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girl talk so but so I'm doing a girl

talk but this is gonna be it's gonna be

new series on my channel a lot of people

a lot of youtubers Greta's I find girl

talks helpful because um I just find

girl talk helpful um you can learn a lot

from great songs and I watch a couple of

good talks and I learned a lot from

Greta but this specifically grad talk if

you casually look it down I'm looking at

my notes because I wrote I'm on those

down you can see some tips and stuff so

but I started the video yeah this is

gonna be my girl talk single mom in tips

on dating after birth if you guys don't

know I gave birth to a little girl last

year she's actually one years old I gave

her birthday to her

August I was at my worst point when I

was pregnant so I'm just gonna do a

little background so when I got pregnant

um heard my daughter's biological dad


in her life so it put me on a mint it

put me on their mental state like it

made me feel like oh I'm not a good


it made me feel like a bad person so I

was like you know what I cried all night

I cried was like you know what I pray to

God I was like God I need somebody who's

gonna be here for me and for my daughter

and y'all got answer my prayers because

God sent me a man for me and my daughter

so I'm gonna give you guys tips baby

girl I'm about to give you our tips on

how I start dating at the birth and I

don't know if it's gonna help you guys

but this definitely helped me because I

had to you know put my child first and I

also have this is what I did to like

make sure that this guy is right for a

song like I said if you catch me looking

down I'm looking at my notes so for tip

number one is first and foremost love

yourself before anything like okay after

birth when I was pregnant I was the

perfect size I was 137 perfect you know

wearing size 4 I was perfect like

everything about me was perfect I love

the size that I was I thought I braids I

thought that after I had my baby my

weight dropped down back to 90's size 3

back to my regular size um so I had to

get comfortable with that so I had to

have a lot of like you have to have a

lot of confidence in yourself because

your body as a woman your body changes

after birth so with that being said once

you give birth to your child your body's

gonna go back I mean somebody some women

do buddy go back go back to normal size

for example like me since I'm already a

smart girl after I had my baby my body

went back down to my regular size so

women don't do that that you did gain

weight or they lose weight and I was the

one who lost majority of my pregnancy

weight so you have to have a lot of

confidence in yourself you have to you

know yeah I was at my point to where I

thought I wasn't looking

cute Sava site I need to get my

confidence back so every day I used to

gonna move like girl you it's beautiful

you it's okay then also my boyfriend

came in around Cana in my life and he's

always tell me got you is sexy you're


that was another thing that boosts my

confidence is having somebody there

that's strong and that's gonna have your

back so that's one another tip is you

also you gotta get used to the change um

cuz like I say your body changes so you

have to pretty much be confidence in

yourself and get used to their body

change love yourself cuz baby girl you

gonna be okay

period the second thing I want to say

don't look for love let love find you um

I was pretty much like that trying to

find love trying to date guys that

really wasn't for me they just wanna

have sex I was like no I have a daughter

I didn't want my daughter to be around a

whole different lot of dudes so I pretty

much was looking for love in the wrong

places and then I was like you know what

I'm just not even gonna talk to no dudes

I'm not gonna do this and God no God

behold God sent me a man for me and he

means everything to me and I love that

he's here so like I say girl don't look

for love at the bird like you have to

focus on yourself like no matter what

you're going through if you think this

person is the right person not on the

team that person is not the right person

you have to love yourself for you and

you only like that's it so like love

yourself first boo-boo

love yourself another tip is honestly

just focus on you and your child that's

what I did I pretty whispers just focus

on me my child I was in my bag on summer

I was down on my bag after I gave birth

before I gave birth I was in my bag and

I was just you know where if I was just

like you know what if a guy don't come

into my life then it doesn't mean it

means that I need to be single so I was

just focused on me my child making sure

my child had this making sure my child

had that it get lonely like having a

baby and you're the father's not in your

life it push you like I don't wanna say

it push you and I was like I know how a

turtle going to show a picture in the

shell and that's how I was I was always

in the shell and I didn't want it to be

in the show because I always wanted the

family type a relationship and it really

really really made me like weak I used

to cry all the time because I didn't

have nobody there for me but I think God

that God sent me the man for me in the

right time because I don't know be if I

didn't have him know I don't know and

when the most important thing girls like

when you try to find love when you try

to find a guy for you don't accept every

guy around you a child because number

one you don't want everybody on your

kids like me I was scared today because

I didn't want everybody around my

daughter and just because she's a girl

like you boys are different understand

but girls I feel like you have to be

careful when it comes to girls because

you know it's somewhere people are in

this world they might try to teach her

child and the wrong places and if that

was a happy and baby boo-boo

how you be have to shoot people know

yeah um I would say like if you do if

you do have a boyfriend or you do have

somebody that you or interest interest

in to date you know whatever I would say

try to get to know them first don't rush

into a relationship try to get to know

them check them out like if you have to

do a background check do a background


do a background check if you have to do

a background check because you don't

want know crazy people aren't your kids

no no oh yeah try to get to know the guy

first um me my situation is kind of

different because I kind of knew my

boyfriend's before we actually got into

a relationship so when he asked to see

my daughter I told him yet

because we was talking when I was big as

hell we was already talking so we asked

him meet her I was like yeah you can

come over meet her and that day they

made each other they had a freaking bond

like when she saw him and he saw heard

they like freaking click like that they

she started smiling it's like she knew

him already

but then again I already knew she knew

his voice so that's cuz when he used to

call me all the time she used to move so

I guess from her hearing his voice she

kind of already knew who he was but yeah

so now them to muhfuckas together gets

on my nerves like when I'm there with

them they don't care about me at all and

[ __ ] all at all and then I think I

have like Torrance's for you guys I'm

not sure um yeah

don't everybody want your child because

her nobody wearing a child so I thought

I pretty much said my last thing don't

rush into a relationship because if you

rush into a relationship

I do give birth it's just like I don't

know I just feel like don't rush into a

relationship you know like you have to I

don't know your mind has to be set for a

relationship if you're my night set on

to a relationship dinner it's gonna it's

not gonna work out like like I said we

mean I had to make my mind like okay

well I'm gonna do this focus on my baby

I'm going

have more confidence in myself cuz let

me tell you girl your body changed after

brief some people like I was too and

like when you have a baby some girls do

have a postpartum so thank God I didn't

get that but most guys do have that and

they feel down that you feel like they

wanna kill itself like it's a whole

bunch of feelings going inside their

head so that's why I take except you

have more person for one you have to

love yourself no matter if your body

changed or if you don't change love

yourself before anything cuz it's just

not gonna work out like it's not gonna

break out and all like I mean a lot of

girls are different but these are pretty

much what these are pretty much what I

did to you know like get my confidence

of two-storied dating after I had my

child because it was hard for me it was

really hard because I was already said

that her biological dad was not there to

see her boring it was not even there my

whole pregnancy so I was already down

when I was pregnant with her but after I

had her I was still in feeling about

every situation because I wanted her to

bond with her dad and when he did come

back on her life when she was like 10

months it was already too late she

didn't know him like she used to cry all

the time with him and and I told him

like if you want to be with him

if you want to be with her then you have

to you know like make some changes and

he didn't make the changes so that's all

his fault but ladies don't rush into

relationship if you I seen a lot like

trust me I see a lot of girls we have

kids that's or like in a 20s or in a

teenage years and make jump

relationships like this like don't do

that because you don't want everybody

around your child like you don't want

everybody on your child just because

it's some crazy people out there and you

don't want them to kill your child like

because baby if somebody was to ever

touch a me honor I would

I probably be out rocking it one chop it

but yeah those are pretty much what I

did I learned myself no matter if I'm


- I'm looking sexy I love myself my

confidence went up I didn't look for

love yeah I was not looking for love as

my boyfriend like I did not wanted to

talk to him honestly but he wheeled me

in and I just focus on making sure my

baby had this making sure she was good

coming home and making sure she happy

that's all I was doing I was just I was

like I don't know everything was

different you just got a light I don't

know I don't know I just faint but y'all

these are all the steps that I took I'm

going to leave I'm gonna write it all

down in my description box if you guys

didn't understand what I was saying so

yeah if you guys wanted want you to do

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