what's good you to be subordinates to

tell you love and thank you for tuning

again and man I get this question all

the time when is the best time to start

your locs


so man was good man thank y'all for

tuning again man y'all know what it is

going to like and subscribe button right

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to know when I drop a new video but yeah

this video right here is to address man

all the newbies man that are trying to

come into the LOC game and they want to

know when is the best time to start

their locks cuz a lot of times you know

we get into this that point where our

hair is a certain length man is like

should I start now or should I wait

until they get a little longer because

when you're looking online and there's

people who start their locks in their

hair at different stages some people are

short some people are long and you're

like how long should my hair be before I

even get them twisted and I can only

tell y'all where I started on and it

worked for me it may not work for you

because your texture hair may cause you

to have to wait a little longer or maybe

you can do it even shorter but I started

my locs

when my hair was just long enough to get

cornrows like I was just able I member I

went and got braids like a week before I

got my hair twisted like I had them for

a week I went I was getting ready it was

right before I went on vacation and I

got my hair I got my hair braided and

then I rocked it for like a week cuz I

got you know I really got tired of them

how to take them out wouldn't like a

week or something they were irritating

me so I took those down and then I got

my hair twisted and I remember I went

out of town and I got them twisted

originally and I messed them up because

I got into the water and stuff cuz I

wound up you know have fun with my

family so I got into the water and they

messed up so did my wife in the restart

my locs when we got back and from there

on like I was very cautious about

messing them up and that's when I

started my actual journey that's when I

actually recorded recorded my first

video if y'all go back and look at my

first video man you know mom from one


remember remember that whole experience

the whole start from the locks man like

looking back man like at the video like

it's different than what it is now man

like you can really tell if you go back

and look at my videos how much I've

grown during the time when I first

started my my videos and doing my

journey like it was there in a time

where I kind of like lost myself and I

kind of was in a state where I wasn't

fully being me you know I wasn't being

energetic I was kind of in a place where

I was ready for a change and I had made

that change and I was looking for

something to help me to be me again I

just didn't feel like myself you can

even tell on the videos like I'm real

like super super chill like you know I'm

chill period you know that's just me I'm

laid-back but it was like I was like

crazy chill you know in the videos and

you know almost like God there was no

energy in it you know I was talking but

it was just oh no just go back and look

at the video I can't even explain it but

it just it was a different vibe and I

but I remember - I was working like

crazy and I did like I kept seeing other

people's videos and I was like man these

videos are good at all but everybody

using their cell phones and you know I

have the ability I know how to really

shoot and get quality you know and I was

just like man I gotta I gotta really

start making videos like real YouTube

videos not like I'm gonna give y'all

quick update and show y'all some news

type thing man but it was like I'm gonna

give y'all some quality that y'all can

see something dope wit but you know that

start man I doubt that was the best time

for me to start man I'm sorry I got way

off topic but that was the best time for

me to start back then because it was a

it was a time that I needed a change and

it was a time that you know I needed to

get growth into growing to me into Who I


and dreadlocks will do that for you man

so if you if you're thinking about

getting dreadlocks and you're wondering

like when is the best time for you to

get LOX

the best time is when you're in a when

your hair is long enough you know I

would suggest going through your like

Titian and saying hey

you know what is the best best length

for me to get locks in Doug they should

be able to give you a good lean look at

your hair and say hey I would weigh

probably another month or I wait another

two weeks or something they'll give you

a little hint to say alright this is

when you should start them and then just

on a personal level man if you're

looking for a changed man you're looking

for something to grow you grow you and

something that you can you know learn

how to have patience you know grow

spiritually just learn how to create a

consistent below of you know how you do

your routine with your hair or just a

routine period to just do something

consistent and dedicate yourself to and

when you're ready for that that's that's

when it's time man because that's what

dreadlocks are gonna do man it's gonna

help you

dreadlocks do well man I don't think

that dreadlocks are just hair eyes and

just uh you know they just locks on

anybody who thinks dreadlocks are just

locks man I don't get it wrong because I

got dreadlocks and literally dreadlocks

changed my life like real talk like

dreadlocks changed my complete life I

started making YouTube videos and got

deeper into making YouTube videos and

the job that I have now one of the

things that attracted him to me was my

dreadlock videos that I was on there

making dreadlock videos and giving that

type of quality so dreadlocks changed my

life man like making these YouTube

videos and really talk to y'all about

locks and stuff like that man that's

what it did so if you you want to get

dreadlocks man really think about it you

make sure you're linked like I said my

length was like just long enough to get

cornrows surprised guess you can say

like almost you know three inches long

you know from afro

just a little fro man that's what I

started with you know so yeah you know

get some locks man if you you got your

hair Brady right now you can go and get

a twist man I'll be for sure you can do

that you've got your hair braids and

more than likely you can go get your

hair twisted and you know it may not

last that long and depending on texture

your hair but you know when I first

started you know I was getting my hair

we twist it every two weeks you know I

was going every two weeks I would read

twist my hair and the better you know

the my wife did it the first time then

after that I was reach twisting my hair

all the way up and so like a year and

then my wife started twisting

I went to a few locked issues to get

them done you know just because I wanted

like a style and stuff but all the other

times man I did it myself the whole time

man I was getting the mirror man got

some clips and was got my gel twisted

that mode wash my hair twisted up and I

was that blow-dried it and we was good

to go but yeah man I just want to make a

video just to give that answer that

question man cuz that was one of the

things that I get asked that all the

time when should I start my locs how

long does my hair have to be it just has

to be long enough that they can twist it

into something if it's very short and

they can't barely twist it like you

don't want no little pin little pebbles

man you want an actual twist and then at

least twist man well yeah y'all know

what it is man stay blessed stay locked

your board mister tale of y'all make

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