When Should You Start Cutting the Grass in the Spring

hey what's up Brian turf mechanic again

I'm sitting in the lawn looking at the

grass I've been cutting it for awhile

even though it's not growing a ton but I

do know that lots of people wonder when

you're supposed to start cutting the

grass in the spring man my son is right

in my face let's try that I love that

house in any event this morning it was

about 27 degrees

this morning wasn't nearly as frosty in

the grass as it has been first thing in

the morning the grass is very cold and

crinkly so I try to stay off of it until

it warms up a little bit all the frost

thaws out middle of the day today it's

supposed to be in the mid to upper 40s

so generally the grass is still not

growing very much a couple weeks ago we

had a couple days where it got up to 60

but most of the time especially for the

past six weeks it's spent its time under

forty degrees so not a lot is growing

but let me show you something

here's a section of the grass that I

haven't cut in about a week let me pan

back and you can see there's a couple

green Tufts and everything right up

along the garden bed there there's

pretty green

that's because of radiated heat from the

Sun this little spot here looks like it

was a small piece but we're a little bit

in the middle burnt

maybe some more pee there maybe the dog

was like traveling well pain that spot

didn't burn that spot did a little bit

in any event it is growing a little bit

and in you get really close you can see

that there are green grasses growing

next to dormant maybe even some dead

grasses in there but mostly it's dormant

within here

not that I could get low enough but some

of this grass is really starting to grow

but most of it isn't so I've been

cutting it and lots of people wouldn't

but the reason that I'm cutting it is

because I don't want the grass that is

growing to start growing too tall

once it starts growing too tall then I

gonna end up having to cut an awful lot

off of it and that's gonna stress the

grass that's actually waking up earlier

than the other grass so if I keep

cutting it even though most of it isn't

growing the grass that is growing will

be healthy and then slowly all of the

other grass will wake up as winter has

come to an end and spring as more and

more spring-like and the grass as a

whole will wake up to the correct height

you know when it's ready











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this time do it for reals Thanks