hi there it is crystal and welcome back

to my channel in today's video I'm going

to be doing some decorating for the

fourth of July so adding lots of

patriotic decor in our kitchen and in

our living room so excited to share it

with you so to get started I'm just

right now taking down all of the lemon

decor that I had out if you missed that

video I can link it above it turned out

so cute but I'm definitely ready for

some red white and blue




I'm actually still not 100% sure if I'm

going to pull out the lemon decor after

the fourth of July is over so for that

reason I'm actually going to leave the

larger to your tray decorated I think it

is so cute and so I'm just going to move

it down to my storage room as is just

like this and most likely plan to bring

it back out after the fourth of July is



now that all the lemon decor has been

put away I'm going to wipe down our

kitchen counters really quickly I'm

using the method daily granite cleaner

all of my mrs. Meyers cleaners are gone

I've really taken the last couple of

months as we've been at home and just

using what we have and so this is the

last countertop cleaner that we have

right now and I think it does a pretty

good job I almost feel like the mrs.

Meyers is just a little bit better I

feel like there's maybe just a little

bit of a film that is left on the

granite after I wipe them down but

anyways I think next I'm going to try

the mrs. Meyers Blue Bell scent I feel

like the blue would go perfectly with

the other decor that I'm putting out

you'll have to let me know I've actually

never ordered that scent before let me

know if you have it or have used it in

the past and if it smells good

I did quickly want to mention the

t-shirt that I am wearing today I am in

love with it I actually purchased it

from my friends on line boutique that

she has

she sells clothing out of her home she

has no idea that I am sharing this in

today's video but I will go ahead and

link it down below in the description

box she has it it looks like available

in both colors red and blue and in

almost all the sizes I think as well so

I will share that below let her know

that I sent you if you do go ahead and

order it I think they are super cute and

very appropriate for the 4th of July of

course back to cleaning though so on

these shelves right here I'm actually

planning to leave a lot of these pieces

where they are at it's just going to

make it a lot easier to redecorate just

adding in my red and blue so you'll

notice I'm just kind of dusting around

with a little Swiffer handheld duster

instead of pulling everything off would

not be a proper decorating video if I

did not light a Bath & Body Works candle

while I decorate I get so excited when

they come out with some of these holiday

specific candles this one smells so good

I am obsessed and of course I love the

flag on it as well so I'm going to light

this candle

start pulling out all of my decor and we

can get started decorating



a lot of the decor that I'm going to be

decorating with is from previous years

but then I always add it feels like each

year or season and holiday it's always

fun to pick up just a few new pieces to

add in so a lot of my shopping came from

Target and Hobby Lobby of course two of

my favorite places to shop


if you've been following my channel for

a while you know that I am currently in

the process of redecorating our living

room we recently got some new couches

delivered and I finally have the

arrangement and how I like it so now

it's a matter of just decorating it and

putting it all together so it's a work

in progress in here and so I really

wasn't sure how much I wanted to

decorate for the fourth out here so I'm

going to add just some minimal decor out

here I don't want it to be too

overwhelming as I'm trying to really

finish up a lot of our everyday decor in

here so just little touches here and

there on the couches I'm going to add

pillows that we already had I stole them

from our family room in the basement

they typically go on our sectional

downstairs but I thought they were

perfect just to give some little touches

of navy out here and honestly it was

kind of a last-minute decision to do

some blue out here so I have like one

more pillow on the way to me as well as

just some other everyday decor that I

will share in a future video so stay

tuned for that we are a big blanket

lovers and our house that sounds really

weird but it is so true at least for me

like I'm obsessed I love blankets I use

them every night whether it's 90 degrees

out or 20 below but this blanket is

literally my favorite it's from Target I

think I have it in like 3 or 4 colors by

now but it's so soft it's chenille and I

will link it below


I'm only planning to add one thing on

our mantle and it is this Liberty sign

that I picked up last year from Walmart

I love the wood tones and it fits

perfectly in there I couldn't believe it

but we're sticking with less is more

over here for now



moving into the kitchen now this is

where a majority of the decor will be

done starting off with my utensil holder

I always switch this out I used the same

one at Christmas time as well but it is

a Scarlett Fiestaware utensil holder I

love it except for my ruing pin was just

a little bit too big for it so that's

going to move over to my shelves but I'm

also going to add this little pitcher it

was from the target dollar spot in the

spring and those little flowers were

from Michael's of last year


I love having a like a dishtowel or any

sort of towel buyers think that one is

from Hobby Lobby of this year this shelf

on our counter is one of my favorites to

decorate I constantly am changing it out

seasonally I just absolutely love it it

is from Hobby Lobby in the shelf section

make sure you get it when it is 50% off

but I'm just pulling off everything that

I had in there before so I can wipe it

down and then I will add in my red white

and blue


I've been collecting Fiestaware

for many years so you will see a lot of

that in my decor these bowls are a part

of that as well as the butter dish and

then I also do have a small radon

collection that I like to kind of pair

together with it this plaid vase has got

to be one of my favorites that target

came out with last year in the dollar

spot as well as this sign that was from

home goods because I have a lot of bold

colors going on I am sticking with a

very neutral wreath on our barn door

this one was from a couple years ago

from the hearth and hand line at Target

now it is time for one of my favorite

parts and that is decorating of the

tiered tray I switched this out all of

the time literally my favorite it's just

a fun piece that you can display a lot

of smaller items on ours actually goes

on our table as the centerpiece so I

like to decorate all the way around I

find a lot of pieces from the target

dollar spot as well as from Hobby Lobby

and I will link the person who I order

all my little science from she has like

the cutest Etsy shop


I am decorating at my tier tray very

similar to last year and featuring this

little blue truck from the target dollar

spot a few years back I just love it I

stuck a little pinwheel in the back to

give it more of like a festive look but

now I'm just playing around with all of

the pieces until I can get it to a place

where I'm happy with it

it definitely takes some time once I

have our whole room decorated in the

tray on our kitchen table I will share

with you the final look




this wall basket piece was from Hobby

Lobby many years ago and sadly I do not

think they sell it anymore but I always

get questions on it so I am so sorry

about that but the baskets do come off

so I pulled one off added a kitchen

towel again I think all of these items

were from last year from the target

dollar spot so just kind of making it

work an easy way to add patriotic decor

is to stick one of those little flags in

some greenery it's so cute I just love

the red and blue paired with the green


I did a very similar video to this one

last year where I decorated our whole

house for the 4th of July so if you are

looking for more decorating ideas I will

link that video below in the description

box for you to check out but this was my

very first time decorating these shelves

in a patriotic theme and so I'll

probably play with this a little bit

more after this video but I definitely

am like Eve just the small pops of color

here and there this wooden house I think

might be one of my favorite things that

I bought this year it's from Hobby Lobby

and with the discount it was only two



on the other side I left my galvanized

truck out I just stuck a flag in there

and to my scale I added a red and blue

fiesta dish an easy way to add just a

little bit more texture in your hutch or

shelf area is to add some cutting board

so I added one from the hearth and hand

collection I don't think it's still

available anymore sadly and then I'm

draping a little towel over a crate that

I had


I will be honest with you I did not use

all of my patriotic decor that I had out

on my table it just didn't really go

with it and I decided not to stress

myself out trying to find places for

everything and so I did pack up a few

things in hopes that I will use them

next year so now that everything is put

away I'm going to wipe down the table

add my table runner into your tray and

show you the finished look the table

runner is from Hobby Lobby and here you

get a look of it on the table as well as

a glimpse at how the shelves all look




I thought it would also be fun to share

with you a new recipe that I am trying

it is called strawberry ice cream pie

and the pictures just made it look so

good I will link the recipe below if you

are interested in trying it out for

yourself but on the fourth of July it is

always so hot here and we spend pretty

much all day outside at the lake so I

thought a cool treat just sounded so

good so we're gonna try this out and see

how it works out but right now I'm just

making the graham cracker crust all you

need is graham cracker brown sugar and

butter and of course I have it going in

our blender right now to crush it all up

this recipe only has like five or six

ingredients in it so the graham cracker

crust was the most challenging part of

the whole deal otherwise you're just

adding hot fudge ice cream and

strawberries super easy and also really



to my graham cracker crust I am adding

the hot fudge

I actually didn't use all of it but I

would say if you do try the recipe just

just add the whole thing extra chocolate

I mean can you go wrong with extra

chocolate I don't think so


now I am not a professional and so my

crust was a little bit crummy is that a

word we're gonna say it is crummy

but once I put it in the freezer all was

good like it froze and it helped kind of

set it all together if that makes sense

I did have the ice cream setting out for

a while to thaw but it was still pretty

thick and in order to get it to spread

better I decided to stick it in the

mixer for a little bit to make it more

like a soft-serve ice cream so I'd

highly recommend you do that as well



the recipe states to leave the pie in

the freezer for at least three hours or

overnight I do overnight if possible and

then come back and add your toppings

right before you serve it I am adding

strawberries and whipped cream but I

also think you could get away with doing

blueberries so you get the red white and

blue type of theme or even like some

patriotic sprinkles I think would be so

cute but the pie it was amazing like I

said the chocolate was probably my

favorite part paired with the graham

cracker so definitely use all that hot

fudge that's going to be it for today's

video though I hope you enjoyed it

definitely hit that subscribe button and

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today's video thank you so much for

watching and I will see you in my next

video bye