Decorating Baby Boy's Nursery! DIY Wallpaper


good morning the morning how long and

downstairs right now in the basement

waiting for Jordan Jordan y'all loves to

procrastinate he's been progressing

meeting all morning who do we need to do

a little intro and outro for a podcast

that we recorded last month with someone

from compassion and so we need to like

do the intro and outro portion of it

excuse me I'm vlogging and you're

distracting so I'm just waiting for him

on that while I've been waiting for him

I've been looking at my website and I

cannot get over how many of you have

been doing the Bible study and it makes

me so it's stinking excited I'm actually

gonna start working on a new one right

now the next one I do will be longer

though I was thinking of doing a 14 day

study because as much as I love a seven

day study I feel like it's perfect as

like an introductory like a little intro

if you've never done a devotional before

like I feel like that the Routh study

that I did is like the perfect way to do

it because it's very simple it's free

shorts very sweet there's like no

pressure on it I feel like it was a

really good intro but for those of us

who do want to dive a little bit deeper

and like continue this pattern and

continue the habit of reading our Bibles

every morning and everything I feel like

a 14 day study is really good for that

and a book that's a little bit longer so

the Book of Ruth is only four chapters

which is extremely short I don't think

it's a shortest book of the Bible but

four is not that many like you could

literally read it in 10 minutes so the

next one that I want to do is some camp

doing 14 days and then possibly in the

future even do a 30 day obviously those

will take a lot longer like it's gonna

take me double the amount of time that

it took for me to do the Book of Ruth so

I'm not even gonna put a date on that or

even say one that's gonna be released I

shouldn't have even told you guys that

I'm gonna be starting on it so that's

just a little spoiler a little tea

of what I have been thinking about and

wants to be doing but today I'm so

excited because we're gonna be doing

baby boys of nursery so I originally

wanted to get wallpaper to put on one of

the walls in his room which is where the

daybed is gonna be but then I was like

let me try to DIY it because I've never

done wallpaper before and honestly I

wasn't really finding anything that I

was like obsessed with but I was finding

really cute graphics and really cute

like wall designs that I had seen people

have done and have like di wide so I was

like I wanna try so I'm gonna try that

today I don't know how it's gonna go cuz

I'm honestly not like super artistic

especially when it comes to like a big

wall and I'm gonna be drawing the same

thing over and over again so it's

basically gonna be like a mud cloth

pattern and my theme in his room is

neutrals obviously but then I wanted to

incorporate some greens like a sage

green olive e.type green in order to do

that I wanted the mud cloth pattern to

be kind of brown like a topi dark not

too dark not too like I don't know it's

gonna it's gonna be hard picking out a

color because I can't go to the store

only Jordan cancer he's gonna have to

FaceTime me and he's gonna have to show

me through FaceTime so it's gonna be a

bit of a struggle to figure that out but

yeah that's kind of the theme I'm going

for okay where the heck is Jordan yeah

okay shower today

welcome welcome mr. procrastinators I

needed to clear the paper jam out of the

printer then somebody created

I wasn't saying they're saying it was

somebody mmm all right so we are

about to record as an intern outro of

great internet show yeah we had

compassion international come actually

to our house to record a podcast episode

and we had a representative we've been

in contact with really sweet gal and an

alumni actually so this guy was a

sponsored child back when he was young

and graduated the sponsorship program

and then basically had to apply and jump

through all these hoops and show himself

like an outstanding applicant for

compassion to sponsor him to come to the

United States disc to study ministry and

he's currently at Moody Bible Institute

or did he graduate no he's still there

I'm still so stinking cool to hear an

experience of a child now child anymore

he's like in his 40s like he was one of

like the first round of children to go

through compassion so it was so cool to

hear how like compassion directly

impacted his life it's an experience

like you don't hear that you hear of

more people who sponsor other children

and like they share oh I was really

impactful for me or I got to go visit my

sponsor children in their country or

whatever but this was a whole different

experience where we got to hear from him

and just the difference compassion made

in his life and having a sponsor in his

life so we're like we got to hear from

this guy we want to well I hear his

story so we had him come over and we

recorded an episode and we didn't want

to worry about like doing an intro and

edit things to make it sound nice yeah

so we're like let's just hear from him

and we'll go back in later and add in

whatever we have to add in to make it

like a full episode yeah so cool I can't

wait for you guys to hear so say it

started start pressing this yes but

before we jump in we want to thank

literati for sponsoring this episode

say it say it won't ever just okay yes

and before we jump in no we would like

to thank lugar

literati how do you you know say it

three times I do said it literati I know

be gonna say before we jump in we and

before we jump and we would like to

think literati for sponsoring today's

video or today's episode episode all

right we'll call that one sadistic I

don't know why I struggle do not see me

that whole thing that's better

okay yes and Before we jump into today's

episode we would like to thank literati

for sponsoring this episode






she gives the baby what some is the

worst what does a cow make the sounds

are coming are you blogging the camera

are you blogging you should bug your day

with your mom just got a package oh oh

it is oh thank you help me my belly's

big honey you got me this is heavy honey

what the heck did I order monthly order

right okay so I've been ordering from

thrive for feel like a year and a half

now maybe two years I don't know I like

first and you got introducing them a

while back it's an online membership

based market so you can get everything

that you can find in stores all like

organic stuff to embers get 25 to 50%

off the normal retail price so it just

makes so much more sense to order on

here but let me show you guys what I got

so I normally get like the same things

every time from them I needed to just

stock up on a couple of things so I love

their olive oil and then I buy this salt

I don't know because I've ever heard of

it it's called Celtic sea salt my whole

with my holistic doctor is one that told

me about this salt because most felt

that like normal table salt doesn't

actually have any minerals or anything

in it and this stuff has like so many

good ingredients in it so I was able to

find it on thrive

I got it in this form and then in future

I also got it yeah I also got it in this

form where you can just like easily pour

it onto your food and stuffs I also got

some matcha I wanted to try this I have

seen so many people making really yummy

matcha and it like I don't know it just

looks so pretty and I kind of wanted to

try it out so I got this it's

unsweetened green tea powder but we love

it so much especially since I have more

of a restrictive diet it's so easy to

just go onto their website and shop

through my diet if you guys are doing

paleo or if you're gluten-free

dairy-free vegan they have all those

options for you so I think it's so

stinking convenient and they have it the

best brand ever as well so not only do

they have food stuff but they also have

like spice stuff so I actually get my

essential oils from them I just ran out

of peppermint I always get peppermint

and eucalyptus those are like the ones I

always have but I also get like my spa

stuff from there too I buy these

magnesium flakes from them that is so

good because you guys know I love my

bath time so I'll only get on my spa

stuff from them but I just need to smell

this because and something that I think

is really cool right now with everything

that's going on is they still are

working 24/7 to ensure that people are

able to get their essentials but they're

still maintaining their commitment to

carbon neutrality and fair practices

with their warehouse team which i think

is really cool so so making sure to stay

in stock in essential pieces and stuff

which I was very excited to find because

with my gluten-free bread it's very hard

to find in stores they're the only ones

I currently had it so I was very excited

about that if you guys are also

interested they have two different

membership options you could do a

monthly membership or you could do 12

months we have done the 12 month because

it just makes the most sense and it ends

up being like five dollars a month so

it's very cost effective and just ends

up being it's so worth it and today you

can get up to 20 dollars in your

shopping cart for you to be able to

spend so I will leave that link down

below but I love what I got I got your

chips the zesty lime and I got more of

this salt to the Celtic salt we have it

like this and they had it like this yes

yeah it was a lot cheaper alrighty I'm

gonna pipe this stuff away and then we

will head out to work he'll head out

I'll just be in the car I mean this

right here is the color I want so I

figured you could take the whole drug in

there to compare the colors I got ready

good no no no no no no no no brown is

such a hard color to like mansion swatch

so you can just take this in

grab a bunch of swatches in that same

category bring it out to you yes shoes

actually good yeah that's nice thinking

but I was gonna have you bring this just

so you know where to start cuz once you

go in there guarantee you're gonna get

overwhelmed with all the swatches okay

or I'll just keep it in the car and I

can compare to the swatches you bring

out so you look crazy

going into head

the last thing we did with a mask and I

love ya gonna win then and grab the

stuff Jordans been the one that's been

leaving the house I haven't been to a

store in over four weeks kind of yellow

they said that they cannot sell any

paint but we can buy it online and then

pick it up in the store so that is so


what so looking how long does it take

for it to come in earth well it's very

they just can't like be handling it back

and forth with you I don't know why all

right this is brought these are pretty


this is too yellow

straight-up yellow yellow these are more

brownies these are pretty do two more my

vibes okay let's see

I like this color a lot these two movies

mm-hmm the first one I picked up yeah

I'm leaning towards one of these this

one I like but you as you can tell like

compared to this one these are a little

bit more yellow right you're just doing

a little design key show me what you're

doing I did show you someone does this

attention the entire wall the entire

wall okay

our stores are currently experiencing

higher than normal volume we'll e-mail

you when it's ready for pickup you want

me to go in and ask them London when I

put in the order online oh no no we can

just go to Panera while we wait

well I don't know how long it's gonna be

maybe I don't know if it's gonna be like

10 minutes or if it's gonna be an hour

or you did the color already you told

them to call I know they had it when you

go pick it up that doesn't make any


very strange times very strange things

why you watching my story I'm out here

everyone said they want to be it's meant

to hurt you want to help me film that


sure or do you want to do you want me to

film you since it's your space it's your

men this looks so fun this is so warm

it's really fuzzy means you probably

shouldn't do it well I'm putting the car

here meaty hard it's fuzzy I told you no

but your arms are huge

no that's fuzzy no there's another

instrument mister cumference

fuzziness mm-hmm

all right just when you are then are you

gonna give them a call before just or

should I just give him a call and ask


yeah it's pretty Orange well Oh get dry

darker right yeah okay all right so I

made a little chat away um after you're

done right yes this isn't for me to

stencil but more of like a guide of the

spacing and it's not meant to be perfect

like if I wanted it perfect I would have

just done wallpaper you know so I do

want it to be like imperfectly perfect

and more organic so this is the guide

I'm gonna follow we do the whole entire

why are you freaking out it's not that

big of a deal

what are you gonna tell yourself it's

not a follow me fantasy shoot now you

freaking you know it doesn't have to be

perfect remember so kids I would do all

of it

what you'd rather do all that same

stroke but they go back and do the sit

dealer they're doing the same stroke

over and over and over the amount of

work has to go back


okay so this is a lot tougher than we

had anticipated

so we brought out this plant because

this plant is gonna be here in the

nursery but it worked out really well

because the first line that we did

wasn't our best work but we figured out

the strategy and that basically is to

use the stencil but like actually use it

so what we're doing is replacing it and

then we're doing the lines right above

it so that way we know exactly how far

to come down and then we have this

spacing correct every time and the

spacing between each one is correct so

what looks nice is having like the even

space between each thing of cloth if

that makes sense so so far so that we're

correcting ourselves and I think it's

gonna look really good and I really like

the color it's drying it we got the

eggshell but it looks kind of matte it

like doesn't dry shiny and it dries a

little bit darker so it's more of a

brown not so orange II so




a Fiat with what happened to your hair

elite just woke up from her nap and

things are looking pretty pretty cray

cray over here oh she had goldfish in

there more more how do you say more in

sign language how you do more put the

ball down put you know looking at

basement it's gotten two coats of primer

two coats of paint she sees me chewing

nice all the time because I love ice if

you like them yeah Melanie literally

just started doing sign language with

her today and she's already learned can

you show me more form

yes I knew I knew it please

thank you thank you yeah sure yeah

good please Toki what does a tree look

like there's a cheese look like oh yeah

are you a tree please your bellybutton

alright guys I just finished look how

stinking cute it looks so honestly I

think the secret was to just using the

stencil because then they're not perfect

like if you look up closely you can see

that they all have like slight

imperfections but that was kind of the

goal with it I wanted it to be like

organic looking and then the first run

that we did it's totally Frank because

that is gonna cover it so it's not even

that big of a deal but I am so stinking

happy with the way that it looks so this

ledge is staying here because I'm gonna

put artwork and cute pieces on top of

the ledge just like I had before but

it's gonna be more boyish more green and

then the daybed will go right here

so essentially basically the whole

bottom half will be covered and you know

mainly just see the top half but my

sister and I will work on those art

pieces at some point this week or the

next week or whenever obviously I'll

vlog that too but yeah I will write down

the paint color for you guys if you want

to know and if you're curious about it

as well as linking this plant and let me

know if you want me to link anything

else that shelf is actually from Ikea

it's two shelves that I put together so

yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog

it was a very therapeutic very fun very

enjoyable to paint I always forget how

much I like to paint because I don't

really ever get to do it but I enjoy it

a lot so hopefully this inspires you

guys I really really am so happy thank

you and I will leave my link to thrive

it down below - if you guys want to try

it out but that is going to be all for

today's vlog thank you guys so much for

watching I love you so much and I will

see you in my next video bye