Should you aerate or dethatch your lawn this spring?

all right so I'm gonna show you how to

know if you need to aerate your lawn

from winter compaction watch as I try to

stick the screwdriver in right here

notice how hard it is pushed in I mean I

can do it but I'm using a lot of force

that means it's compact and that's why

this area looks thin and isn't waking up

as easily as the other areas now watch

here see how easy that was

it's using no effort at all so by using

a screwdriver like that you can easily

see which areas are really compact and

which are and so my recommendation is to

aerate the areas that are compact but

for the other areas it's really not

necessary especially in the springtime

we're gonna have a lot of rain and the

soil is usually really soft so I

personally won't aerate the whole yard

but I will do some plug aeration on this

this one spot where people are walking

from the driveway to the front step and

for this type of aeration I like to use

these little manual plug aerators they

get the job done it is it's it's a

workout but if I can do it you can do it

you can see the plugs just go right

through the end no big deal and then I

leave the plugs behind some people like

to blow the plugs up some people like to

rake them up I personally just leave

them behind it's it's a cosmetic thing

if it really bothers you feel free to

clean it up so what this does pulling

these plugs out is it allows the roots

to breathe it allows nutrients to get

down to the roots and

it helps with the water getting down as

well because when it's so compact

everything will just wash off or pool up

and it just makes a mess and so since

shooting this video I have seen it's

already started to rebound a little bit

but it it still might take longer for

this area to recover than the rest of

the lawn just because of how compact it

is now if you rent an aerator you're

gonna get a lot more plugs in then this

is this unit it's doing okay I could

have done a better job but I'm just

going for helping to improve the area

I'm not going for perfection here

now as for dethatching this is a

debatable topic but realistically most

of the time you don't actually have a

thatch problem like if you look at my

lawn a lot of people will see the dead

grass spots and go oh that's a thatch

issue and it needs to get detached

technically no it's not that technically

it's just dead grass blades but it does

look kind of ugly and so running a


rake over it or renting a machine to do

it will make it look nicer so don't do

it because you think it's somehow

detrimental to your lawn do it because

you'd like to look better for the most

part you know if you were just to leave

it like this it would grow and find I've

done that many times in fact I usually

don't do that because it just works out

fine but the times I have done it yes

the lawn does look nicer right after so

you know if you've got the motivation

all this free time on your hands right

now being locked down go for it because

it definitely does look better it's just

I don't want you guys thinking you have

to do it because you don't technically

have to most most people don't do it and

their lawns look just fine in a couple

weeks so there you have it it's just

some tips now you know if you have the

money and the resources to rent this

equipment by all means go for it

hurting anything if you do aerate or

detach when you don't have to but you're

also you're seeing diminishing returns I

guess is a good way of saying it you

know it it will improve the look of

things but at some point you got to go

well was it worth it but I mean we're

all in this weird situation now where we

have all this free time on our hands so

you know I'll spend all day doing this

if I'm bored or whatnot so that's the

video for this week I'm really

disappointed out this game out with the

footage and everything but hey what can

we do I'll see if I can order a better

microphone because the setup I have now

just keeps unplugging and then the wind

is is just terribly windy so hopefully

the next one will be better all right

have a good one bye


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