How to use the MINI PILL? (Desogestrel, Cerazette, Delamonie) - Doctor Explains

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the generic name of this medication is

deso gestural but it's sold on the

several brand names among which

cirezet and del armonie and it's

available as a tablet

which brings us to how to use this spill

first of all swallow the tablet hole

with half a glass of water

do not chew on them and do not break the

tablet and for those of you who want to

start using it for the first time make

sure to do so

on the first day of your period after

that take it on a fixed time

every day of the week and if you do not

start on the first day of your period

but after a few days

the pill will only be reliable after

seven days of use

therefore you should take some extra

precautions the first week of use

like a condom do you experience severe

diarrhea or vomiting within four hours

after taking one of these pills

then make sure to take a new one as soon

as your intestines and your stomach are

calmed down

also discuss this with your prescribing

doctor as additional measures might be


and when should you use this gestural

it's an hormonal form of birth control

it contains the hormone progesterogen

which prevent an ovulation

and it changes the mucus in your wound

making it harder for sperm to penetrate


thereby preventing fertilization of one

of your eggs

which brings us to the correct dosages

to use and here i just want to say

always use the prescribed amount and

frequency your doctor gave you

but in short it's quite simple usually

the prescribed dosage is one tablet of

75 micrograms per day

without interruptions and always take

them at the same time

and this a gestural can be a very

effective drug but unfortunately it can

have some side effects as well

i will discuss the most common ones here

but if you're looking for a complete


then check out your leaflet or ask your

prescribing doctor

very commonly some more than 10 of all

patients might experience

irregular bleeding more frequent

bleeding or even less frequent bleeding

commonly you might experience a headache

nausea acne

mood swings a decreased libido and

weight gain

uncommonly it can cause vaginal

infection vomiting or fatigue

and rarely it causes a skin rash

considering safety desogestral is safe

to combine with any type of food

you can even combine it with alcohol in

moderation of course

and it's safe to drive while using

desert gestural however

it can have some interactions with other

drugs therefore always discuss this with

your prescribing doctor

and we will end this video off by taking

a look at the safety of desolator

gestural when pregnant or when


there seem to be no adverse effects for

you and your unborn baby if you

accidentally use desogestro while


the same is true regarding lactation

where there's a gestural is also safe

for you and your baby

however always discuss this with your

prescribing doctor

just to be sure now i hope you know now

how to use dessal gestural but if you

have any questions

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