What I Eat In A Day To Lose Pregnancy Weight! Losing weight after having a baby! Healthy Meals!

good morning guys my name is Lola

welcome back to my channel

so as you guys might know I had a new

baby six months ago so I'm in the

process of losing my baby weight and so

far I'm pretty happy with my body I

guess I'll show you a little bit I try

to back up so I just show you my house

is a huge mess but you know I still have

a little bit of a tummy but overall I'm

pretty happy with my body I still have

some weight to lose obviously I'm only

six months in I'm not being too hard on

myself because you know it takes nine

months for your bodies who get that big

so at least given nine months to go back

down so yeah so these are my little

munchkins right here that is that's

seven hi sweetie

aka Kiki so have you hear me saying Kiki

a lot that's what miss Bay called her

when we got home from the hospital

say hi ma'am or this is Bay's E and this

is seven right sweetie okay so while

they're there playing I am going to

start making breakfast

so for breakfast I love having oatmeal

that's usually what I like to have in

the morning I always go for oatmeal cuz

just because it's super easy and fast

and I like to eat within like 30 minutes

of me waking up though I'm just going to

put some instant oatmeal right into my

bowl and I'm gonna do two packs one for

me and one for bei Zi and the oatmeal I

use is from Trader Joe's and I just love

it because it's made with whole grain

oats quinoa

amaranth flax seeds and chia seeds so

it's so healthy even though it's an

instant oatmeal so I'm just gonna add

water to that and while it still hasn't

absorbed the water I'm gonna put some

cocoa powder in it

and this is again from Trader Joe's and

it's all organic free fair trade cocoa

powder just like that I'm gonna put some

vanilla extract in it and then some

ground cinnamon yeah we're gonna eat

yeah okay so now that it's all nice and

yummy I'm going to separate it and put

some for Bay Bay what's your name Bay

go sit down sweetie now it's all nice

I'm going to put some almond butter I

don't really like peanut butter so imma

use almond butter but you can use peanut

butter if you want to and I like this

brand it's Rx and you can find it at

Target that's where I got mine just one

big ol scoop and just put it right in

then I'm going to wash some raspberries

and put it right on top


and this is usually how I have breakfast

I'm feeding seven hmm I'm telling you

this is so good

it's like dessert for breakfast so good

and then I have my gallon of water they

try to finish every day and then I'm

just drinking a cup of coffee as well oh

and by the way I know someone's going to

ask me why I'm feeding with a bottle and

not breastfeeding so I mean little TMI

so if you must know I'm not I have a lot

of trouble breastfeeding because I have

very very dull nipples and I do I did

use um those little plastic nipples that

you put on top of of your boob but it

just wasn't really helping she didn't

really they both they didn't really like

it they hated breastfeeding seven was a

little bit better I was able to do it

seven was able to breastfeed a little

bit longer but yeah she got over it it's

just a really big struggle for me

because yeah my nipples aren't like

pointy and like perfect and then I hate

I hate something I like I hate nothing

so yes and that's why I didn't like just

pump yeah just please just stop asking

it makes me feel bad because I already

feel like a bad mom for not

breastfeeding and then when people ask I

don't know it kind of just makes it feel

like you know I don't know it doesn't

make me feel the best but just know I'm

not breastfeeding

I didn't best breastfeed my daughters

because I have doll nipples and it was a

struggle for me and yeah I'm telling you

guys being having a toddler and a

newborn well I guess an infant it's so

hard and then I know you guys are always

like telling me like make some more

content make some more videos when are

you gonna like tell us how much you know

an update on like your weight loss this

is the reason why I just I can't even

have breakfast in peace you know it's

the best though I'm not I'm not

complaining at all I'm just asking you

guys to have a little bit of patience

with me follow me on Instagram I'm

always posting there a picture is easier

to post then um you know video well yeah

this is the reason why I'm not posting

as much and not posting as much videos

well yeah I wouldn't have it any other


my children my job as a mother comes

first before anything else these girls

are my life and I dedicate my life to

them and yeah just have a little bit of

patience with me I'm trying to make more

content I love making videos for you

guys it just gets it just gets a little

hard with them you know Daisy she's

learning a lot I'm teaching her a lot

she knows her ABC she can count to 10

and you know I'm trying to teach her to

go potty by herself but that's been a

lot of work and then she might not look

it but seven she's a little sick right

now so that's been keeping me from

things - I honestly today was like a

whim like I didn't I woke up and I was

going I wanted to make the video I've

been saying I'm gonna I'm gonna film

what eat in a day video but today when I

woke up the battery was dead and the

camera battery was dead so I was like

I'll just film tomorrow but I was like

nope nope you know I have to make a

video for you guys and so here I am I

filmed I filmed the video

well I filmed breakfast for you guys I

charged the battery this morning and

then I am filming the video for you guys

so please give it a thumbs up this oh

god okay please like the video to

support yo girl Oh sweetie it's okay

alright guys I'll come back and show you

what's for lunch okay love you

hey guys I'm back and it's lunch time

and I'm going to make some vegan

quesadillas and usually I would make

this like for dinner the 94 and then for

lunch just put it all together but for

the sake of the video I'm going to show

you guys the recipe and how I cook it

and then you can make it for dinner and

then for a lunch time you could just put

it together so these are the ingredients

this is what you're going to need it's

some oh there's my baby's point okay

okay so some extra virgin olive oil some

dairy free mozzarella shreds and it's

made out of cashew cheese and

just from Trader Joe's and you don't

have to use vegan cheese I'm not vegan I

just like vegan options sometimes and I

would totally eat this but like with

regular cheese I just wanted to do a

vegan cheese today these are handmade

whole wheat tortillas and these are also

from Trader Joe's basically everything

here is from Trader Joe's the seasonings

are from Trader Joe's this is garlic

salt everyday seasoning some salt -

sweet onions - bell peppers red and

green just for color and then some

mushrooms and we're just going to thinly

slice the peppers and onions and then

the mushrooms they're already cut up so

we're just going to throw all of that

into the pan and cook it up and then

we're going to just make the quesadillas

and it's gonna be really nice and yummy


all right so for dinner I'm going to

make some turkey lettuce wraps and it's

going to be kind of like asian-inspired

a little bit gonna need some lettuce

because obviously it's lettuce wraps

extra virgin olive oil

hoisin sauce I got this at Target by the

way and then this is some soy sauce

sesame oil I got that at Walmart some

ground ginger I got this like at an

Asian market so I don't know if you'll

be able to find that um I like Target or

Walmart and then some sriracha sauce and

then we have some sweet onion then we're

going to saute garlic and then green

onions and then of course the ground

turkey so to start you're going to for

about two minutes just to sweat it out

and then after 2 minutes add your ground

turkey and break it up and then you're

gonna cook it for about five minutes


and when all of your ground turkey is

cooked add three tablespoons of hoisin

sauce one tablespoon of ground ginger 1

teaspoon of white pepper and a small

dash of sesame oil and you're just going

to stir all of that in and let that cook

for about two minutes and then you're

going to add your green onions and your

garlic and cook that for about another

two minutes and to serve I just made

some brown rice and red beans and put

that on top of the lettuce wraps and

then I just added the turkey on top and

I garnished with some green onions and

sriracha sauce and that was all for this

meal and it was super yummy and it was

super super easy to make


alright guys so that's it for today

sorry ok so I'm just gonna have one of

these which is basically just dark

chocolate with like orange it's so much

more with like orange inside and it's

really good but it's like on the lighter

side I'm not only gonna have like two

pieces just to just look like it could

satisfy my sweet tooth but yeah thank

you guys for watching I'm sorry about

all the craziness but yeah give this

video a thumbs up leave a comment leave

a comment and tell me if you like this

type of video and yeah I'll be making an

update of how much weight I've lost

and my whole process so far and yeah I

love you guys so much thanks for

watching bye