Should You Go To College Or Start A Business?

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most common questions you guys have

asked us over the past twelve months we

wanted to do something like a QA for

awhile now as always the answers might

not be exactly what you want to hear but

we'll be honest and somewhat to the

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today's question should you go to

college or start a business short and

really biased answer start a business

but only if going to college doesn't

feel right let us explain first of all

we recommend everyone to at least finish

high school because having a basic

education is crucial to being able to

understand the basics of how this world

works and although you'll never actually

use the weird info you get in school it

will help you puzzle together pieces of

what the world is like how it was built

and how it functions now moving on to

college this is a tough one because as

with many of these questions it depends

on each individual person let's try to

break this down if you have the

opportunity to go to school and it's not

going to put you in debt then go for it

and do your thing on the side as well

this is fairly common in Europe and in

other countries that value education

more than profit the state backed

institutions offer a decent and

comparable level of higher education as

those that are private plus college is

usually the best place to network and

build lifelong connections so if you can

get a decent education build a network

make friends and not go into debt then

go for it

you'll figure out how to start a company

on the side but go to university if the

business picks up enough traction while

you're there you can always drop out

then there are countries like the United

States where you really have to think

about it and if the financial risk is

worth the reward

we are not sure that today the reward is

always there of course the world needs

doctors and lawyers and so on Atlee

for the time being so if that's your

dream job go for it if you want to

become an engineer a surgeon basically

anything that requires a specialized

degree you should obviously go for it

but then there are the rest where you

kind of want to be sure that at the end

of your studies you'll find some job

security and pursue your passions that's

what we think University is a waste of

time and money no offense but your

liberal arts degree is worthless when it

comes to the value you can offer in the

marketplace if you're looking to study

anything business-related like

management Business Administration

marketing etc you're much better off

creating your own business or joining a

start-up with half the money you'd put

into University you could build a small

business and to learn firsthand the

struggles and what it takes to make it

in the business world of today at the

end of three or four years who do you

think has a better shot at securing a

job at the next uber or coinbase someone

who spent the last four years actively

trying different strategies or someone

who wrote an essay based on things they

found on Wikipedia and that's your

back-up plan because three or four years

are enough for a business to grow evolve

and adapt in order to survive and

sustain its creator

that's why paying for a business degree

today is less likely to secure that

future you dream about

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