all right doc you got some good

questions today from the public I'll get

some good question you want to go ahead

and sure okay cool so the first question

is hey doc love your videos thank you

features on cutler TV I have dabbled in

gear for quite some time

took a six-year break and my cycle has

been roughly a hundred milligrams of

testosterone supinate every other day I

simply enjoy micro dosing I had a

trouble with that one really Rams every

other days my cousine

hmm I'm about to hit week 12 and I want

to keep all my gains from the hard work

I put in I've got a remedy X coming but

I would rather just run anavar for a few

weeks I have every intention of cycling

that mutant warned with Austrian after a

noir what dosage would you recommend I

want to keep climbing or at the very

least keep my gains thanks in advance

doc so again guys ladies I got to be

careful you know I can't practice

medicine over the Internet here so

specifics I can't do because everyone's

different I can give you some

generalizations and please take them as

such so so that'll do

I've already made a comment I don't mean

to be

is saying anything that would be

pejorative that's right word but I don't

mean to denigrate anybody when I but I'm

teasing because you know a replacement

dose is roughly again I talked about

individualism but you know on average

about 200 milligrams of testosterone

Savini per week so 100 milligrams of

Siffin 8 every other days certainly much

more than a replacement dose now maybe

the implication here is that this is

your cycle what it is right so that's

what he's saying it's a cycle

interesting about that a quick comment

is there's only so much you can get out

of testosterone you know we talked about

there's only so many receptors that are

there to activate the analogy I use is

you know to add more unleaded fuel or

other that's not the right word to add

more 87 octane is not necessarily going

to give you more of what you might be

looking for more muscle gains more

stamina you know a better outlook on

life whatever it might be that you're

getting from using testosterone

replacement therapy consider using an

anabolic steroid for example if your

intention is to gain more muscle adding

more of the 87 octane would not be the

same as adding 97 octane or using the

ECM and octane exclusively right because

to write out the analogy if you're using

87 octane and you use an equal amount of

97 octane you're gonna net out it you

know the middle there right so and I

know in the earlier days my era of

bodybuilding if you will although I've

never been a bodybuilder per se but you

know 30 years ago guys we're not using a

base we call it now testosterone they

were just using whatever anabolic was

available or the ones they wanted to use

and that was it

and I would argue

what I'm arguing here because why would

you want to dilute your 897 octane was

some 87 octane right so anyway that said

a lot of guys will tell me no but still

I do better using you know 300 or 400

milligrams of testosterone Sippy one day

then I do 200 and I don't disbelieve

them there are some studies there aren't

a lot because we don't do that kind of

study but showing that 600 milligrams a

test optional sipping a can still give

you better effects and effects meaning

typically muscle gain the sense of

well-being anyway some of the others

that people are generally looking for

then the 200 again using 600 over 200 as

long as you're controlling some of the

substances that can be converted from

excess testosterone such as you know

excess estrogen in excess I have their

testosterone so and you're watching for

you know HNH doesn't go too high the

hemoglobin hematocrit don't go too high

so that said again I don't mean to pick

on anybody I'm just saying that that's

not a small dose but again it uses a

cycle one of my considerations would be

to consider using an anabolic perfectly

under the supervision of a physician who

knows what he's doing with those and

completely legally etc

you stay here I've got Arimidex I'm

curious when you're doing that much

testosterone why you haven't been using

a remedy X to date unless you're also or

you are using some other form of

estrogen modulator you know in the

meantime the implication here though is

that or I'll just run anavar for a few

weeks because the anavar doesn't confer

to estrogen I get that but again my my

point is still whenever you're using

testosterone with very few exceptions in

my practice anyway I've talked to other

physicians too it's rare that you find a

patient - even with just 200 milligrams

I see just compared to this mm-hmm

testosterone subpoenaed a week you won't

need something to modulate the estrogen

downward because at least keep it within

normal limits which is typically you

know anywhere from 35 to 39 P grams

familiar so just again a tip we probably

talked about it many times before as far

as using Abuna more in it is a peptide

alone medic or a secreted GOG however

you want to put it that is wonderful at

getting your pituitary to create more

growth from I have seen it work as well

or better than any of the other secreted

gags the equivalent a GF one in

laboratory assays of someone using say 3

to even four I use some exogenous growth

hormone the drawback to using either

bunam 1 or MK 677 they call it sometimes

is it can create a lot of hunger the

dose that is typically recommend is

about 25 milligrams you can get it in 12

and a half milligrams from certain

pharmacies compounders and you should

always take it right before bed with the

idea being that you can sleep through

any potential longer if you take I buta

more in front for those that we're

taking like the GR GTR p2 and sixes are

no longer available as of any glass may

really firm sucia the FDA said you can't

do those anymore so those are available

but I mentioned those because those also


yes it works through ghrelin and same

mechanism ghrelin activation as smoking

pot mm-hmm you know that the month cream

that much so if you take the a beautiful

bed you can typically avoid that with

some people though I mentioned the

twelve and a half a milligram dose

because they'll be hungry 24/7 with type

II in Warren so we cut back the dose a

little bit and and hopefully we still

get treatment results meaning elevated

growth hormones idea for him but I would

start with 25 milligrams Austrian I've

said it a bunch of times I'm not a big

fan yeah juice is not worth the squeeze

too many side effects for what you get

and could get with things that are legal

and obtained albeit through a

prescription but monitored by a

physician that don't have as many side

effects and again do a better job in

Austria I made comments about why I

think Austrians popular again freedom I

get it all that stuff any registered

libertarian but you know anything worth

doing is worth doing right I would have

something better than Austrian and

that's that's it right that's for the

anavar in terms of dosing that depends I

mean everyone's different I would start

with the lowest dose possible I think

it's been a while since I've looked at

the latest recommendations you know

looking at a PDR something like that

which is a sales tool anyway but typical

daily dosages for males are anywhere

from as low as 20 milligrams rare it's

usually 30 milligrams typically

prescribed in 10 milligram tablets or

capsules because the short life sorry

the half-life of Vannevar which by the

way should be we should call it ox

Angelo because in bars not made anymore

that was a little brand name I don't

know people think of that like they

think of a Kleenex you know Jenny paper

yeah when the Oakley actually did

but ten milligrams three times a day

because the half-life is roughly nine

hours but the dosages I've seen also

from like some of the universities you

know twenty-five milligrams twice a day

I've seen loss seems to me to be a lot

for for oxandrolone but they're doing

well with it and with no side effects so

I hope that helps um he won't based on

the questions right it seems to me like

he's he's hoping to use the anaphora

sort of a PCT protocol or like a branch

or something like that that's a total

waste of time that's what I think that's

when it's going in our for a few weeks

as a bridge first of all yeah its oral

and it's a good anabolic you might feel

the results similar than roughly six

weeks but again if your idea is post

psychotherapy yeah I'm trying to get

your testicles up and running again to

further suppress them with just a

different substances extending the cycle

yeah yeah so if that's we have a

question raised I appreciate that

yeah I've been better to ask your

physician to help you with something

like ECG human chorionic gonadotropin -

it acts as an analogue to luteinizing

hormone which will tell your testicles

to start producing testosterone again

yeah because he's concerned about

keeping his gains in the question so

yeah that's one yeah so so you know and

it eases the transition as well as helps

preserve the gains to get those tests

schools up and running it that's right

get those up and running and then now it

makes more sense what you're saying

because that's the reason for the

Arimidex that's right so that you also

suppress your estrogen so your pituitary

says okay low tea and low estrogen we'll

go ahead and send our own signal I would

use the HCG as I always recommend prior

to coming off of the replacement therapy

the enema looks like whatever it is so

you make sure those are calm diesel

engines made it harder to start restart

make sure they're up and running in so

that when the big asset and that

pituitary starts sending a signal the

testicles are ready to receive that and

start producing


so maybe three to six weeks before

coming off of whatever you're going to

stop start with the AC G and then

whenever you're ready to pull the AC g

continue with the estrogen modulator

whether there's a remedy X or tamoxifen

so that the pituitary gets a little

jumpstart and then gradually just get

rid of that you should be back to your

usual self

awesome yeah thanks doc