Two Bakersfield High School teens are collecting baby supplies to help pregnant teen mothers

two local girls are hoping to make a

difference in their community by giving

back to a group they see with a need 23

ABC's Alexa ray introduces us to the

Bakersfield high school seniors who are

helping teen mothers in Kern County one

diaper at a time Alexa it's a project

started by teens for teens and these two

local girls have already started

collecting items to help teen mothers in

need something that they say needs to

start right here in Kern County Kern

County has the highest birth rate in

California with approximately 41 births

per 1,000 teens

according to Kern County Public Health

and for friends tamiya Williams and IG

Rhea Manning this is a statistic they

know all too well both of the high

schoolers were born to teenaged parents

and they have seen friends become

pregnant as teens as well however last

Christmas their eyes were really open to

just how hard and expensive it can be to

raise a baby my little cousin was there

and she was just crying we we was

talking about how we want to give back

to babies like you know like just

mothers in need like you know cuz at the

time her mother was going through

something she couldn't provide for a

baby as much as she can so we just

wanted to give back to teen living so

the pair decided to start collecting

anything that a baby needs calling their

donation effort teens helping teens they

are looking to collect everything from

diapers to strollers and new or gently

used clothes and blankets and we're just

basically like giving back to teen

parents who can't afford anything or who

have a hard time providing for their


at first they were collecting donations

at Manning's house but then their school

got involved letting them put out a

donation bin and even the Bakersfield

Police Department has gotten involved

and has donation bins at their Truxton

Avenue and Buena Vista Road locations

the pair says that the best thing they

can do for those in need is help after

high school the girls plan to make it

into a nonprofit business that they can

take to other cities and states to make


on March 24th from 10:00 a.m. until noon

the girls will start handing out all of

the items they have collected at the

Bakersfield Police Department on Truxton

they say they look forward to meeting

all the team mothers they are able to

help live in central Bakersfield I'm

Alexa ray 423 ABC News