycle for the rest of

the year and they'll shrink back down

the thing is is after they do that

they'll eat do a PCT to get their

natural testosterone levels back which

takes about 2 to 3 months to do and

while that 2 to 3 months is going on

you're shrinking like you're losing

muscle you're about your body's dumping

off the muscle that it created until you

get back to your natural size and then

you know your natural testosterone

levels pick back up and you maintain

that much smaller version of what you

were on steroids like you I mean you're

basically your Nattie at that point and

you will basically those people

typically don't even lift or the lifts


you know for the rest of the year until

it's time to do another cycle to get

ready for summer again nothing wrong

with that it's extremely I mean it's

totally healthy I feel like that's the

way that most people probably run cycles

but the reason I don't is because I'm

trying to make gains all the time I'm

trying to grow each and every year

and those are my goals like I want I

want progress and we can do that in a

healthy way too by not doing PCT and

going on a trt or hormone replacement

therapy what do you call it cycle

between your cutting cycle and you're

bulking cycle and I explained this in

the last video of what my plan was

or is and that is to recover for July

and August and then bulking cycle from

September October November December okay

and then so then January January

February heal again on TR T and then

March April May June cut and the thing

is is you know we on the trt cycles we

kind of maintain where we're at and then

on the bulking cycles we grow a lot and

then we maintain again and then we cut

and hopefully every time that we get

back to a cutting cycle at the end of

that cycle we're better than we were the

year before that's the goal so

that's what's up that's what that's

that's why I don't do PCT I don't think

there's anything wrong with it I'm not

against it at all if that's what you're

going for if you're if you're not

looking to get to my size if you're not

looking to get to 230 pounds fairly lean

if you're not looking to get I mean I

would say if your plan is to you know is

to be 180 to 200 and be very lean that's

the way to go you know you can do that

be that wait for the summer time but

when you come off you're gonna lose that

muscle you'll probably shrink back down

to 170 pounds and then you'll soften up

a bit because your muscle will drop off

like I said there's nothing wrong with

that if that's your goal I mean that's


achieve it you know go get it but that's

not my goal so everybody has different

goals everybody has different ways of

doing things and this is the way that I

do it and it's a way that I feel it

works for me so that's what's up guys so

anyways I'm gonna end this video here

you know just a quick little chat with

you all letting you know where I'm at

what's going on and what I think about

PCT cycles so thank you so much for

stopping by thank you so much for your

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