Fashion Haul: Dressing your Bump During Early Pregnancy | Kendra Atkins

hey guys it's Kendra so today I wanted

to do a kind of like a clothing haul

slash outfit ideas for the winter time

and also kind of how to work your

outfits when you are pregnant especially

when you're just pregnant right now I'm

10 weeks but I'm showing and I know

you've shown a lot earlier with your

second pregnancy and I'm thinking

especially since I had twins since I was

so large with them that I that's why I'm

just showing so quickly let me just show

you I mean I have a sweater on but like

what in the world let's let's hold this

up like I also did just eat pizza so

that could be part of it too so I got

some new I got new pair of shoes I got

some new tops and sweaters and a lot of

those sweaters I got before I was even

pregnant for I knew I was pregnant so I

haven't tried them on in a while I put

them in a bag and I was like I'm gonna

film these in a video and we're kind of

forgot about them

so let's hope they're like long enough

that they'll fit me for a while if not

I'll show you how you can kind of work

clothes when you're pregnant kind of

make them last so I'll talk you through

each piece and then we'll go through

some outfit ideas and yeah I hope you

guys enjoy this if you guys are pregnant

let me know your go-to outfits down

below in the comments I know when I was

super super pregnant I just lived in

leggings and tank tops and like kind of

open sweaters just to kind of throw on

but it's definitely harder when you're

getting pretty big so it's kind of like

when you're definitely showing too when

you're not super large that's like a

prime tiny pregnant if you like for

dressing because you can show off your

bump right now I kind of just look like

I ate a lot of food so it's a little bit

awkward so we'll talk about it so before

we get into the tops I want to show you

guys my new shoes that I'm so excited to

have because I'm gonna wear them I'm

gonna wear them to death I'm gonna wear

them for every single occasion I know it

sounds weird but we're going into

Disneyland we're taking them for the

first time in February and I'm so

excited but

these are the shoes that I want to wear

and I know that's odd to think like

these are perfect for Disneyland but

they just seem like perfect for

Disneyland their bike coil I don't know

if I even said their name yet they are

sponsoring this video so thank you to

coil because I'm just excited to have a

pair of shoes that is super high quality

and that will last me a really long time

I try them on already but I kind of

wanted to just keep them in the box to

show you what the packaging looks like

because it's just really really nice you

get this canvas bag tote canvas actual

type of thing and one of the main things

that drew me to them was that they have

so many good reviews so I have the

canvas ones I think they canvas are

super cute and classic looking they also

leather ones so they've so many

different colors if you go on their

website I'll have a link down below for

you guys in the description box but like

so many different options shockingly I

chose Hawaii I just think they're very

classic and they'll match everything but

there is also one that I really like

that had leather right here that was

really cute another one I liked the

canvas was like a topi color so I

thought that might be really pretty too

so we'll see how much I love them when I

start wearing them a lot and breaking

them in and then maybe from there I'll

get another color because I think that

taupe shade would be really cute too I

love plastic pennies like these in the

summer with shorts and a tank top

obviously in the wintertime you can wear

them with jeans and a flannel jeans and

a sweater there's something that you

know you'll get a lot of use out of also

these are designed in New York but they

are made a hundred percent in Italy

they're handcrafted it's just really

neat so if you guys want to check out

all of their Styles and the different

colors I will have a link down below in

the description box

ok this stuff that I'm wearing I have

worn before in another video this is

from Windsor it is pretty new to their

website though thinking they still have

it I love the green color and I'm really

into stripes now you'll see in just a

sec so I'll try my best to find links to

everything to put down below this top I

bought from Nordstrom is from made well

I'm a huge fan of made well tops I have

a lot of there

tank tops and t-shirts I wear in the

summer and I just loved the colors in

these stripes I feel like they're just

perfect for this time of year it's just

so pretty and festive and I like the

ribbed detailing this shirt I'm hoping

I'm thinking it has good stretch next I

got this top from American Eagle I love

the fabric of this it feels so soft it

kind of feels like it's pre-washed near

that feeling of some t-shirts it says it

has an oversized fit it ties at the

bottom kind of stitches and then it's

longer in the back which I do really

like because then even wear leggings

with it

and I usually don't buy pink but I don't

know right now I'm kind of into it next

I got two sweaters from H&M I love this


so so much love how vibrant it is I love

the chunkiness of the knit and it's

super super warm this one's a little bit

whiter so this one I should be able to

like grow into this one also I found

there and I love the color I think it's

really different it's like a marbled

pastel and again kind of like oversized

a little bit longer in the back you can

see down here and again just that really

nice chunky knit for the winter I love

sweaters like this now I just need to

cross my fingers that it starts getting

cold because I have shorts on right now

I will put some pants on when I'm trying

these on but it's just like so dry

outside and so unpredictable the weather

it's supposed to rain this weekend but

who even knows now this I got it's just

kind of a basic but I love just getting

some basic pieces that I can wear over

and over again this is like the type let

me show you it's just a long-sleeve

stripe top I feel like whenever I'm

getting dressed I'm wanting things like

this I just think it's something that

you can layer 10 of pieces with you can

wear so many different ways obviously

can just throw this on with like a pair

of leggings and just wear it on the

house with your slippers on but you

could also put on a pretty jacket you

can put on a scarf wear it with a beanie

and I think stripes go really well of a

lot of things I

like to mix stripes with things so those

are the new things that I picked up and

I'm trying to be more selective with the

things that I buy now instead of buying

more things I want to just be really

really picky with my stuff and I don't

know if you guys remember when I was

talking about decluttering the konmari

method one of the things that she says

is when you're buying something new you

should like it enough to be able to

replace it with something in your


wait is that something she says or is

that something that I just picked up

from somebody else I don't know either

way that's something that I try to live

by I'm not willing to get rid of

anything then I don't really need the

other new jackets even if I'm not

replacing a jacket for another jacket

just something else in my closet like if

I'm taking in three new things I try to

get rid of three old things and all

either donate those I will give them to

a friend my mom whoever wants them it's

just a way to kind of really make your

closet exactly what it what you want it

to be it's nice to kind of have like

things that you just really really love

okay enough with the rambling I'm gonna

show you these on now and just we'll

talk through kind of getting dressed

when you're pregnant okay so the first

thing that you need if you're pregnant I

mean obviously you don't be pregnant or

this stuff but a black tank top this

will do a lot for you it'll be just like

the base for every outfit so this one's

from American Eagle here you can see my

belly it's just like just kind of like a

weird size so I will wear this probably

with every single sweater that I'd try

on right now then I just have some jeans

I'll wear these for every outfit these

are from Windsor and then I'll have

these shoes on for every outfit too so

you can see them in the mirror you can

see like my full outfit if you're trying

to hide your bump oversized sweaters are

your best bet because you can really

hide a lot with this especially when you

have some stripes or some pattern on

your sweater

so this is what I've kind of been living

in is like baggy oversized things and

I'm going out just so it's not just like

I don't know you just don't feel awkward

like your little bump next I have this

sweater from goodnight macaroon and it's

just one of those like super fuzzy

sweaters that are really popular right

now again something that's baggy but

comfortable you can wear like tighter

pants and then a bag gear top and it

just kind of hides your bump a little

bit and I think this looks super cute

with tennis shoes and then you have your

black tank top underneath and it's just

a very simple outfit you can throw on

and leave the house near fine here's the

sweater from H&M so this is a good

length because it's gives me some room

to grow it's super comfortable I love

the color of this and what I did when I

was pregnant with the twins is since I

knew I was going to get really large I

would just order a stuff like this and a

size bigger so typically I get a small

and I would just order a medium so that

I could still kind of wear it after I

had them especially on your postpartum

you're so you still have a belly a

little bit so I would just order stuff

that's a little bit bigger instead of

getting all maternity stuff because

sometimes it's hard to find cute

maternity stuff okay here is the blue

top so what I was gonna say earlier if

you have a sweater that you are trying

to wherever you are pregnant wearing a

tank top underneath will give you a

little more coverage down below so I

like when it kind of hangs I think

that's really cute it gives it kind of

like a boyfriend look but actually this

will probably stretch really nicely

because I can kind of pull it more in

the middle it'll give I love this so


it's been a long time since I have seen

this because I forgot about it but it's

so cute I'm excited to wear this moving

on to this top so this is one that's a

little bit tighter so if you're wanting

to show off your bump a little bit more

just go with a thinner fabric it's not

gonna concealer as much but I do really

like this top it's so cute and so comfy

I feel like I need to wear it a lot now

because the bigger I get it's not that

long so I think I got to get something

you said okay now okay so this top is

really good actually if you're trying to

hide your stomach if you're in that

little in-between phase because when you

a little tie here it looks like the tie

is what's creating that little bulk

there rather than your stomach so again

I would definitely wear just like a tank

top underneath but this would work

actually for a while you're trying to

kind of hide it I do really like this if

you're not pregnant this is a super cute

top to last new top I wanted to show you

here's the striped one this one will

work for a long time for me because it's

longer so I can really grow into this

it's so soft material so nice and I can

do so much with this I can layer a

jacket I can layer just so many things

like this I've pulled a couple other

things I wanted to try on for you guys

um bomber jackets are one of my favorite

ways to just like spice up an outfit a

little bit and if you want to show off

your bum I think they're a really good

thing because kind of just like lets

your stomach stick out a little bit it's

miss cute so I just think stripes work

how many times had talked about stripes

they work well with a lot of different

things so this is like my go-to outfit I

always aware so like this just kind of

like simplistic but easy comfortable i

one other jacket I want to show you both

of these are by the company or brand

Olivia gray and this one is like this

beautiful silk taupe color so again if

you want to accentuate your bump this

would be super cute if I was a little

bit bigger right now I probably wouldn't

wear this because it just feels kind of

weird I don't know if this is gonna zip

I don't really want to break the zipper

anyways when you are trying to show off

your stuff little more

I just think little cropped jackets like

this super flattering and then the

easiest way obviously if you want to

hide your bump is to throw in a scarf I

like just like blanket scarfs like this

because they're super thick and cozy you

can tie it which is what I do sometimes

it's not as long and then you're just

like instantly hiding it so this is just

super fun and festive to you guys know I

wear a lot of flowers I'm a flannel

fanatic they're the comfiest thing in

the world I wore this

the other day did he wear this one I

think I wear this one r1 similar we went

to go meet Santa with the girls and it

was a it was not the best June freaked

out but I wore this with some black

leggings and it was perfect really

comfortable and it gives you just a

little bit of extra something here and

it's just my go-to these are things that

I gravitate towards during this time of

year if you guys live somewhere colder

obviously you're gonna be wearing a lot

more chunkier things and heavier coats

but in Southern California it's just not

really not really necessary but I hope

you guys enjoy this hope you guys like

seeing some ideas that I either hide my

bum accentuate my bump it's kind of just

all about the like textures that you're

wearing and the prints so if you guys

are proud man congratulations

I'm excited to kind of start this

journey again hope I'm out of breath and

completely sweating and you guys are

looking for some classic sneakers look

no further these are so cute I will have

them linked down below check out all the

colors they're amazing thank you guys

for watching and I'll talk to you very