Diaper Stockpile | Ultimate Size Guide

hey guys what's up so today we're going

to talk about something super important

which is diaper sizes and we're gonna

talk about how long you should expect

your baby to stay in each size and this

topic is super important because if we

want to stockpile for diapers we

definitely need to know how many diapers

to buy of each size like when I was

pregnant I remember thinking like oh my

god how many new words how many ones how

many twos I was going crazy so I did a

little bit of research actually I did a

lot of research and I think I came up

with a pretty good number so if you're

interested in knowing how many diapers

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okay guys so let me start by showing you

a chart that I found on how I use calm

that shows you the weight range for each

size of diapers that way you have a

better idea of what weight your baby's

gonna be when he or she is in each size

of diapers so as we can see new more

babies stay or baby stay newborn diapers

up to 10 pounds and then in one size one

is up to 14 pounds and then size two is

from 12 to 18 size 3 is from 16 to 28

size 4 is from 22 to 37 pounds size 5 is

over 27 pounds and size 6 is over 35

pounds so as you can see there's a

little bit of an overlap between the

sizes because babies vary by height and

weight so a taller baby and a skinnier

baby is going to be in a diaper size a

lot shorter for a lot shorter time than

a baby who is a little chubbier and

shorter so definitely keep in mind the

build up of your baby when you're

considering sizes and if you want to

know kind of like the build up of your

baby kind of like look at your past

history of like other babies that you've

had or your own build up or your

build up or your parents build up or

like your nieces and your nephews and

like other children in your family and

to be super honest with you guys I do

not go by diaper sizes because my baby's

really tall and really skinny he is in

the 98th percentile for height and he's

in the 50th percentile for weight so

ever since he was 16 months old he has

been wearing size 4 and size 4 based on

this chart is supposed to be for babies

that are 22 to 37 pounds but that was

definitely not the case for my baby

because he's so tall he was having

blowouts like from the back of the

diaper so so now let me show you a

stockpile diaper guy that I found online

and let me show you what it says let's

let's actually look at it together so

according to this chart you're supposed

to be or you're really supposed to be a

newborn size diapers for about a month

since they're born until about a month

and they're supposed to be using or

wearing 10 to 11 diapers a date with

which makes about 300 diapers so you're

going to need now when they move up to

size one they're going to be there

according to this chart for two months

from age two to three months and they're

going to be using about eight to ten

nine percent day and so the total the

math there is that they're gonna be

using 540 diapers in two months now

according to this chart it also says

that incise two they're going to be four

since there are four months old until

there are nine months old which I think

it's crazy and the math there is that

they're going to be using 1440 diapers

because they're gonna be using seven to

eight hours a day

now for size 3 it says that they're

going to stay there from age 10 to 20

months and they're gonna be using 6 to 7

diapers a day and that's gonna be 2,100

diapers for size 3 in size 4 it says

that they're gonna be in size 4 from 21

to 30 months that they're gonna we use 5

to 6 diapers a day and that that's a

total of 1,300 diapers the size 4 and

finally it says that they're going to be

sighs five diapers from age 31 to 48

months which is three years and it says

that they're gonna be used saying from

four to five diapers a day and the total

amount of diapers for that is 2,300 no

now this chart completely skipped size

six which is I think crazy because a lot

of kids are really tall and they need a

size six

so why exclude it I don't get it maybe

the person who made this chart was a

person who had a really small baby so

what I'm thinking guys is you have to

make sure that your stockpile for your

size of baby what I did is I knew that

my family is really tall and my family

is you know average size in weight work

kind of skinny or not super skinny but

we're kind of skinny so my baby was

wearing to 50th percentile for weight

average and he was born really tall so

what I did was I kind of didn't stop

pile a lot for a newborn because I knew

that my baby was gonna outgrow that

really fast and I did stop I did stuck

up for sly six because I knew my baby

was gonna get there at some point so how

about I show you now my first baby's

diaper stockpile chart so Jim Lucas

chart looked like this I'm gonna show it

to you guys Jim Luca was born weighing 7

pounds on the 10 ounces and he was in

the 85th percentile for height and he

was in the 50th percentile for weight so

he was a pretty tall baby he was a

pretty skinny baby and he was in newborn

diapers for only 4 weeks so that's a

month which is pretty similar to the

chart that we saw earlier except I

averaged 280 diapers in total for that

because I was using about 10 diapers a

day not 11 so then he moved on to size 1

when he was about a month old and he was

there for 12 weeks so around 3 months

he was wearing about a diapers a day

which meant that he was wearing or in

that he wore a total of 672 diapers in

total for size one then when he moved to


- he was that actually in size - for a

very short time it was in size - for

only six weeks so about a month and a

half and we were still using a diaper

today guys

because he was still pretty little he

was still very young so the total of

diverse that we use precise - was 336

now when he moved up to size 3 he was

there for a while he was there for about

20 weeks and I was still using a diaper

today because I just changed my baby

like consistently I like I change him

very frequently so that was a total of

1120 diapers for size 3 now in size for

when he moved up to size 4 he stayed in

size 4 for the longest he was in size 4

for a while actually so he was not

wearing a diaper today anymore he was

down to 6 diapers a day and that was a

total of 1344 diapers in total for size

for then he was in size 5 he was in size

5 for about 30 weeks and he was still

using 6 diapers a day and that was a

total of 1260 diapers in total for size

5 so at the beginning of the chart from

my first son to the chart that we saw

earlier they're very similar like they

stayed a new word for 4 weeks and then

they stayed in size 1 for 3 weeks but

then after that it completely changed

like my son just hit a growth spurt and

he he just never stopped growing and

that's the reason why he was in size 2

for only 6 weeks or from there for only

six weeks while this other chart says

that the baby that this person isn't you

know the baby of the person that made

this chart stayed in size 2 for about

five months

so they're gonna be differences between

them but then you see that when they hit

size 4 and size 5 the numbers start and


very similar again so when they hit size

for the other person said that they need

thirty thirteen hundred diapers and my

son needed thirteen hundred diapers in

size four and then in size five my son

needed twelve hundred diapers and this

other person's baby needed 2,300 diapers

now I do want to show you my second

son's my baby Santino's diaper size

chart because he is the baby that is in

the 98th percentile for height and in

the fiftieth percentile for weight so

let me show you what his numbers are and

then we'll talk about it and how his

numbers compared to my youngest my

oldest and how they compare to this

chart that I found online so this is

Santino's diapers diaper check and as

you can see he was only a newborn for

two weeks and that was a total of 114 i

pers he moved up pretty quickly to size

1 and he was there for only four weeks

so he used 224 diapers of size 1 and

this was actually a drag because I

really sucked up in size 1 like I bought

probably 7 or 8 boxes in size 1 thinking

that he was gonna be there in for a long

time because my other son was there for

a long time and I still have those boxes

I have to exchange them so that was a

drag so size 4 he moved up to size four

four weeks later and he was there for 4

weeks and he that was also a total of

220 for diapers and then in size 3 he

was he was in size 3 for 6 weeks and he

used 336 diapers and then right now he's

currently in size 4 and he's been in

size 4 for 12 weeks and I don't see him

moving out of size 4 for a while and so

far he's used a total of 672 diapers

as you can see of the beginning like the

newborn diapers and the size one of the

size twos and even the size threes

they're pretty different from my oldest

and from the diaper chart that I found

online and for actually a lot of my

precise as diaper charts that I find

online if you google diaper size

stockpile you're gonna see

a lot of them have a lot of diapers like

size one and size three but you're gonna

also notice that they're all gonna be

consistent in size four and size five

even my son Santino who is really tall

and really skinny he has been in size

for diapers for the longest so he's been

in size for diapers for 12 weeks and I

don'ts as I said before I'll see him

moving out of size 4 for a while so this

is my recommendation to you do not stop

pile size 1 size 2 or size 3 stockpile

size 4 and size 5 or size 4 actually

size 4 is the diaper size that you

should be mine the most of because even

though that's far in the future and it

seems like it's never gonna get there

you're gonna have the peace of mind that

you're not gonna have to go return those

diapers because you know that your

baby's gonna be in those cyphers for a

while so if I were you I would

definitely stock pile like at least

1,500 size 4 diapers so based on all of

these charts that we've seen and all of

the recommendations and all the overlaps

between the charts this is the chart

that I would recommend to you alright

guys so this is my recommended diverse

sized pilot right

so for neuen diapers I recommend you to

get and no more than 200 and the reason

why is because you'd never know if your

baby's gonna be tiny or if your baby's

gonna be huge so if your baby is like on

the bigger side you're not gonna use

those newborn diapers like if you're

gonna sit on them and it's gonna be a

mess in definitely definitely do not get

the big boxes of new or diapers get

packs so I'm not a recommendation that I

have for newer diapers is you're gonna

get a ton of them from the hospital and

your family and your friends are gonna

give them to you for your baby shower

because people love giving out newborn

size diapers so I did not buy a single

newborn diaper and I was good I didn't

have to buy any I had way too many

actually I had like a pack too many that

I actually ended up returning and

trading for a size one but my honest

recommendation is guys do not buy a

single newborn diaper because you're

gonna get them from the hospital people

are gonna give them to you

you're just gonna waste your time trying

to return them later now for size one I

recommend you to get about 300 divers no

more than 300 diapers because people are

gonna still give you a size for diapers

people love giving out size newborn but

they also love giving size 1 diapers so

the reason why I say 300 is because you

don't know if you're gonna be your

baby's gonna be little your baby's gonna

be big so you're better off being on the

safe side and not getting that many

based on all of the charts that we've

seen babies do not stay for a long time

in size one and it's better to prevent

and to have to return a whole ton of

diapers in size one like I had to

same thing for size 2 I recommend you

not see yet more than 300 diapers in

size to now sighs 3 you can buy a little

more I recommend you to get around 500

slice 3 diapers because babies are just

gonna be there like for longer like

maybe my baby wasn't but like my baby

who was extremely tall he was he was

still there for a little bit for a

little while so I don't have money to

get 500 divers no more than 500 divers

in size 3 not when you get to size 4 you

can go to nuts because babies like based

on all of the charts that I've seen for

babies babies stay in size 4 for a

really long time so go nuts on the size

4 you can get up to 1,500 divers in size

4 if you want to get more and get more

but I would recommend you to get 1,500

now size 5 and that gets a little tricky

because you never know if your baby's

gonna actually get size 5 because I've

seen some babies that stay in size 4

never move on to size 5 because they're

just really small and they potty-trained

really quickly so I will recommend you

to maybe get 200 to 300 diapers in size

5 and get them later on like don't get

them at the beginning because then

you're gonna have a longer period of

time to return them and sy6 honestly

guys I do not recommend getting size 6

Cyprus in the stockpile until the baby's

born and you see what is the size of the

baby like if your baby's born it's a

tiny little thing

you know below the average and stuff

like that do not get size six because

they might never get to size six but if

you or baby's born and he's like he or

she is like eight nine pounds for like

even sayst 70.3 or 7.10 definitely get

size six because they might make it to

size six they're definitely gonna make

it sy6 but if your baby's born and your

baby's like five pounds or something

like that maybe don't get size six now

another good trick that I have for you

like when you buy diapers is try to buy

them from a baby registry like even if

you're not gonna have your baby registry

at Walmart create a baby registry at

wallbrook just so that you can buy

diapers if they're really cheap if you

are not gonna have your baby registry at

Target still get a review registry at

Target so you can bite your diapers

through your baby registry and you can

have a year to return them same thing

with Amazon same thing with buy my

babies same thing with every place that

you think that sells diapers and that

you think that you might be buying them

from I know that it's a pain I know that

it's a process to go through the

registry every time you have to go buy

diapers but that's gonna just save you a

lot of time and a lot of you know

worries later on in the future because

if you want to return those diapers

you're not gonna have two months you're

gonna have a year to return them which

is great and also guys remember that

every store at least Target at Walmart

they do have very lenient return

policies without receipts if you are

sitting on some diapers and you need to

return them for some reason they don't

fit your baby anymore and you don't have

a receipt anymore you can go about to

Target and you can return I think up to

one hundred and fifty dollars per year

with your ID and at Walmart I think it's

around the same money apartment same

amount of money I think it's up to two

hundred a year so you can use your ID

you can use your partners ID you can use

your mom's ID each one of those IDs is

going to allow you to return for I think

one hundred and seventy-five dollars

something like that like from 150 to 200

dollars a year which is a lot for a

diapers that's like four boxes of

diapers so keep that in mind for sure

alright guys so that was my

recommendation I hope you were able to

learn something from this video and if

you have any questions about anything

just drop me a comment I'm always super

happy to answer all of your questions

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