Five Essential Tummy Time Moves, How to do Tummy Time

pathways presents five essential tummy

time moves tummy time is one of the best

and easiest ways to enjoy some time with

your newborn but tummy time is also

essential to your baby's optimal

physical development babies who skip

this important step oftentimes

experience delays in crawling walking

and possibly even eating and talking

that's why pathways awareness suggests

you incorporate these five essential

moves into your baby's daily routine

remember begin tummy time soon after

your baby is born start with a few

minutes working up to an hour per day in

spurts by three months of age linked

tummy time with familiar activities such

as diapering bathing or even playing

tummy time should be fun time position

one tummy to tummy when your baby is

happy fed and awake it's the ideal time

to try some tummy time here mom leans

back propped up by a pillow to keep baby

angled up slightly

she then positions his tummy against

hers it's important to use your hands to

keep baby stable even if your newborn

isn't lifting his head yet this position

will help him get used to tummy time and

help him build and strengthen back and

neck muscles by three months he should

definitely be lifting his head and

pushing up on his forearms to try to

look around position to eye level smile

babies love your face and voice here

baby is trying hard to lift his head and

look at mom get down on the same level

as your baby voices and faces are great

motivators position yourself in front of

your baby to encourage head lifting and

then move your face or a toy side to

side to encourage head turning if your

baby consistently prefers one side take

note and bring this up with your

pediatrician or healthcare professional

position three laps soothe here baby is

learning about tummy time with mom mom

places him across her lap she can have

both knees even straighten one leg or

raise one leg higher like mom is doing

here to keep the knee under baby's chest

higher a hand on baby's bottom helps to

stabilize and soothe him position for

tummy down carry the tummy down Kerri is

a good alternative to always carrying

your baby upright on your shoulder

mom is supporting baby with one hand

between the legs and under the tummy and

the other hand supporting baby's head

and shoulders here you can see how mom

Nestle's baby close to her body for

additional support this is a great

position for dads to do too

think about using this when you're

carrying the baby from room to room

every bit of tummy time makes a

difference position 5 tummy minute start

to incorporate tummy time into your

daily routine for example every time you

change your baby place them on his tummy

for a minute or two here mom positions a

rolled-up receiving blanket under baby's

chest and upper arms so that his chest

is propped up babies love consistency

and linking diapering and tummy time

will definitely remind you to do it but

your baby will also see this as a

natural part of diapering here mom is

using a mirror to keep baby interested

babies love faces so remember it's

important for even newborns to get some

freedom of movement on their tummies

moms dads grandparents and caregivers

can start to incorporate these five

essential moves into baby's daily

routines right away begin with just a

few minutes a day a few times a day from

birth and work up to an hour a day in

spurts by the time the baby is three

months old please visit the pathways

website call our parent answered

helpline or contact us by email for more

information and for further tips on