The First Step to Learning Card Counting

hey guys this is calling from blackjack

apprenticeship and I'm back with my good

friends David and dusty and we're gonna

answer the question what is the first

step to learning card counting the

reality is the first first step is

mastering basic strategy I know that's

not as sexy as card Kang but it really

is the foundation to beating the game

we've got a video that I already put out

called the fastest way to master basic

strategy and I would say that is the

first thing but let's get to the fun


clearing card counting and really the

goal is to master this language and to

be fluent at to be very fast at counting

cards so where do you start well we've

been talking about it sit around this

table and this is this really our advice

from our years of learning and my years

of training other people the first thing

is to just be able to flip through the

cards so dusty you want to just show

them flipping through a deck of cards

and just saying the count with every

card as you go so it's something like

this 1 0 D 1 D 2 D 3 d 4 D 5 D 6 D 5d 4d

5d 6d 5 the goal with that is to just

get familiar with seeing a7 not as a 7

but as a 0 a 6 nas a 6 but as a plus 1

and go as slow as you need to go to get

through the deck and end up at 0 every

time at that point you can even take a

card out not look at it and that will

determine when you get to the end if you

have a 0 then you know that the

remaining card is a neutral card if you

have plus 1 is your rank count that

means there main card is a face card or

ace or if you have a d1 or a minus 1 as

you're at the end of the 51 cards that

means the remaining card is a small card

so the next thing is doing the same

thing but without saying it out loud and

we were playing around while they were

setting up the cameras and we're able to

shave like 10 seconds off of our count

by doing it silently so you want to do a

little experiment here David all right

so I'm gonna do a quick a little little

shuffle there

I'm gonna take one card out and David

it's gonna flip through the deck and

tell us if it's a neutral face or a

small card okay this one all right

his cow adds up the point is to be able

to count as fast and accurately as a

dealer can deal and my advice is be able

to count through the deck in 30 seconds

or less and if you start out and it

takes you a minute that's okay you just

got to keep doing this it takes practice

if you think card canning is gonna be

easy well look for an easier way to make

money and good luck with that or let us

know what it is if you want to master it

you got put the time in and really

another iteration kind of a next step

that's even faster is to not actually

flip one card at a time but you take

your deck of cards you can take a card

out if you want I won't look at it and

put it aside and then you're just gonna

scroll through the deck like this and

and I've got a plus one so this has got

to be Oh at ten so I don't know how fast

that was hopefully somewhere in the

twenty second range so a follow up

question is counting by twos so one

thing you can do is you can take two

cards at a time and count them because

sometimes look at this they cancel zero

and then D one one zero one zero but the

question is actually let me read the

question to you guys this is a youtube

comment it says it's the dudes they're

back again he's referencing David and

dusty he said oh two of them I guess

this was a video there's just David and

I said where's the dusty dude you didn't

ditch him I hope I watched this vid and

the dudes did not disappoint

nice here's this question basically if

you're updating the running count and

you get two small cards like a five five

would you add by two or would you add by

one twice what do you do dusty well I do

it my head not out loud

and quickly so if it cancels then I

don't do anything but if it's two of the

same card I definitely count in sequence

yeah one two okay yeah I do the same

thing sometimes there have been times

where I'll make a decision knowing what

I'm arriving at but for some reason it

helps me to mentally count through each

number I need to count through yeah so I

kind of made this decision early on I

got into card counting when I just

finished with a math degree and I still

decide hey I've got a math degree I'm

gonna add by ones because I know I can

do it quickly and accurately whether I'm

going to a positive count to a negative

count whether the running count is going

positive and then back to you know if

it's d1 and this comes out I can go zero

one rather than any of the confusion of

counting by twos the bottom line is it

doesn't matter how you count through one

card at a time to whatever just always

be perfect always be accurate that's my

best advice and really this is just the

first step the next goal is to be able

to deal the way the game is dealt it so

we have a free blackjack training drill

a card counting training drill on

blackjack apprenticeship it's free you

can use it to deal as the game is dealt

you don't have to worry about playing

basic strategy well you just have to

keep count and then you know you even go

to a casino stand behind the table watch

what do we call that dusty back counting

yeah and that's something we all did in

our training and then of course the next

step is adding counting to basic

strategy deviations betting all that

stuff we've got training drills for all

that stuff as part of our membership but

if you just want to see if you are

interested in learning how to do this we

just showed you four or five ways to

start learning how to count cards form

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