How to start Dahlia tubers


so after being on social media recently

we're talking with all things data as I

do so someone was on pint-sized gardener

and she's saying she tried a dated last

year at no success even by slugs and I

was only this year that uh she was

talking to people in social media she

said oh start them off and pots didn't

know you could do that what a great idea

so I have a lot of my day is actually in

pots and the various stages of sprouting

so we're put on down to garden center

and the gosh add a youtuber just to do a

wee demonstration this one is called

Moulin Rouge and you can see it's a

lovely red and white looks nice isn't

100 centimetres in height but that's

about waist height for us just about now

it is late for doing two tuberous stages

but it's not too late and you can see

this one is actually sprouting in the

bag you can see that little chute there

so as I plant this let's see if I can

orientate dot shoot just a little bit I

don't to break it but just a little bit

descended in the right direction that's

the top of the plant and that's

obviously the roots themselves so

parting it on to look for a pot I don't

feel reasonably snugly into I have a

variety of sizes here you can choose


that's probably just a little bit tight

so go for the bigger five-year pot so

compost is always the mixture topsoil

save top soil and compost and I've some

grit in there as well and of course the

odd snail just to make life interesting

of course they look dailies only and for

this for the posh the way I put the

compass in the pot you can see it there

and I hope is where it is I sort of have

a little mound in the middle this will

fit over the man's so - you don't have

to do that it's a good way of making

sure that the soil is in underneath the


so something along that sort of lines

and then just fill in around giving it a

good shake as I hope just I don't want

any air pockets in widows tuberous roots

art and the good watering then will

finish and remove the soil in alright

fully wanted

that's the thing about when you're doing

them a little bit later and it's a

pretty sprout you know that one's going

off in a certain direction but that's

okay that's okay it'll write itself and

if I want I can get a little cane and

pop a little cane out I'm not sure that

I will I see let's see at the moment I'm

just quite happy to have a puppet and

that's the way to start your day is off

rather than in the soil it's simple as

that into a nice sheltered area and I

have the greenhouse here behind me but

any sort of nice sunny patio and I think

by July maybe mid July because for this

one they'll be full of these flowers of

course if you're doing the alias and you

have a few different ones

always good


always got to make sure that you're

labeling so you can tell one from the

other one side there you go you can see

it's nicely shooting your way there and

that one there have some even taller

softer shoots so once there's four

periods of leaves four pairs of these

guys showing red that height I'll pinch

out and let it push up okay thanks for

watching talk to you soon bye