Birth Control Pill Side Effects Uncovered 😮

Hey guys, this is your friendly medical advisor Dr. Sam.

Now, have you developed side effects

to your birth control pills?

And are wondering what you should do?

If you stick around, I'll teach you exactly how to fix them.

So that even your doctor will be impressed!

So let's get started...

When I first worked at a sexual health clinic,

as a new doctor.

They gave me this "cheat sheet" of what to do

when women present with side effects from the pill.

And, today, I'm gonna share this with you!

Because, I believe the more information

that you have - the better!

Now, as there are literally hundreds of different

birth control pills available all over the world.

I'm just gonna be talking about the common brands.

If your pill isn't listed, I'm really sorry but

at least it will give you a starting point.

Acne! Let's face it,

it's the main reason many people start the pill.

If your skin has deteriorated since starting the pill,

you need to switch brands.

If you're taking a mini pill, then try and get on a

combined pill - if it's suitable for you.

Because it will give you the best help.

The best combined pills for skin are brands

like Yasmin, Ginet, Diane, Dianette and Estelle.

The reason is because they have a substance

in it called Cyproterone Acetate,

which is great for clearing up the skin.

What about breast soreness and pain?

This is from too much estrogen and progesterone

in the pill.

Switching to something like Microgynon 20,

Aviane, Alesse, Aubra or Lutera may help.

For depression, moodiness or irritability

try a pill that contains a synthetic version of progestin,

which is also known as Drospirenone.

Examples of brands that have this are:

Yaz and Bayez.

And as an added bonus -

they can also help with bloating.

For menstrual headaches, all you need to do

is skip the sugar pills entirely and just take

hormone pills back-to-back.

The same applies if you have nasty menstrual cramps.

Skip your sugar pills and just take the hormone pills.

If you want to change pills altogether,

I'd suggest switching to a medication

like Yasmin or Brevinor.

The higher amounts of progesterone actually

help relieve the cramping.

Now what about nausea?

This is actually a really common problem,

but so easy to sort out.

The problem is from too much estrogen

in your pill. So you need to switch to a

lower dose pill like Microgynon 20,

Lutera or Mercilon

and just watch out for some breakthrough bleeding.

On that subject, what should you do

if you get breakthrough bleeding?

Firstly, please make sure that it's not something else

like a sexually transmitted infection or

a cervical problem, where you're overdue

for a smear.

Just make sure you that you get a checkup.

Otherwise, if you're sure that it's related to the pill,

increasing the amount of estrogen in the pill

should help. So switching to a brand like

Monofeme, Levlen or Amethyst, or an

equivalent pill with at least 35 micrograms of estrogen.

Lastly, weight gain!

This is by far the number one question,

I get all the time about what pill

that they can go on to help stop weight gain.

Well, one of the reasons that it can happen

is from too much estrogen and progestin

in your current brand of pill.

So switching to a lower dose pill with both of those.

Examples are Microgynon 20, Alesse,

Aubre, Aviane and Lutera may help.

But it often comes down to going back and forth

a bit with your own doctor, to get

exactly the right brand for you.

Please don't lose hope there's always

something out there for you,

even if it just takes a little bit longer

to find it - you'll get there.

Thanks for watching.

I hope this helped address some of your

issues with birth control pills

that you might be having.

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